The Argument for Fake Mass Shootings in USA (and the West)

In August 2022, Alex Jones, a notable Conspiracy Theorist, was supposedly sued for millions of dollars for claiming that the 2012 Sandy Hook school shooting never happened. Other Conspiracy Theorists such as Miles Mathis had taken a similar position in 2013 itself (1, 2), and it appears that Jones was merely repeating Miles’ claims (without giving due credit). On a stranger note, Miles Mathis released another paper in August 2022 arguing that the tired and semi-retired Alex Jones was being “phased out” through a fake trial in which Jones himself appears to be a player, and that the main objective of the fake trial was to scare those who question the reality of such shootings. 

In this essay, I pose a single, overlooked argument for Fake Mass Shootings in the West (in particular USA), and why they are realistically impossible: With such a shortage of balls for justified rage, where do “mass shooters” get theirs?

With such a shortage of balls for justified rage, where do “mass shooters” get theirs?

Why the Elites Love Fake Mass Shootings

In countries where they dominate, the Phoenicians love to keep their subject populations on the edge. They are to be periodically reminded as to why State services such as the police are extremely necessary for society to function. Fake Mass Shootings play into that.

And in many Western countries, people have still retained the right to acquire and bear arms due to historical and cultural reasons. The Phoenicians have already phased out such rights in some of their bastions like UK, but they are behind schedule in North America. Fake Mass Shootings play into that.

Then there are different agendas that Fake Mass Shootings can be configured with. For example, the 2020 Nova Scotia shootings were intended to make rural plebs stay at home (They were breaking the spirit of the Covid-19 Lockdowns by having too much outdoor fun).

But most important, even with complete media control, it sometimes becomes necessary to bury obvious news (Disclosures about Vaccine deaths, Questionable Economic and Foreign Policy Decisions etc.). Remember that the drama surrounding them blankets all the media for weeks. Fake Mass Shootings play into that.

Although the Phoenicians could easily stage real Mass Shootings, there would then be too many angry families looking for answers. It’s easier to control the narrative by having the vicsims victims on your payroll. They even did it on 9/11, where the majority of victims appear to be non-existent people.

USA has a disproportionately high number of Fake Mass shootings (compared to other Western countries) because of the relatively huge size of its economy. The bigger the economy, the more the Phoenician thievery. The more the Phoenician thievery, the more the eyes-off events required.

But Don’t Americans have access to too many guns?

Simply having access to guns does not enable mass shootings. If that were true, we would see the same phenomenon of school shootings in Afghanistan and the North West frontier provinces of Pakistan every week, where everyone, including kids, are armed to the teeth. Of course, there is used to be the occasional suicide bomber back in the days of the War. But again, such real events, were not overly dramatized in their media. Everybody went about their business like usual. During the so-called “War on Terror,” many of their citizenry would go about with their IDs, so that they could still be identified to their families if they ended up getting bombed.

Again, most Western people purchase guns for their value as deterrent for safeguarding property. And many gun purchasers are into penis-waving sports, such as hunting. Many showcase their weapons as fireplace trophies without bothering to maintain them. Some are stockpiling for the day the Government will fail (it will, but the Phoenicians and their militias will still be in charge). Such customers are unlikely to ever participate in an actual shooting.

But aren’t too many Americans Suicidal and/or on Psychotropic drugs?

Suicidal people and people who have made themselves dependent on drugs are the biggest cowards in the creation. They harm themselves first, not others. When they do harm others, it’s always cowardly Opportunistic Violence.

But don’t Western Intelligence Agencies run programs like MK-ULTRA which churn out mass shooters?

These programs do exist, all courtesy the taxpayer. But what they create are zombie-like, shells of people. They are usually used as puppet politicians (Hello Sarah Palin) fall guys and sex slaves. Sirhan Sirhan, who has been locked up for the alleged murder of Bobby Kennedy was believed to have been from such a program. But he was just planted on the scene. He never had to shoot a bullet because nobody died that day.

But isn’t there already a lot of violence in everyday American life?

The violence you see on American websites like World Star Hip Hop and certain American Subreddits is Opportunistic Violence. That is, the anonymous perp(s) are taking a reasonable chance at getting away without the State getting involved. School shootings are not like that, because now you have become a public enemy, and the entire state and its resources are mobilized against you.

And Criminal Violence is Always Opportunistic Violence! Removing guns from the equation does not prevent Criminal Violence. For example, in the UK, where guns are banned, everybody is knifing each other.

And Police Violence is also is also largely Opportunistic Violence! Remember that police officers have literal immunity for their actions, which makes them so violent, that American pranksters engage in the practice of Swatting (anonymously calling the Swat team on video game opponents). This is because they are assured that the Swat team, armed to teeth and protected by all sorts of armour, will engage in opportunistic violence when breaking into homes of confused, sleepy people.

And Military Violence Abroad is also is also largely Opportunistic Violence! Remember that soldiers not only get immunity from whatever they did, they also get brownie points for being more dangerous. In addition to pensions, lifetime benefits and treatment and compensation for injuries. In Afghanistan, the US Army made more enemies than friends because they would drive hurriedly through the streets, shooting at everything that moved. Having massive firepower, armoured vehicles and ready Air Force did not make them any less panicky. They also ended up killing many of their own Afghan Allies and even fellow personnel in panicked “friendly fire” incidents, which got covered up. The full extent of such incidents can be gauged from the fact that many Canadian Allies also ended up getting killed in such incidents. Their families demanded to know the cause of their deaths, and the “friendly fire” incidents came to light.

The drone operators killing people from the comfort of air-conditioned trailers in a base in Germany are not even soldiers and face no risks whatsoever. Even their identities are unknown to their victims and to the rest of us.

So are there no Incidents of Americans going postal at all?

You may find some incidents of self-righteous rage here and there, but in both these cases, the perps avoided killing innocent civilians, even though they had the full ability to do so. And in both cases, the Government was literally seconds away from calling in the military to deal with them, unlike the regular “Mass Shooting Events.”

So why don’t Americans Rage Enough?

The immediate diagnosis can be characterized as an acute shortage of balls. And it’s contagious. For example,

  • More than 90% Americans believe that the War on Iraq was unjustified and based on fraudulent pretexts. But they don’t have the balls to do anything about that.
  • More than 50% of Americans believe that 9/11 was an inside job. But they don’t have the balls to do anything about that.
  • A lot of Americans believe that President Obama was an imposter may not have been born on US territory. But they don’t have the balls to do anything about that.
  • A lot of Americans believe that Bill and Hillary Clinton are literal criminals, who have even assassinated opponents. But they don’t have the balls to do anything about that.
  • A lot of Americans now believe in the existence of a Deep State. But they don’t have the balls to do anything about that.
  • More than 50% of Americans believe that there is no point in aiding Israel, and in fact, Saudi Arabia has made a bigger contribution to the American dream. But they don’t have the balls to do anything about that.
  • More than 90% of Americans are sneering at the farcical Biden Presidency. But they don’t have the balls to do anything about that.
  • More than 90% of Americans are nervously watching a major recession unfold. But they don’t have the balls to do anything about that.
  • Many Americans have lost loved ones to the Covid vaccine, or have become incapacitated because of vaccine side effects. But they don’t have the balls to do anything about that. In fact, the only cases of violence against vaccinators comes from Afghanistan (and certain parts of Pakistan). There was even one incident in Communist China, but not a single incident from the armed citizenry of USA!
  • Many American public students are subject to vicious bullying, which scars them for life. But despite having access to firearms (and reduced sentences for minors), they never shoot their bullies.
  • More than 50% Americans know that their political leadership is involved with pedophile rings who flew on special planes to a pedo-island. But they don’t have the balls to do anything about that.
  • Most reasonable Americans believe that their country is run by Secret Societies, which operate out of very public venues. Yet none of these venues have been subject to a “Mass shooting” in the last 300 years.
  • Most reasonable Americans believe that their billionaires are looting their economy. Yet these billionaires freely walk the streets without much of a security detail.

Does this look like a society that produces real “mass shooters?” The Phoenicians are no longer even concerned about conspiracy theorists because most of the subject population have been turned into slugs, who are not capable of critical thinking on their own. The Phoenicians  do not even need “real” mass shootings to manage them.

In other words, even people who happily partake in selfish Opportunistic Violence with or without guns, are programmed to look the other way when legitimate rage is expected to be displayed. They quietly withdraw to fulfilling the rituals of modern life and paying their bills/mortgages on time. And this applies to all people/communities that reside in the West. Even Western Muslims!

Postscript on how Western Muslims are also cut from the same lame cloth

During the so-called “War on Terror,” Western Muslims were sold as potential terrorists, which I found so laughable that I started investigating some of the more “militant ones” just for the sake of personal amusement. That led me straight to the doorstep of Canadian Intelligence. This is because Muslims migrating to the West, are generally speaking, worldly people. Even those with bushy beards and hijabs. Like most people who belong to the cult of modern society, their priority is paying off their mortgages on schedule (Mortages are forbidden in Islam but never mind). And burying themselves in their little, compartmentalized worlds. There may be exceptions, but these usually end up being framed to provide the locals with some street theatre.

I am not talking about occasional scams, such as Intel running charities diverting Muslim zakat charity towards “Afghan refugees” in USA (These Afghans fled because they were working with the US Army and are obviously not welcome back). The situation is so bad with Western Muslims that the Phoenicians are using them to troll real Muslims in their native lands! For example, ISIL was created not for establishing an Islamic State but for combating the Kurds and other groups not aligned with the Phoenicians in the Levant. Most of their secret commanders happen to be Western Muslims (and even non-Muslim “converts”) who quietly return to Western countries after a three year stint (contract?). Since these are contract employees (and even non-Muslims), they always need to be jacked up on dollars, drugs and girls to get them through those arduous three years. And where do the girls come from? Apparently, Western Intelligence Agencies run human trafficking networks to supply them with brainwashed girls from…..Western Muslim Communities! Remember Shamima Begum, the underage British child-bride of ISIL? She got married off to a Dutch “convert” who later abandoned her after three children. (He had a change of heart wants her back when he returns to the Netherlands for a happily-ever-after, but that’s a different story).

In August 2022, we learnt that Shamima “escaped” UK with the help of Canadian Intelligence. To quote,

Published in August 2022, Richard Kerbaj’s book The Secret History of the Five Eyes claimed that Mohammed Al Rasheed, who helped her travel to Syria, was passing information to Canadian intelligence, which was known to Metropolitan Police. This link was not acknowledged by British or Canadian authorities. The Canadian intelligence was using Rasheed for information on the Islamic State, allowing him to help people to travel to Syria to work for the Islamic State. Kerbaj said that he interviewed many Canadian intelligence officers, which confirmed the timeline of events.[Source 1][Source 2]

The Jordanian Al Rasheed is now being relocated to Canada. He was recruited by Canadian Intelligence after applying for immigration to Canada at the Canadian Embassy in Jordan. Was trafficking the girls a condition for his immigration application? (Attention human smugglers in Syria, Turkey and Jordan; Canadian Intelligence is recruiting). His Canadian Intelligence handler operated from the Canadian embassy in Jordan as well. It was to this handler that he had passed screenshots of Shamima Begum’s passport (as well as those of three other girls).  Why would a nation in the North-Western hemisphere be so obsessed with the politics of the Levant? Maybe because it’s a zombie-nation run by people originally from the Levant.

During my own persecution at Dalhousie University (Halifax, Canada), dozens of new immigrant Muslims would beeline for my attention like a swarm of bots, just because Canadian Intelligence had promised to fast-track their paperwork if they could somehow gain my confidence and/or participate in street theatre ops around me. I saw them as dangerously weak minded. Perhaps more than the poor ones in their native countries. Which is why I now run at their sight. But what made them “similar” to most of the locals was their willful and selfish obliviousness towards hoaxes and scams being conducted by the Phoenicians. It comes as no surprise as many of them would later walk into such hoaxes themselves. Such as some of the “educated” Muslim doctors who ended up taking Moderna boosters and are no longer with us.


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