The De-Industrialization of India; Phase II

Readers will note that earlier I had brought to attention a rather elaborate plan to de-industrialize India, which was carried out during the British rule. More astute readers will note how I also discovered that some areas of British India which were not under direct British control, such as Hyderabad State, managed to escape this grotesque plan. The plan for the de-industrialization India was supposedly terminated when the British lost control of India in 1947. I am sad to report that after 73 years, this plan has been kick-started in “independent India,” under the guise of fighting COVID-19.

De-Industrialization is Not Just for the West

The Powers That Be have repeatedly made it clear that they will make China the only major Superpower by relocating all major industry to it, especially manufacturing. This will create a Global dependency on China. And since no country will be able to fully disentangle its industries from China, no country will be able to stand up to it.

Why has China been selected as the standard bearer of the New World Order as opposed to other candidates like Russia? Because the Chinese people have fully succumbed to Globalist/Communist control, and have proven to be the most adept at accepting an inhumane, robotic way of life, in which the Globalists get to monitor them since birth, and intrude into every aspect of their lives. The same could be said about the residents of the former Soviet Union, but again, they lacked the population and the productivity of the Chinese.  

While studying the COVID-19 lockdowns, we noticed that in Italy, the most barbaric lockdowns took place in the most richest and productive industrial regions of the North. I later noticed a similar trend in Canada. To quote,

As of 14th June 2020, a similar scenario is emerging in Canada, with most of the 98,763 cases concentrated in the provinces of Quebec and Ontario. Why is this relevant? Because these two provinces alone make up to 70% of Canadian industry. Without them, there would be no Canadian economy. So clearly, it’s the same forces at work, trying to “shut down” industry, until it will be bought out by The Powers That Be or relocated to China. (De-industrialization of the Western world). Some may ask, but don’t they already own these industries? The answer is yes. But under normal circumstances, they would face a lot of resistance if they shut shop and relocated elsewhere. Or if they underwent massive reorganization.

Of course, it is not possible to fully smother all industries of a nation. The Globalists seem to be specifically targeting manufacturing and heavy industries. In the case of India, it seems they want to restrict India to a “service economy,” providing long-distance human support to other global companies and industries through Call Centres (China has failed miserably at this). This will also ensure a chain of dependencies on outside interests, as well as forcing people into urban centres, where the “Smart Cities” will monitor them like caged animals. India’s success in ensuring food security for its citizens through agriculture in the countryside is about to be reversed by corporatizing it. The agricultural countrysides will be desolated.

Here is a map of the industrial regions of India.

Now here is a map of “Confirmed COVID-19 cases” in India. Given the fact that COVID-19 tests are designed to produce false positives, the numbers could easily be fabricated to ensure industries don’t resume normal operations and the industrial economy remains permanently suspended.

India’s COVID-19 cases. Data Compiled by the The Hindu Newspaper.

There is clearly some kind of correlation. There are only two instances where I don’t see a correlation. The first is the case of Gujarat, which while being an industrial hub, has not gone red. This may be because the political leadership is not playing into Globalist hands by giving them free reign over management of the COVID-19 crisis (neither have they continued the lockdowns). The second is the case of Uttar Pradesh, which while lacking noteworthy industries, has gone red. This may be because the political leadership has been completely compromised by Globalists, letting them make up numbers on whim.

Anecdotal Evidence

Earlier, I also discovered that some areas of British India which were not under direct British control, such as Hyderabad State, managed to escape their grotesque plan of de-industrialization, and instead went on to develop thriving industries, which were subsequently absorbed and augmented by Independent India. Now, the Globalists appear to be back in erstwhile Hyderabad State! The first indication was in January 2019, prior to the COVID-19 crisis, when a suspicious fire ravaged the Hyderabad Industrial Exhibition, which has taken place yearly since Nizam-era times. Of course, the organizers understand the risk of fire, and fire brigades are permanently stationed throughout the duration of the exhibition. But for some reason, this fire was uncontrollable. To quote,

A major fire broke out at Numaish, the famous annual industrial exhibition. at Hyderabad’s central part of Nampally on Wednesday evening.

Properties worth lakhs of rupees at the exhibition stalls got gutted. “Seven fire tenders reached the exhibition grounds within a few minutes. No loss of life was reported. Most of the visitors to the exhibition have been already evacuated,” Hyderabad Police Commissioner Anjani Kumar told The Hindu over the phone at 9.28 p.m.

Fire started near Vanitha Maha Vidyalaya (womens’ college at Nampally) side around 9 p.m. Within a few minutes, it spread to surrounding stalls in the exhibition premises which is spread over several acres of land.

“Despite pressing into service several fire tenders, blazes could not be controlled. With each passing second, more stalls are catching fire,” said a policeman struggling to douse flames at the spot.

When reports last came in, 200 shops were reduced to ashes and the fire was yet to be brought under control.

Shopkeepers, whose shops were gutted, said they had lost stock worth crores of rupees.

A major fire at the All India Industrial Exhibition Society gutted at least 300 stalls in January 2019. Photo Credit: Nagara Gopal

Most people who set shop in this exhibition are the cottage industry types, whom the Globalists hate with a passion. I predict that after more than 90 years, the Hyderabad Industrial Exhibition will quietly be cancelled in the future.

The Nizam had established an industrial belt in the Sanathnagar area. This district of Hyderabad was set aside exclusively as an industrial zone (sanath is Urdu for industry). In the 60s, many of these industries were relocated to the neighbouring Medchal District so that they would not pollute the city. Today, the Medchal district is a highly industrialized area. To quote,

Medchal – Malkajgiri District is having (32) Industrial Estates/IP/SEZs , huge Market Facility, having Industrial Training Institutions like NIMSEME, CIPET, CFTRI, Prominent Educational Institutions like ISB, HCU, NALSAR, Osmania University College of Engineering, IICT, CCMB, NAC are in very proximity to the district, which provide human resources from Skilled/Semi skilled to Highly Management Professionals . About 07,000 Industries are existing in this district with an investment of 10,000 Crores giving employment to around 1,00,000 people and giving scope to so many upcoming industries in the sectors of Aerospace, Packaging, General Engineering , Confectionary and Food based industries, & Mineral based industries.

Here are some more statistics from the same source:

Now guess which district of the State of Telangana faced one of the highest incidents of COVID-19 cases?

Data compiled by Mint as of April 2019.

Apart from COVID-19 cases, Medchal also faced a completely disproportionate and the most brutal lockdown, which has permanently incapacitated most of its industries, which depended on migrant labour.

The industrial district of Medchal in Telangana State faced the most brutal lockdown in the early days of the COVID-19 crisis.

Other Anomalies

Jens Jerndal, Swedish Economist & Political Scientist.

How can we explain that nearly every so called sovereign country – most claiming to be democracies – obeyed the command to lock down the entire country at the drop of a word from an international health agency, or on clue from another country, just imitating it? – Without consulting its own population or making its own research and deliberations about the tremendous long-term consequences and mind-blowing costs that they are causing. Is that proof that we already have a covert world government, and WE THE PEOPLE haven´t even noticed it?

Jens Jerndal, Economist & Political Scientist, former 1st Secretary at the Swedish Ministry of Foreign Affairs, former Chargé d´Affaires a.i. of Sweden in Pakistan.

This puzzling phenomenon described by Jens Jerndal can be observed everywhere.

For example, it seems that the Globalists wanted to use the COVID-19 lockdowns to forcibly detain people in “Quarantine Camps.” Since Canada is usually at the forefront of Globalist activity, they got their “Quarantine Camps” up and running at the earliest. As early as 2017, they even set up signs in cities indicating places where people would be rounded up for “transport” to the camps. Here’s one such sign I found in Halifax, Canada.

This is one such “Muster Point” sign that popped up on Robie Street (near Scotia Tires), in Halifax, Canada.

According to the 2017 Halifax Municipal Emergency Plan, Muster Points are “Locations designated for the gathering of prisoners evacuees for processing and transport out of an evacuation zone.”

But what can explain the popping up of similar signs on the other side of the world, such as in Hyderabad, India, within the very same time-frame? It is almost as if they were designed and made by the same people.

Sign observed at Road No. 7, Banjara Hills (adjacent to Indian Overseas Bank), Hyderabad, Telangana State, India, in November 2020.

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