Reading Into Call of Duty: Black Ops III

Last Updated on July 1, 2019 by Hamad Subani

Ever since the first-person shooter Call of Duty started embedding clues about the plans and activities of the Powers That Be in its plot story-lines, I started paying attention to their newest releases, particularly those of the Black Ops franchise. Ardent readers will note that one Black Ops II chapter was called “Fallen Angel.” And it revealed to us that Pakistan would be infested with drones. Two years later, Pakistan would showcase a drone which was meant to be used against the staid citizenry of the North-West Frontier province. Coincidence? Maybe. This drone was named after an angel in Islamic tradition. Coincidence? Unlikely.

The Black Ops franchise has a history of attempting to blur the lines between fiction and the reality of modern conflict. Outwardly, this may look like good storytelling, but there is something more dark here. For example, just before the launch of Black Ops III, the official Call of Duty Twitter Account engaged in a rather inexplicable move. To quote,

2.88 million people follow the @callofduty Twitter account, which recently rebranded its page to reflect its new name: Current Events Aggregate, a faux news outlet whose tagline is “We bring you the real news.” The Call of Duty social media page update was pretty believable: Save for the small grey text that said “callofduty,” it looked like a media outlet on the Twitter timeline. “Current Events Aggregate” began by tweeting articles about fashion and movies, both out of context and seemingly unrelated to Call of Duty. The next one was a terrorist attack tweeted in real time. It read: “BREAKING NEWS: Unconfirmed reports are coming in of an explosion on the North bank of the Singapore Marina.”

This whole episode was brushed off as a badly executed publicity stunt. But maybe it was a subtle wink how “real” news in the West is generated by the very same entertainers and creators of fiction. Maybe the very minds that spin our everyday “reality” in the West through so-called news outlets are the same minds behind the Black Ops III story-line. And since the “reality” they impose on us (and which we gullibly believe) is a manufactured fiction, they see no problem in mixing it up actual, deliberate fiction. This may be a reason why films and works of fiction are elevated to such levels of unwarranted importance in the West. The “reality” that people live in here has been carefully scripted and crafted like a work of fiction. And people have lost all ability to tell the difference between the two. And this little stunt was a testament to the same.

Black Ops III has a very mind-boggling and complex story-line. It is set in the year 2065. You play in the first person. Yet you never know your own name or your exact relationship to your teammates, who seem to work for an organization similar to NATO. The story-line revolves around the use of artificial implants on special soldiers, which augment their capabilities (Direct Neural Implants or DNIs). But in the process, they end up releasing a previously unknown form of Artificial Intelligence into the world. I have long believed that Artificial Intelligence is mostly hype, designed to shift blame and fear away from the Criminal Elite. In the future, genocides and acts of sabotage could be attributed to a mysterious and unquantifiable AI, rather than the walking and breathing Criminal Elite. Similarly, AI serves the purpose of obfuscating the role of the Criminal Elite in the story-line of this game.

While the story-line can be analyzed in detail on gaming websites, Here is a gist of what I believe is relevant to the readers of this website.


The present Egyptian regime is facing an existential threat from a heavily armed Ethiopia, the leader of the Nile River Coalition (NRC) which seeks to gain control over the Nile river. Uprisings and internal resistance against the regime are also growing. The game portrays NATO on the side of the Egyptian regime. But there are several instances that indicate sympathy, and sometimes outright cooperation with internal resistance against the regime. In other words, the so-called Arab Spring is not yet over.


Gradually the Egyptian regime is cornered and pushed into the Garden District of Cairo, which remains its last stronghold. The game refers to this location as “Kebechet,” which refers to a goddess in Egyptian mythology. This particular goddess gave water to the dead, indicating that the present Egyptian regime is completely destroyed. The NRC advances into Egypt using Intelligence that was leaked by the CIA. Once they destroy the Egyptian regime, the Arab Spring gets back in business under the guise of fighting the NRC. The threat of an external enemy suddenly gives the Arab Spring a popular comeback. 


Cairo is facing a severe water shortage, and the Egyptian regime is forced to construct Mobile Water Refineries (above), and expand the output of the Nile river by building aquifers.


A train in Zurich (Switzerland) is bombed. Such acts in the heart of Europe were unthinkable when the game was released in November 2015. But the recent “terrorist” attacks in Brussels have now made it a reality. Also interesting is the later revelation that the bombing was some kind of simulation, that could never have been prevented.


All data pertaining to CIA operations and operatives around the world is suddenly susceptible to being leaked, Snowden style. This would end the organization for good. And this may be a future possibility, considering the fact that a Shadow Government has consolidated over the United States, and is eager to fill in the shoes of the CIA with its own agencies.


The CIA is conducting secret research in some kind of underground base in Singapore that runs several storeys into the ground. According to the story-line, the research was on augmenting soldiers through artificial implants hardwired directly to their nervous system. These implants increased their mental and physical activities several-fold, changing the reality of modern combat. But to develop these implants, the CIA had to test them on tens of thousands of people prisoners who were brought to this base exclusively for this purpose. We are not told who these luckless people were. But they appear to be Asian. Since Singapore is a city-state with a fairly limited supply of prisoners, we can assume Singapore imported political prisoners from China under some kind of agreement. To cover up what was done here, a gas is released in the underground base, but it leaked into the city, killing 300,000 people. Even some CIA personnel overseeing the project are found ritually slaughtered.


But wait, the CIA is not alone in running this project. Its partner is a mysterious company called Coalescence Corporation, headed by an Elitist named Sebastian Krueger (Jewish name). The company is headquartered in Zurich.


War, chaos, terrorism and public executions are now an everyday reality on the streets of Singapore.


A World War II battle, the Siege of Bastogne is recreated. This battle between American and German forces in forests of Belgium should have been won by the Germans. But since the war was staged, they inexplicably lost. It looks like the Powers That Be cannot resist gloating about previous deceptions.


Zurich is in total chaos as Artificial Intelligence takes a life of its own. Planes fall from the sky. Electrical and gas fires spread throughout the city. And “smart” self-driving cars crash everywhere. I suppose this is exactly the reason why the Powers That Be are bending over backwards to take control away from drivers by developing “self-driving” cars today.

As I mentioned before, You play in the first person. Yet you never know your own name or your exact relationship to your teammates. In the end, one particular player (Taylor) who exhibits a good degree of conscience ends up “merging” with you. At the beginning of every mission, a Level Briefing appears at the bottom left of the screen. Included in the Briefing is a Protocol name.


The first letter of each protocol spells out ORWEARETAYL, or “WE ARE TAYLOR” when reordered. In other words, you, the player, or Taylor, represent the subject population of the Criminal Elite. And what happens to you/Taylor throughout this game is symbolic of the endless confusion, mysteries, cover-ups, wars, conflict, attacks, mind control, lies, disinformation, deceptions, propaganda subject populations of the Criminal Elite are put through here in the West. When you/Taylor look for answers, all you end up finding is a mysterious “Artificial Intelligence” entity that is just as confused as you/Taylor.


Sebastian Krueger, your friendly neighborhood Illuminati, is not to blame for the mayhem.

Of course, the Criminal Elite do make a surprise guest appearance in the very end, starring the CEO of Coalescence Corporation Sebastian Krueger. He offers reasons and rationales on why it is necessary to have a Criminal Elite like the Illuminati or the Bildergers overseeing everything. To quote,

Society doesn’t just happen. The people NEED to be protected. If the only way to prevent future attacks is to monitor the thoughts and desires of the population, then the choice is obvious. We need to know who our enemies are and what they are planning! That is how we save lives!

In other words, the Criminal Elite are not malevolent enemies of human society, but its protectors……protecting us from terrorists, Artificial Intelligence, aliens, Muslims and whatnot. Note how they also take credit for the natural existence of (Western) societies. Reading between the lines, other societies that have not allowed them to infiltrate or dominate are the “enemies.” And they need to know everything about societies and people they could not control.

And of course, Sebastian Krueger is not the root cause of the mayhem. We are to blame a mysterious entity that consists of “Artificial Intelligence,” which cannot be fully understood or comprehended.

To quote Sebastian Krueger again,

You can’t begin to imagine…the countless strains of research and development we had to watch over for the betterment and safety of the Human Race. Every new gimmick and gadget that was embraced by the public, each one presented new ways for our enemies to compromise our security.

This quote is very telling. Here, the Criminal Elite explain why they have always interfered and intervened in the natural development of science and technology (which makes them enemies of innovation). They were always worried about their “enemies” benefiting from it. And by enemies, they do not mean the non-Western societies they failed to control, but each and every individual that they could not control. For example, when the Light Bulb was invented, the Criminal Elite responded by creating a cartel of Light Bulb manufacturers, that agreed to limit the life of bulbs to 1000 hours. When the Internet came into being, they poured billions of dollars to transform it into a surveillance dragnet, monitoring, identifying and recording everything you do. When some Silicon Valley entrepreneurs came up with an electric car that actually worked, they faced a hostile takeover. Their venture was turned into a project for developing future “autonomous vehicles,” which no longer allow their owners to drive them, and tie their owners to an unseen grid controlled by the Criminal Elite.

Lastly, to quote You/Taylor,

We’re all being used! Don’t you see that?! Once we put this shit inside our heads we handed over our souls to whoever held the keys. We’re puppets…Actors playing out our roles.

WIRED-VRYou/Taylor is referring to Direct Neural Implants, which require surgery to be inserted into a soldier’s body. But what if the Direct Neural Implants are a metaphor for something more subtle, such as the intense media-based disinformation Western societies are immersed in? People have become actors and puppets without requiring surgical insertion of microchips.

And speaking of insertion of gadgets into/onto the body, I was always surprised why a major technological publication like WIRED would focus several cover stories on Virtual Reality. And why did Facebook and Microsoft recently nose-dive into Virtual Reality despite limited incentives for profit? Well, guess who has always been historically obsessed with faking reality?

Western subject populations are already fairly distanced from reality, and live in a controlled and simulated environment. Now imagine what would happen if they were made to wear dorky looking gadgets that covered their eyes and ears, and were marched into conflict zones elsewhere?


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