Poisonings, Mysterious Deaths, Mayhem and Espionage at the Indian Space Research Organization

A Senior Indian space scientist Tapan Misra on 5th January 2021 went public on Facebook claiming that he was poisoned with a deadly chemical on May 23, 2017 at the headquarters of Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) at Bangalore when he had gone there to attend a promotion interview. Cabal Times is reproducing the entire Facebook Post and images for posterity, as these materials give insight into how The Powers That Be operate. Scroll to the very bottom for our theory on whodunnit.

Tapan Misra

Note: The original Facebook post contains no hyperlinks. I have added some to provide readers with additional contextual information. I have also highlighted a sentence which gives a big hint about who might be involved, and who may be sadly calling the shots at ISRO.

Long Kept Secret
We, in ISRO, occasionally heard about highly suspicious death of Prof. Vikram Sarabhai in 1971. Also heard occasional doubts about sudden death of Dr. S Srinivasan, Director of VSSC in 1999. Case of Shri Nambinarayanan in 1994 is well known. But I never thought that I will be at the receiving end of such mystery.
I was poisoned with deadly Arsenic Trioxide on 23rd May 2017, during promotion interview from Sci/Eng SF to SG in ISRO HQ at Bangalore. Fatal dose was probably mixed with chutney along with Dosai, in snacks after lunch. What followed was nightmare lasting for almost two years Severe loss of blood to the tune of 30-40% through anal bleeding. I barely could come back from Bangalore and was rushed to Zydus Cadila hospital in Ahmedabad. It was followed by severe breathing difficulty, unusual skin eruptions and skin shedding, loss of nails on feet and hands, terrible neurological issues due to hypoxia, skeletal pain, unusual sensations, one suspected heart attack and Arsenic depositions and fungal infections on every inch of skin and internal organs. Treatment was received in Zydus cadilla, TMH-Mumbai and AIIMS-Delhi over a period of two years. Famed forensic specialist, Dr. Sudhir Gupta told me that in his whole career, for the first time he was seeing a live specimen of a survivor of assassination attempt with fatal dose of assassination grade molecular As2O3. Otherwise his experience was limited to cadavers.
I am thankful to one of my Director colleagues, present at the same meeting, who warned me on 5th June 2017, of possibility of poison given to me. Probably, I guess, he witnessed poison mixing in my food. On 7th June, MHA security agency personnels met me and alerted me of Arsenic poisoning. I am thankful to them, as their info helped doctors to focus on exact remedy instead of scratching their heads with unusual signatures of my ailment. Security agencies took me to different cities. I am sure, without their intervention, I would have been dead with multiple organ failure within two to three weeks.
I learnt that this poison is given in molecular level suspension (crystal level is harmless) just after heavy meal. It is a colourless, odourless, tasteless suspension and hence cannot even be suspected. It gets absorbed through stomach during food ingestion, kills RBCs immediately to such large extent that the fine blood vessels are clogged, leading to heart attacks and strokes within two to three hours and the victim can easily be passed of as heart attack death.
Fortunately, that day, I did not take lunch. Arsenic passed directly to colon region and most of them got rejected through bleeding. The small remnant created so much damage to my health that I only know and I kept my morale high to face the danger with poise.
The motive appears to be espionage attack, embedded in the Government set up, to remove a scientist with critical contribution of very large military and commercial significance, like expertise in building Synthetic Aperture Radar. I will also not rule out it also as a new modus operandi of adjusting seniority and clear me who was perceived as obstacle. Whatever may be the reason, it was a great shame for the country and our security apparatus.
What pains me is that ISRO hierarchy and my colleagues tried to shun me as pariah. I pleaded with two successive Chairmen to help me in getting justice. Kirankumar tried his best to convince me that my earlier case of squamous cell carcinoma is resurrecting. I personally talked to Dr. Kasturirangan and Shri Madhavan Nair and they developed cold feet.
What followed was a series of nightmares, alongwith severe deterioration of health. I was bombarded with hundreds of threatening emails to keep my mouth shut. I was saved by whiskers, due to alacrity of security agencies, from massive explosive incident, in which Rs. 100 cr. lab was destroyed. This happened on 3rd May 2018.
On 19th July 2019, an Indian American professor of one of the topmost US university suddenly appeared in my office. He requested me not to utter a word in future. As a quid pro quo, my IITK grad son will be accommodated in a top notch college in USA. I declined and he left my office at 1430 hrs. And my thirty plus years contributing career was consigned to sinecure position at 1630 hrs. on the same day. I was removed from all responsibilities, including SAC Directorship.
My security was breached and I was poisoned with gaseous poison, probably Hydrogen Cyanide, which hypoxiates leaving no trace, on 12th July 2019. I was hypoxiated severely, leading to convulsion, loss of senses and memory. I survived because of NSG training of my PSO. I was transferred immediately to hospital, administered ozonised oxygen and had to spend couple of days in ICU. Hospitalization was followed by a long treatment for hypoxia, which is still continuing. Curiously it happened just two days prior to planned launch date of Chandrayan 2 on 15th July. Probably to prevent me to be present there on this occasion.
There was a plan to defame me by doctoring the CCTV recording of my room on 23rd and 24th Jan, 2020. It still baffles me how this high security recorder, located in the room of Director, SAC was accessed, contents were digitally edited and played back in analog for rerecording. CCTV recorders are special recorders which can only be fed in analog and can be digitally retrieved. The attempt was foiled because of alertness of security agencies. I still marvel at the cinematographical quality of editing of such an unimpressive fellow like me.
For last two years there were mysterious appearances of poisonous snakes like cobra, krait at a regular intervals of a few days in my quarter. Karbolic acid vents are put every 10 ft. Yet nobody could prevent intrusions of the snakes. Fortunately because of my four cats and my security staff, they could be killed or caught alive. Only three months back, we accidentally discovered a carefully laid secret tunnel in my compound and hidden in a trove of banana plantations. Once we blocked the tunnel, all snake intrusions stopped.
Two incidents convinced me that the mysterious people are after me and probably going to hit me hard before my superannuation at the end if this month. They want my mouth shut forever.
1. All the signatures point to deliberate poisoning of my mentally challenged son with Covid 19. The poor boy, who cannot even speak or eat or carry out hygiene activities himself, had to be hospitalized for 10 days, followed by months of complications.
2. There was a failed attempt in poisoning me with Arsenic, probably in first week of September 2020. It failed, but it was enough to create signature of quite good amount of poisoning, leading to skeletal pain, skin peeling and nail dying.
Enough is enough. I have faith in our security apparatus and men. But these mysterious men are much more equipped, trained, lethal and determined to snuff out living witness of the most shameful incident of Indian science. I put forward to Government, intellectuals and fellow scientists and my classmates and teachers, spread across the world, that all efforts should be made to keep me and my family safe and punish these mysterious men. I am convinced that these are the men, embedded in our system, are leading to mysterious deaths of scientists and destruction of our institutions. These incidents should be wake up call to prevent such nefarious happening to many of our bright minds in future. The nation, which cannot protect their own people who made contributions in building it in the first place, is destined to suffer.

The post comes with the following attached images, which of course, are all property of Mr. Misra.

Mr. Misra followed up with another Facebook Post on 8th January 2021. To quote,

When you barely manage to return from the toll gate leading to the abode of Yamaraja, not once but twice, all those positions, ornamentation, awards etc., all those barometers of social and professional achievements, hold little meaning. My motivation was to open out harsh truths, which we tend to push under carpet, which we relegate to cemetery of silence, lest our vanity and pride crumble. I hope this revelation will sensitise the society, polity and most abused community of intellectuals, so that we prevent similar misfortunes to descend on unsuspecting bright minds, who left the temptations of lucres of distant shores to contribute their mites for betterment of our country.
These mysterious men are like mythical Maya mrigas, difficult to identify from the feigned demeanor. They are very capable of unleashing troll armies, plant mischievous press reports and spread insinuations. I have understood that they have tremendous resources, both men and money, at their disposals. The best way to save our bright minds is to put up constant vigil for these characters and their machinations.

In a little known film, which will never be streamed on Netflix or Amazon Prime, we learn of an entire American village developing similar poisoning systems, after Dupont let their drinking water be polluted with a Flouride based chemical (which the human body cannot break down). The chemical was used in the production of Teflon cookware, which in turn led to its ingestion worldwide. These people do this for fun, and are becoming good at it.

A Theory…

Compared to Western Space Agencies, ISRO is a fairly new player. It came into being in 1969, and only became of relevance in the last two decades. Its budget is a tiny fraction of that of NASA. ISRO’s main strength is in accomplishing activities related to building satellites, launching them and operating them at a fraction of the cost of Western Space Agencies and private companies.

What then could compel such wrath?

In a review of Miles Mathis’ paper on the fake assassination of President Kennedy, I extrapolated that almost the entire budget of the Moon Landings, $25.4 billion, which was roughly $170 billion in 2005 dollars, and enough to build a McMansion for each American family, may have been diverted to the creation of three-letter-agencies which today, collectively constitute the American Deep State.

Do not get me wrong. The Criminal Elite vie for a future in which they could settle in another planet (or space station), completely decimating the earth, its resources and its citizens. After all, haven’t they done that to entire countries, entire ethnicities and even entire continents?

The problem is that space travel is currently near-futile. They won’t tell you that because then, NASA will stop receiving up to 1% of the American budget. The Van Allen Radiation Belts make space travel to even the moon completely improbable. The tinny capsules which supposedly carried the astronauts to the moon had no radiation shielding whatsoever (which would make them very heavy). I would highly recommend exploring some of the quality investigative material at Aulis, for further reading.

This means the Space Shuttles and the International Space Station were the only real accomplishments of NASA. As for the moon landings (and its budget), the world has to move on, and especially, the American people cannot know.

Now enter ISRO, making serious claims of manned space missions, even developing their own little Space shuttle knockoff, and making tall claims of landing on the moon. Even if you were to leave aside the last item, pursuing manned space flight would ultimately (and maybe accidentally) expose them to the reality of the Van Allen Radiation Belts. Secrets are hard to keep in India, and the cat would be out of the bag. Even if things get covered up, India would hypothetically be in a position to blackmail the American Deep State, and a non-Globalist, sovereign leader would not hesitate to do so.

Detractors may argue that the Soviet Union, France, Germany and other countries with Space capabilities could have also done the same. The problem is that all Western countries (including the former Soviet Union) are operated by the same cabal of interchangeable families. Call them the Illuminati or call them what you will, but all Western countries are usually more or less acting in concert, but implicitly. Modern Communist China is a Western creation. That leaves Japan, but one of the main objectives of World War II was to make Japan stay in line, and they have. On the other hand, the course set by Gandhi during the Freedom Struggle ensured that India would be sovereign, at least in theory. And there have been some political leaders who did act as sovereign heads of state (hint: the ones that got killed).

Further proof is found in NASA’s activities in USA itself, where they have been repeatedly seen buying out private (manned) space exploration companies, and then diverting their energies elsewhere. Of course, infinite-deep-pockets Elon Musk (SpaceX) and Richard Branson (Virgin Galactic) are an exception, maybe because they are in on the game. Notice how their deadlines of launching manned space flights keep getting pushed further and further every year.

It is no surprise that concurrent with the poisonings, there is an all-out attempt to “privatize” ISRO. Guess who will buy up their manned space flight division?

A small price to pay for the perpetuation of the American Deep State.


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