Parallels Between the Phony War on Terror and the Current Pandemic

Last Updated on June 6, 2021 by Hamad Subani

If the Phony War on Terror, which commenced on 11th September 2001, and the current Pandemic, are products of the same minds, we would see numerous parallels common to both of these phenomena. Lets do a quick check.

The War on TerrorThe Covid-19 Pandemic
We are supposedly dealing with an invisible enemy, which operates an extensive network from the caves of Afghanistan, right to your suburban American neighbourhood.

The enemy is everywhere.
Although the virus originated in China, it could be anywhere, maybe even in your garage.

The virus is everywhere.
Not just Abdul the cabbie driver, but everybody is a suspect. Even your best friend could have secretly converted to Islam and now takes orders from a “Sleeper Cell.”

Everybody is a suspect. Including you.
The myth of “Asymptomatic transmission” (courtesy the WHO) means that anybody could have it, while not displaying the symptoms or even being conscious of the fact that they are carriers.

Everybody is a suspect. Including you.

In addition, you must isolate and “social distance” out of fear and concern.
We were warned from the very outset that this would be a continuous war, lasting generations, and even the destruction of several countries would not bring an end to it. The new waves, strains and mutations ensure that this will continue as long as they want it.
You are expected to lend your support, out of patriotism. Virtue signalling is prevalent.
You are expected to lend your support out of concern for the others around you. Virtue signalling is prevalent, especially online.
Not lending your support is seen as selfish and supporting “the terrorists.”Not practising the various norms (social distancing, vaccination etc) is seen as selfish.
This is all about preserving our way of life.Our way of life sucked. Lets never go back to it. Instead lets embrace the new normal. (This is a major difference).
The military is a big part of the game. The military is now entering the picture.
Certain countries are marked for decimation whereas other countries are left untouched. In the case of Canada, lockdowns are decimating the industrialized provinces of Ontario and Quebec, whereas other provinces that get by on federal handouts have faced a relaxation of lockdowns. Same story in Italy. In the case of India, there was an attempt to use the Lockdowns to de-industrialize things to back to British levels.
Even after the main trigger event (9/11) has receded from collective memory, new, smaller trigger events keep getting orchestrated, to ensure people feel that they are in imminent danger. New “surges” and “waves” can be created only by entering keystrokes on a website, supported by complimentary pictures of crammed up hospitals and dead bodies in trucks.
Common people must now face impediments to travel, such as full cavity body searches, X-Ray scanners, interrogation etc. Common people must now face impediments to travel such as painful PCR-tests, Quarantine requirements and closed borders.
The Head of State (George Bush) warns against listening to conspiracy theorists. The entire mainstream media, Facebook and Twitter rush to “fact-check” skeptics.
Even if your country is not USA, your country has immediately mobilized support for the War on Terror, with little consultation with the public. Even if your country is not China, an entire, prefabricated program on how to deal with the Pandemic has been rolled out with little public consultation.
Common people must now face impediments to transferring their own money. Banks and Governments now need to know who is getting paid. Banknotes are suddenly dangerous, and cashless transactions which can be easily tracked, are preferred instead.
Trust your Political Leaders. Trust the Science, and the Scientific Experts.
The actual casualties may be negligible, when compared to other causes of death, such as car accidents. But the media exaggerates the fear factor.The actual casualties may be negligible, when compared to other causes of death, such as obesity and heart attacks. But the media exaggerates the fear factor.
A hundredfold more people may get killed in the unnecessary wars that follow but never mind. A hundredfold more people may get killed from lockdowns and vaccinations but never mind.
The enemy had links to the CIA.The virus originated from a lab, most likely a Western one.
There is talk of a “New World Order” that will change the lives of all common people. There is talk of a “Big Reset” that will change the lives of all common people.
The nation of UK is leading by example. The nation of UK is leading by example.
You are encouraged to report “suspicious activity.”Dedicated lines have been set up to report anyone in your vicinity.
Big Celebrity Endorsement. Even teenage-friendly bands like Linkin Park want you to cheer on. Celebrities were recruited to push masks and vaccines. In the early days of Covid-19, many Hollywood and Bollywood celebrities actually gave the virus an endorsement by pretending to contract the virus (they never died though).
Fake body counts. Even the names of many of those who perished on 9/11 seem to have been generated by AI. The towers were more or less empty. The followup “attacks” that happened in USA and UK also seem to be street theatre. Fake body counts are now more easier. All you have to do is to attribute every natural death to Covid-19. On the other hand, vaccine-related deaths are covered up as natural deaths.
Billions of dollars mysteriously disappear. The day before 9/11, it was announced that $2.3 trillion was unaccounted for at the Pentagon. However, the files got “destroyed” in the attacks. Government money get diverted to private companies contracted to deliver security upgrades. Massive transfers of public funds to support major private companies. Major retailers are allowed to keep their chains open while Mom&Pop Groceries are forced to close and driven out of business.
Predictive programming.Predictive programming.
You are on edge.You are on edge.

Update: It seems the Response to the Current Pandemic also makes use of established Communist Coercive Methods (In addition to those of the Phoney War on Terror).


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  1. NikoNo Gravatar says:

    Hi everyone, I can recommend what Dr. Mike Yeadon states on the pandemic. After browsing through all sorts of stuff he is the one who understands best, explains it best and takes a look on what is there to come: Nothing good for all of us.
    – you find him I.e. on bitchute —> search his name.

  2. GinaNo Gravatar says:

    Yes. More yes. Great job. Love your stuff!

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