Will the real Taliban please stand up, Please Stand Up?

Something odd is happening in Kabul right now. While all the Afghans who supported the NATO invasion are either hiding or fleeing, the US Embassy continues to operate.

Islamophobic countries such as the Netherlands and France, which openly drew the ire of the Taliban by insulting their Prophet, simply relocated their embassy to the Kabul airport a few hours ago. They look forward to being around.

The British Embassy in Kabul is not going anywhere.

Apparently, they are not that concerned about the “Taliban” taking them hostage.

Whether you like the pre-9/11 Taliban or not, they were indeed a sovereign power. And they were not involved in 9/11. Al Qaida was. The real pre-9/11 Taliban only maintained diplomatic ties with Pakistan, the UAE and Saudi Arabia. If the new “Taliban” is same as the old one, it is unthinkable that it would let these openly hostile countries operate embassies.

Iran currently operates four official embassies in Afghanistan. They don’t appear to be too concerned either. Despite the fact that secretly giving USA access to their airstrips in the initial carpet-bombing campaigns against the Taliban earned them no honour among the Taliban.

It is also strange that the new “Taliban” is already cozying up with China, a country that is pursuing an open genocide of its Uyghur Muslim population.

The embassies have to be around because that is how the Phoenicians manage their wars and intrigues.


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