UberⓇ India is Hiring

Back in the days of the Pandemic, UberⓇ India distinguished itself as a notorious promoter of the Covid-19 vaccines. Customers using the UberⓇ app were even notified in advance that their driver was indeed vaccinated with the Covid-19 vaccine. But as we now know, the vaccine may have made the driver more sick, by inducing Covid-19 and many other dangerous maladies. In other words, a vaccinated driver was more dangerous to the passengers than an unvaccinated one. And given the fact that the vaccine could induce a stroke, a vaccinated driver was also a risk to others on the road.

There are rumors that many such poor drivers who were forced to take the vaccine ended up getting incapacitated or even worse. Nobody wants to talk about it anymore. Not even their unions, who allowed this game of questionable legality.

Anyway, UberⓇ India seems to be desperately hiring/rehiring…….replacements? On the right is a photograph taken in Hyderabad, India, a few days ago. Expect a replay of this lunacy in the next Plandemic.

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