Are the Barbaric Lockdowns in Australia Connected to Chinese Expansion in South East Asia?

Recently, a new treaty emerged between Australia, the US and the UK, in which the latter two pledged extensive military cooperation to protect Australia from China’s imminent aggression. However, is Australia even relevant to the equation anymore? Why didn’t they choose Japan or even India?

Australia’s biggest relevance to the West (in terms of countering China) is its location. But the new barbaric lockdowns in Australia have proved that as a people, as a society, the nation is toast, and is headed for economic collapse if the lockdowns (and the mandatory vaccinations) persist. And their participation in any war stands to be greatly hindered in every possible way. Or maybe that’s how the Overlords want it. 

Since the new Imperial China is also a Phoenician project as was Australia (the British Empire), we have to be open to the fact that the Phoenicians may be substituting one for the other. To quote,

Word from at least one Chinese embassy is that Fiji will be owned and operated by the Chinese government by 2025 and Australia and its people by 2040. The Australian people don’t give a damn and by the time they wake up (if they ever do) there’ll be nothing left to wake up to. Chinese control of Australia and its people may come earlier that 2040.

Aussies will be the first people ever to give away the soil under their feet together with their and their descendants’ lives without a shot being fired or money changing hands – well not into their hands anyway.

Australia a Concealed Colony but soon to be a Chinese Colony.

This Australian Prime Minister was said to be an active Chinese spy. When it became obvious his cover could be blown, he decided to take a swim at a beach….and then disappeared. Since no body was ever found, some have theorized that a Chinese submarine was awaiting him for pickup. This was in 1967. Imagine the level of Chinese infiltration right now.

So now it makes sense why USA would be transferring sensitive technology to Australia (It is destined to fall into Chinese hands at some point).

Just to be clear, the USA (and the Phoenicians who run that project) have no interest in countering their Chinese project. If they did,

  • Amazon would not be allowed to sell Chinese products to Americans.
  • There would be import tariffs on Chinese goods, making retailers like Walmart® and Cosco® go bankrupt.
  • China’s genocide of the Uyghurs would be countered in International courts.

But most readers may not be able to mentally picture that happening.

As for Australia, it sucks to be on the wrong side of history. But let’s take a quick look at what got them there. Was it a sense of false pride, culture worship and false bravado? Which is rather odd, given the fact that they have a fraction of the rights and freedoms of rural Americans, who also live in a vast countryside. Yet rural Americans have managed to cling onto their dwindling freedoms with some more success. Whereas in Australia, words such as “seccession” or “civil war” are unheard of.

Heavy drinking and driving 4x4s does not make people macho. Neither does marching into wars oceans away, to serve as gunfodder for their Phoenician overlords. To quote,

From an Australian population of around four and a half million, enlistments in the army and navy numbered 416,809, a total that represents one-half of the men of military age in Australia at that time  [World War I]. Altogether, 60,000 Australians were killed and 167,000 were injured, a higher toll proportionately than was suffered by any other British Empire country.

There is a point in which worshipping the culture/country/society/history you were born into (without a choice) becomes suffocating. At a further point, it can make you brain dead. This is exactly what happened here.

Australian and New Zealand Forces landing at Gallipoli in World War I. Their “peaceful” evacuation was arranged as quick as they came, after it became clear they had lost.

Even the ill-equipped and internally sabotaged Turks in World War I found Australians/New Zealanders rather soft, and happily butchered a lot of them. Australians and New Zealanders were sent to retake the region of historical Troy for their Phoenician overlords but ended up in such an epic disaster that the Powers That Be decided to evacuate and leave that region to Turkey. You can read more about the Gallipoli Campaign in my book. It never occurred to these “brave” men to ask why they were fighting this war.

Currently, Australians are being locked up like a bunch of juvenile criminals and are being blackmailed and gaslighted into taking vaccines. They are not allowed to travel, internally or externally. But wait, wasn’t that how it the nation was founded? In a rather ironic development, an island detention center built for jailing illegal immigrants is now being used to “quarantine” Australian nationals!

It is hard to believe that imbeciles who can be locked up in their homes are being expected to stand up to a foreign army. But of course, they could still be used as props in a fake conflict.


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  1. Dirk SuchanekNo Gravatar says:

    Hi mate, I am a fan of your site since about 1 year but you need to update regularly, otherwise people do not follow. Anyway: All the best, BR

  2. Edward Jowett the 3rdNo Gravatar says:

    Ignorant people would not know Churchill set up the Anzacs for slaughter, there is a need for the UK Government to come clean on the Gallipoli lie

  3. Edward Jowett the 3rdNo Gravatar says:

    Hi, I like some of your written ideas. However let me tell you the truth about Australia.
    First, you have some misconceptions about Australia.The crass idiots who own the Bank of England made it near impossible to live in the UK, unfortunate beings who had no job opportunities stole bread as well as other foodstuffs.These were the ones they shipped here where I live (Sydney) yes including children. Now well in excess of 90% were caught for staying alive under very arduous conditions.
    I hope this helps YES I have seen hand written records thousands and thousands

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