Monkeypox or the Usual Monkey Business?

A theory circulating on the Internet claims that what is being touted as an outbreak of Monkeypox is actually Shingles, a well-documented side effect of using mRNA vaccines. Many anecdotal cases of Shingles being activated (after using mRNA vaccines) were covered on this website here. Do note however, that in official vaccine literature, they try to disguise it as “auto-immune blistering disease,” to obfuscate the connection to Shingles.

Here is the tweet starting it all:

Same photo?

Originally tweeted by tom wiboltt (@TomWiboltt) on May 20, 2022.

But what is even more puzzling is that TheHealthSite.Com also scrubbed the picture they were using and replaced it with a more scary looking one, featuring the skin of an African person. The original one they used can still be seen in an archive of their article. The Queensland Health website still uses the same image to describe shingles.

It just so happens that the virus which causes Monkeypox is closely related to the one that causes Smallpox. They share the same Class, Order, Family and Genus. Only the species are different. And the virus that causes Shingles happens to share too many commonalities with the one that causes Smallpox. To quote,

Shingles and chickenpox are distinct human diseases but are closely related in their life cycles. Both originate from infection of an individual with the varicella zoster virus (VZV). Chickenpox, also called varicella, results from the initial infection with the virus, typically occurring during childhood or adolescence.[REF] Once the chickenpox has resolved, the virus can remain inactive (dormant) in human nerve cells (dorsal root ganglia or cranial nerves[REF]) for years or decades,[REF] after which it may reactivate. Shingles results when the dormant varicella virus is reactivated.[REF] Then the virus travels along nerve bodies to nerve endings in the skin, producing blisters.[REF] During an outbreak of shingles, exposure to the varicella virus found in shingles blisters can cause chickenpox in someone who has not yet had chickenpox; this initial infection will not trigger shingles, however.[REF] How the virus remains dormant in the body or subsequently re-activates is not well understood.[REF]

Further confirmation of the theory of Covid-19 mRNA vaccine-induced Shingles being paraded as Monkeypox is this map of the outbreak, which clearly shows the so-called outbreak taking place in countries which aggressively pushed Covid-19 mRNA-based vaccines (Hello Canada), not African nations or Bangladesh.

At this point, the Phoenicians don’t even care about using Monkeypox to cover up a well-documented side effect of Covid-19 mRNA based vaccines (People are dropping dead but no one cares). But it seems they have found a convenient way to recycle the side effects as another scary contagion, giving them all sorts of powers and future vaccine upsell.

Ironically, a serious effort to stop the spread (but is there a spread in the first place?) of Monkepox-masquerading-as-shingles would be to restrict the movement of all those who took mRNA-based Covid-19 vaccines.


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  1. Sheriff Andy TaylorNo Gravatar says:

    And now we can all rest comfortably as Biden signed over our Health management to the World Health Organization.

    BOY, I feel Better…..NOT!

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