Riots (and Fake Counter-Riots) in France

Like all European countries, France has been a Phoenician colony for ages. In fact Napoleon, a major figure in their history was a crypto. The global French “empire” brought little prosperity to France but helped the Phoenicians steal and extort while flying the zombie French flag. The so-called French “Revolution” saw heads of the old aristocracy lopped off, but the same procedure was never repeated because the new elite since then has been Phoenician. But unlike other European (and European-origin) countries, French people have usually been a tough pill to swallow, and the Phoenicians have had to appeal to their pride, their language, their culture, Catholicism (no longer applicable) to rule over them. Note that things are worse in UK, Netherlands, Austria and Australia but their citizenry don’t have the balls to do anything.

As the Phoenicians are converting the French middle class into serfs, there was an unexpected push-back, in the form of wildly successful anti-Government riots, despite the French authorities responding “Algeria-style” to their own citizenry! Here’s how the Phoenicians have responded.

They have added migrants to the riots, to repurpose the riots as “race wars” and “Islamic” religious wars. In fact, Phoenician media is reporting the riots using these labels, as anything but anti-Government riots. Anyone with an inch of commonsense would know that people as weak and vulnerable as poor migrants could be easily propped up as actors with a couple of hundreds of dollars and/or promises of citizenship. They could be made to make fabulous statements which would be looped infinitely on television sets.

Since some literate people are waking up, it has become increasingly necessary to destroy historical records of the ancient Phoenician conquest of France. It seems there were several such manuscripts at the Alcazar Library in Marseilles. And rather conveniently, an “African” mob burnt down a section of the library housing the manuscripts. (Remember “ISIL” destroying Phoenician archaeology in Palmyra?).

Here’s how this event was recycled to fit in with the “race-war”/’religious war” narrative:

My extreme reaction to this is they’re destroying a lot of utterly irreplaceable white cultural artifacts. The library in Marseilles has been burned, with some of the rarest-of-the-rare medieval manuscripts, now lost forever because the importation of a bunch of sub-50 IQ’d [REDACTED RACIST SLUR] who can’t stop eating one another, who have no worth in any meaningful way, and are, by and large a disease inflicted on Europe by folks who, from what I can tell are a parasitical group they damned selves.

The “migrants” are destroying our culture…..Phoenicians? Never heard of them.

The Phoenician rulers of France are experts at these tricks. Anyone pointing fingers at them? Wag the Africans/Muslims.

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