Conspiracy Theory Review; Aulis Investigates the Kubrick-Apollo 11 Connection

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Back in 2013, I reviewed Jay Weidner’s documentary film Room 237, which analyzed the films of Stanley Kubrick, in particular, The Shining. It seems Kubrick had deliberately left behind all sorts of clues in the movie which hint to his role in the photo-video production and/or direction of the Apollo 11 Moon Landings. Now, the folks at Aulis have advanced in this direction a hundredfold. And it seems that Kubrick not only revealed the identity of his handlers, but also gave precise coordinates of the locations where the Apollo 11 Moon Landings were created, right here on planet earth!

What’s more, they seem to have unintentionally stumbled upon links to the Kennedys, which in turn ties into a well-known conspiracy theory by Miles Mathis, which was reviewed on this site.

Currently, this is a two part investigation, and I highly recommended reading both parts.

Stanley Kubrick and Apollo: Part One; Investigating possible links to Stanley Kubrick

Stanley Kubrick and Apollo: Part Two; How and where the Apollo Moon Landings were likely conceived


There are two findings that I simply could not ignore.

Remember this scene from The Shining?

Hallorann: You’ve got 15 rib roasts, 30 ten-pound bags of hamburger, 12 turkeys, about 40 chickens, 50 sirloin steaks, 2 dozen pork roasts, 20 legs of lamb. Do you like lamb, Doc? [Danny].

An Aulis reader conjectured that these may refer to geographical coordinates. And yes they do. But on the moon. To quote Aulis:

The first group of 15.30.12 finds a lunar longitude near the centre of the Moon’s Clavius crater. (In 2001, Clavius was the site of the moon base). The second set of finds a lunar latitude which served as the coordinate location of a NASA probe launched to the Moon on January 7, 1968. This was the aptly named Surveyor 7 and it had landed on the outer rim the Tycho crater. (The site of the lunar monolith in 2001.)

Applying a rather long but succinct interpretation, David S. Percy of Aulis derived additional coordinates for planet earth, which seem to have been carefully encoded by Kubrick. Already tipped off by the presence of a NATO-like flag in another Kubrick movie, here is what Aulis has to say:

Applying these coordinates 51°37’12″N 0°24’35″W we landed on Northwood, the site of the UK NATO base, and this meridian crossed over a modern building tangent to the site of the base’s point of origin – the old Eastbury Mansion. Moreover, when we saw that this same longitude when extended north, actually crosses over another location that has equal significance to our investigation (which we will look at shortly) we knew we were on the right track.

Where did we hear Northwood before? Remember Operation Northwoods? a false flag operation that was put together in the Kennedy administration? Did it also originate from here?

The same Aulis reader also found a beautiful house bordering the Northwood NATO base, which he suspects was used by Kubrick. The house is currently the property of the UK Ministry of Defence. The house has a rear gate that seems to open into the Northwood NATO base.

Maybe this was where the Apollo 11 Mission was planned, and where Kubrick “reported” to his superiors. But it was certainly not where the Moon landings could have been filmed.

Now remember this this scene from The Shining?

The “Gold Room” in The Shining.

To quote Aulis,

The Gold Room has the most unusual ceiling, especially when it comes to the long runs of light sources and different levels. For some time DSP has been intrigued by the shape of the room. It reminded him of an interior of the huge, long hangars that were constructed for building dirigibles during the WWII […….] This thought takes us to the history of the two Cardington hangars in Bedfordshire, UK. One was built on Cardington Airfield in the 1920s. And hangar No.2 was imported from RNAS Pulham, Norfolk in 1928 and re-erected at Cardington alongside its partner […..]

In 1955, the facility was managed by the 217 Maintenance Unit of the Royal Air Force.

David S. Percy photographed the Cardington hangars in 2020. The house on the right has been added for scale. The best place to shoot a moon landing?
Look at Jack’s t-shirt in The Shining.
Was Jack’s t-shirt a coded reference to this?

It doesn’t stop there. Read the full investigation.

Stanley Kubrick and Apollo: Part One; Investigating possible links to Stanley Kubrick

Stanley Kubrick and Apollo: Part Two; How and where the Apollo Moon Landings were likely conceived

Most people are aware of a “special relationship” between USA and UK. But after reading this, it seems that London still gets to map America’s Destiny.


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  1. jillNo Gravatar says:

    A few years ago after I first discovered “A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Moon,” I also found a website that had fascinating photos of Hollywood sets that were “moon” closeups, in excruciating detail, including an entire rotating wall, at least 30 feet high, and at least as wide, built on a revolving chassis that acted as the backdrop of the moon’s surface, so that when they showed the fake lunar module coming in for a landing, the backdrop made it look like the moon was rushing up below them as they got closer to the “landing location.” Also, there used to be a full-scale, 1:1 “moon” surface that was created in Arizona back in the 60s/70s, built to look precisely like the moon’s surface, including rocks, craters, cracks, the works. It has since disappeared with weather/age. I want to say that very well may have been where that mysterious rock came from that was photographed with the letter “C” on it–then later, without it–but I believe that came years later. Unfortunately, all of those websites and photos were on an old computer of mine which died, and I could not retrieve the information on the drive. Kicking myself to this day that I didn’t save them in a better place. 🙁 It was fascinating, maddening, and very sad that the lies about going to the moon were created to that level. My theory is that NASA KNEW they’d never have the technology to get to the moon, so they relied on Hollywood effects (and Nazi scientists…and Walt Disney) to make it happen. Still happening today, only in CGI. And we all know how Hollywood likes to show off and literally show the public the truth, all the while hiding things in plain sight under the guise of “entertainment.” One has to ask oneself, during the Apollo mission and landing, etc….WHO was actually filming it all for the world to watch???

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