Lists of Cabal Operatives

Chapter Ten: Lists of Cabal Operatives in Historical Pakistani Leadership

These tables help in identifying Cabal operatives among Pakistani civilian and military leaders. People from crypto-Phoenician Spook groups, such as the Baghdad Spooks and the Shah Mir Spooks, representing less than 1% of Pakistan’s total population, have monopolized political and at times, military leadership in Pakistan. As we can see, they are getting more and more prominent in Military and Intelligence in current times, which is a disturbing development.

Standard Legend for all Tables:

Standard Black/Grey text in the Cabal Affiliation Column indicates that the Cabal-Operative status of the person is currently unknown, usually due to lack of confirming information. Flip a coin.

Indicates that the person was Assassinated.

List of Prime Ministers of Pakistan and Cabal Affiliations

NameTook officeLeft officeTenureParty Cabal Affiliation
Liaquat Ali Khan  
14 August 194716 October 1951
4 years, 63 daysMuslim LeagueCabal Operative: Confirmed

Cabal: Émigré Spook from the princely state of Karnal, connected to the pre-Islamic royals of Iran. Karnal was chosen by the Commander of the British Army in India as his HQ, before moving HQ to Ambala, just prior to 1857.

Was known to drink in company of friends but pretend to be an Islamist in public. His wife was an ardent feminist. She used the name Raana Begum, but here real birth-name was Irene Pant. Pant is a name used by Deshastha Brahmins. Liaquat Ali Khan had some kind of feud with Fatima Jinnah (Baghdad Spooks). It is clear that he was the choice of American Spooks though.
Sir Khawaja Nazimuddin
17 October 195117 April 19531 year, 182 daysMuslim LeagueCabal Operative: Confirmed

Cabal: Shah Mir Spooks.

He was from the Nawabs of Dhaka, who were actually Shah Mir Spooks that got awarded fiefs in Bengal for betraying the last Mughal Emperor to the British, via his personal physician.

His cabinet was dismissed because there were several genuine Muslim leaders in it. And he never protested.
Mohammad Ali Bogra
17 April 195312 August 19552 years, 117 daysMuslim LeagueCabal Operative: Very Likely

Cabal: Baghdad Spooks

Comes from an “Iraqi origin” family that settled in Bengal. Acted as a “frontman” for a cabal led by Ghulam Mohammed and Iskander Mirza, which was established after the fall of Nazimuddin. This cabal ran Pakistan because they did not want Islamists of the Nazimuddin cabinet to run it. The Muslim League then faced an electoral disaster in East Pakistan. Bogra responded by uniting four provinces of East Pakistan into one, to prevent the opposition to the Muslim League from becoming powerful. Collaborated with Fatima Jinnah in an attempt to remove Governor-General Ghulam Mohammed. Avoided appointing Bengalis to his cabinet, resulting in alienation of East Pakistan. Had a second marriage to his secretary who was of Phoenician Lebanese origin.
Chaudhry Mohammad Ali
12 August 195512 September 19561 year, 31 daysMuslim LeagueGot blackballed and removed from his own party for proposing a resolution to the Kashmir issue to Nehru.
Huseyn Shaheed Suhrawardy  
12 September 195617 October 19571 year, 35 daysAwami LeagueHe was once a proponent of a United Bengal, and this made British Intelligence so angry that they had planned to assassinate him and Gandhi together. Governor-General Ghulam Muhammad hated him. Came to power after the Muslim League was routed in the 1954 East Pakistan elections. Identified as a “threat” in a Secret CIA Report dated 4th February 1955. Was forced to resign after Iskandar Mirza’s Republican party withdrew support for his cabinet. Provided the most effective leadership of his time.
Ibrahim Ismail Chundrigar
17 October 195711 December 195755 daysMuslim LeagueHe was “Memon origin,” from the Spookopolis of Godhra, India. Possible link to Baghdad Spooks. Could have been a frontman for Iskandar Mirza.
Sir Feroze Khan Noon
16 December 19577 October 1958295 daysRepublican PartyIn 1945, he, along with Shaukat Hayat Khan and Mumtaz Daultana defected the party of Tiwana to the Muslim League, which was opposed to the partition of the Punjab.
MARTIAL LAW7 October 19587 December 197113 years and 2 months  
Nurul Amin
7 December 197120 December 197113 daysPakistan Muslim League
Zulfikar Ali Bhutto
14 August 19735 July 19773 years, 325 daysPakistan Peoples PartyCabal Operative: Confirmed Cabal: Baghdad Spooks
Muhammad Khan Junejo  
24 March 198529 May 19883 years, 66 daysIndependent
He was an opponent of Zia.
Benazir Bhutto
2 December 19886 August 19901 year, 247 daysPakistan Peoples PartyCabal Operative: Confirmed Cabal: Baghdad Spooks
Nawaz Sharif
(born 1949)
6 November 199018 July 19932 years, 254 daysPakistan Muslim League (N)Cabal Operative: Confirmed Cabal: Shah Mir Spooks
Benazir Bhutto
19 October 19935 November 19963 years, 17 daysPakistan Peoples PartyCabal Operative: Confirmed Cabal: Baghdad Spooks
Nawaz Sharif
(born 1949)
17 February 199712 October 19992 years, 237 daysPakistan Muslim League (N)Cabal Operative: Confirmed Cabal: Shah Mir Spooks
Mir Zafarullah Khan Jamali
23 November 200226 June 20041 year, 216 daysPakistan Muslim League (Q)Musharraf Loyalist.
Chaudhry Shujaat Hussain
(born 1946)
30 June 200423 August 200454 daysPakistan Muslim League (Q)Musharraf Loyalist.
Shaukat Aziz
(born 1949)
28 August 200415 November 20073 years, 79 daysPakistan Muslim League (Q)Musharraf Loyalist.
Yousaf Raza Gillani
(born 1952)
25 March 200819 June 20124 years, 86 daysPakistan Peoples PartyCabal Operative: By Association.

Cabal: During his tenure the PPP was dominated by Asif Zardari (Shah Mir Spooks). He was disqualified from his seat in the parliament in April 2012 by the Supreme Court for contempt of court. Was Prime Minister of Pakistan during the fake-killing of Osama Bin Laden, and escalation of US drone strikes in Pakistan.
Raja Pervaiz Ashraf (born 1950)22 June 201224 March 2013275 daysPakistan Peoples PartyCabal Operative: By Association.

Cabal: During his tenure the PPP was dominated by Asif Zardari (Shah Mir Spooks).
Nawaz Sharif
(born 1949)
5 June 201328 July 20174 years, 53 daysPakistan Muslim League (N)Cabal Operative: Confirmed

Cabal: Shah Mir Spooks

He was disqualified on 28th July 2017 by the Supreme Court of Pakistan because his family’s  names showed up in the Panama Papers case.
Shahid Khaqan Abbasi  
(born 1958)
1 August 201731 May 2018303 daysPakistan Muslim League (N) 
Imran Khan  
(born 1952)
18 August 201810 April 20223 years, 235 daysPakistan Tehreek-e-InsafMaybe Pakistan’s only non-Cabal populist Prime Minister.
Shehbaz Sharif  
(born 1951)
11 April 202214 August 20231 year, 125 daysPakistan Muslim League (N)Cabal Operative: Confirmed

Cabal: Shah Mir Spooks
Anwaar-ul-Haq Kakar (born 1971)14 August 2023Incumbent Balochistan Awami PartyAppointed as Caretaker Prime Minister.

List of Heads of State of Pakistan and Cabal Affiliations

Governor-Generals of Pakistan

Governor Generals were appointed by the British monarch, and by default were “their” men from the very beginning. It is expected that they had ties to British Intelligence. The last two Governor Generals spent around half their time in London. Note that neighboring India abolished the post of Governor General almost immediately.  

Term of officeCabal AffiliationMonarch
Took officeLeft officeTime in office 
Muhammad Ali Jinnah
14 August 194711 September 19481 year, 28 daysCabal Affiliation: Baghdad Spooks
George VI
Atiya Fyzee (1877-1967)Following the exit of Jinnah, there was a concerted, secret effort made by this émigré from Bombay to become the crypto-Queen of Pakistan. She was thwarted by a yet unknown Colonel. She could have been made Governor-General, and she had the blessings of the British monarch. More on her endeavors here. Cabal Operative: Confirmed

Cabal: Baghdad Spooks
Sir Khawaja Nazimuddin
14 September 194817 October 19513 years, 33 daysCabal Operative: Confirmed

Cabal: Shah Mir Spooks. See duplicate entry under Prime Ministers for additional details.
Sir Ghulam Muhammad
17 October 19517 August 19553 years, 294 daysCabal Operative: Confirmed

Cabal: British Intelligence; Note that Governor Generals were appointed by the British monarch, and by default were “their” men from the very beginning. Prior to the creation of Pakistan, worked for the Parsi Tata group. He was involved in British Intelligence ops in Hyderabad State. As Governor General of Pakistan, he tried hanging Maududi but got cold feet. Conspired with General Iskander Mirza to dismiss the cabinet of Nazimuddin in 1953, because there were too many genuine Muslim leaders in it (Ironically, this was the cabinet which appointed him as Governor General!). Malik Ghulam Muhammad is credited with a constitutional coup that brought the early death of democracy in Pakistan. This was done to keep the Muslim League in power after it had been routed in East Pakistan after the 1954 elections. He then presided over Pakistan like a dictator. Feigning Illness, Malik Ghulam Muhammad left for Britain, vacating the post of Governor General to Iskandar Mirza on 7th August 1955.

Elizabeth II
Iskander Mirza
7 August 195523 March 1956229 daysCabal Operative: Confirmed

Primary Cabal: British Intelligence; Note that Governor Generals were appointed by the British monarch, and by default were “their” men from the very beginning.

Secondary Cabal: Baghdad Spooks. Iskander Mirza was a descendant of Mir Jafar, a noted Shiite traitor who helped the British establish a foothold in Mughal Bengal. His mother belonged to the Ismaili Tyabji clan of Bombay. Both these groups are originally from Iraq.

Earlier as Defense Secretary in 1953, established martial law in Lahore in the wake of anti-Ahmadiyya riots. Later played a role in the dismissal of the Nazimuddin cabinet, because there were too many genuine Muslim leaders in it. On 7th October 1958, Iskandar Mirza, now the first President of Pakistan, abrogated the 1956 Constitution, dissolved parliament, abolished the Office of the Prime Minister and imposed Martial Law, which would continue till 1971. This was done because the Muslim League had lost control of parliament following an election disaster in East Pakistan in 1954. His son Humayun Mirza married the daughter of Ambassador Hildreth, the then US Ambassador to Pakistan and attended Harvard Business School.

Presidents of Pakistan

Term of officePartyCabal Affiliation
Took officeLeft officeTime in office
Iskander Mirza
23 March 195627 October 19582 years, 218 daysRepublican PartyCabal Operative: Confirmed

Cabal: Baghdad Spooks

See further details under duplicate entry in Governor Generals of Pakistan table.

Was deposed under armed escort by General Ayub Khan because he just wouldn’t stop intriguing and conspiring. Left for Britain and wasn’t allowed to be buried in Pakistan when he died. Body was later relocated from Britain to a Shiite shrine in Iran, which further confirms association with Iran-Iraq region.
 Ayub Khan
27 October 19588 June 19623 years, 224 daysMilitaryEarlier as C-in-C, conspired with General Iskander Mirza and Governor General Ghulam Mohammed to dismiss the cabinet of Nazimuddin in 1953, because there were too many genuine Muslim leaders in it. Later deposed Iskander Mirza in 1958 in a surprise move. Held secret talks with Indian PM Shastri in Tashkent regarding Kashmir, which greatly enraged the Shah Mir Spooks. Tried to create a Home Guard of Pashtun volunteers dubbed Mujahids, which greatly alarmed the US. Tried to politely bribe Maududi. Was deposed by the CIA to make room for the Yahya Khan/Bhutto combine. After him the Phoenicians mandated that no Pashtun would be made top General because they could become too obstinate to control.
8 June 196225 March 19696 years, 290 daysPakistan Muslim League PML (C)
Yahya Khan
25 March 196920 December 19712 years, 270 daysMilitaryCabal Operative: Yes

Cabal: Shah Mir Spooks Was born in the Spookopolis of Chakwal.

Presided over the loss of East Pakistan (later Bangladesh).
Zulfikar Ali Bhutto
(1928– 1979)
20 December 197114 August 19731 year, 237 daysPakistan Peoples PartyCabal Operative: Confirmed

Cabal: Baghdad Spooks (Comeback Phase).
Fazal Ilahi Chaudhry
14 August 197316 September 19784 years, 245 daysPakistan Peoples PartyCabal Operative: Confirmed

Cabal: Sockpuppet of Bhutto

Chaudhry was largely a sockpuppet of Bhutto, and was the first Pakistani President with less power than the Prime Minister. This was due to the new Constitution of 1973 that gave more powers to the Prime Minister. Previously, the President had been the chief executive of Pakistan and had the power to appoint Prime Minister. After the fall of Zulfikar Ali Bhutto from power, Chaudhry continued his presidency but had no influence whatsoever.
Muhammad Zia-ul-Haq
16 September 197817 August 198810 years, 123 daysMilitaryHanged Zulfikhar Ali Bhutto.
Ghulam Ishaq Khan
17 August 198818 July 19934 years, 325 daysIndependentWas maneouvred into position by General Aslam Beg, paving the way for Benazir Bhutto.
Wasim Sajjad

18 July 199314 November 1993119 daysPakistan Muslim League (N)
Farooq Leghari
14 November 19932 December 19974 years, 18 daysPakistan Peoples PartyLater had a fallout with Benazir Bhutto.
Wasim Sajjad

2 December 19971 January 199827 daysPakistan Muslim League (N)
Muhammad Rafiq Tarar
1 January 199820 June 20013 years, 170 daysPakistan Muslim League (N)Sockpuppet of Nawaz Sharif.
Pervez Musharraf
20 June 200115 October 20076 years, 117 daysMilitaryOusted Nawaz Sharif
19 November 200718 August 2008263 daysPakistan Muslim League (Q)Prevented the so-called War on Terror from spilling into Pakistan.
Muhammad Mian Soomro
18 August 20089 September 200822 daysPakistan Muslim League (N)A banker, who once worked for Shell Pakistan.
Asif Ali Zardari
9 September 20089 September 20135 years, 0 daysPakistan Peoples PartyCabal Operative: Confirmed

Cabal: Shah Mir Spooks
Mamnoon Hussain
(1941– 2021)
9 September 20139 September 20185 years, 0 daysPakistan Muslim League (N)
Arif Alvi
9 September 2018Incumbent5 years, 59 daysPakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf

Chiefs of Army Staff of Pakistan and Cabal Affiliations

Chief of Army StaffTook officeLeft officeTime in officeCabal Affiliation
Tikka KhanHJ, HQA, SPk
3 March 19721 March 19763 years, 364 daysCabal Operative: By Association.

Cabal: British Intelligence

Tikka Khan identified as Janjua Rajput, but there is reason to believe he was something else. He attended the Army Cadet College at Nowgong, Madhya Pradesh in 1933, which is a Spookopolis. Appointed Military Governor of East Pakistan after General Yaqub refused to use military force on East Pakistanis. He was the chief architect of atrocities in East Pakistan, which resulted in discrediting Pakistan’s claim to the region. As many as two million people were killed in these atrocities. Later, he resurfaces in the PPP.
Muhammad Zia-ul-Haq
1 March 197617 August 198812 years, 169 days Hanged Zulfikhar Ali Bhutto.
Mirza Aslam BegNI(M), SBt
(born 1931)
17 August 198816 August 19912 years, 364 daysCabal Operative: Likely

Cabal: Unknown

The son of President Zia accused him of masterminding the plane crash which killed Zia. Beg endorsed Ghulam Ishaq Khan as president and ultimately called for new general elections which resulted in the return of the Bhuttos and the PPP. Beg did not consult any of his Corps Commanders or Principal Staff Officers in this matter. He was endorsed by Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto who confirmed his appointment as Chief of Army Staff until 1991. Bhutto also conferred a special award for him for “restoring democracy” (for her family).  
Asif Nawaz JanjuaNI(M), SBt
16 August 19918 January 1993 †1 year, 145 daysPoisoned with arsenic while serving as COAS.
Abdul Waheed KakarNI(M), SBt
(born 1937)
11 January 199312 January 19963 years, 1 dayWas the target of an assassination attempt by fake Islamists connected to the Bhuttos.
Jehangir KaramatNI(M), TBt
(born 1941)
12 January 19966 October 19982 years, 267 daysNawaz Sharif had him dismissed as COAS (while ignoring the next in line  Ali Kuli Khan) to make Musharraf as COAS. He would soon dismiss Musharraf to make a Kashmiri Spook the COAS, a conspiracy that failed to materialize, thanks to Musharraf’s coup.
Pervez MusharrafNI(M), TBt
6 October 199829 November 20079 years, 53 daysThe unlikely choice for COAS which worked wonders for Pakistan.
Ashfaq Pervez KayaniNI(M), HI(C)
(born 1952)
29 November 200729 November 20136 years, 0 daysCabal Operative: Very Likely

Cabal: Unknown

Oversaw the fake-killing of Osama Bin Laden, the resurgence of the PPP, American drone strikes, the TTP and CIA activities on Pakistani soil.  
Raheel SharifNI(M), HI(M)
(born 1956)
29 November 201329 November 20163 years, 0 daysAlmost destroyed all remnants of Al Qaida in Pakistan.
Qamar Javed BajwaNI(M), HI(M)
(born 1960)
29 November 201629 November 20226 years, 0 daysCabal Operative: Yes

Cabal: Unknown

Was to be the last COAS of Pakistan following the Indo-Pak War of 2019, which would see the destruction of Pakistan. Later played a critical role in the ousting of Imran Khan.
Asim MunirNI(M), HI(M)
(born 1968)
29 November 2022Incumbent340 days 

Director-Generals of Inter-Services Intelligence of Pakistan and Cabal Affiliations

NameStart of termEnd of termCabal Affiliation
Major General Syed Shahid Hamid, HJ14 July 194820 June 1950Cabal Operative: Confirmed

Cabal: Nizari Ismailis

Was the uncle of Bombay-born Ismaili novelist Salman Rushdie. He was also the grandfather of the British journalist, Mishal Husain. Small world!
Major General Robert Cawthome20 June 19501959Cabal Operative: Confirmed

Cabal: British Intelligence

Nobody asks the question why this man was running Pakistan’s Intelligence twelve years after “independence.” Some believe the ISI was his creation.
Major General Riaz Hussain19591966
Major GeneralMohammed Akbar Khan1966May 1971Commanded the annexation of Dogra Kashmir, but was allowed to only take half of it by the crypto civilian rulers of Pakistan (as the rest of it was supposed to become a UN Mandate). Grew extremely popular and powerful. We are told he headed the first military conspiracy against the “Civilian rulers” of Pakistan (Rawalpindi Conspiracy Case). Feared, admired and loathed by many. Sadly, Bhutto later diverted his energies towards persecution campaigns in East Pakistan. I can’t make sense of his later alliance with a noted Spook like Bhutto.
Major General Ghulam Jilani Khan16 December 197116 September 1978
Lieutenant General Muhammad Riaz Khan17 September 197820 June 1979
Lieutenant General Akhtar Abdur Rahman Khan, NI(M)HI(M)21 June 197929 March 1987Was killed in the same plane crash that killed General Zia. Played a critical role in the Soviet defeat in Afghanistan by coordinating weapons for the mujahideen.
Lieutenant General Hamid Gul, HI(M)SBt29 March 198729 May 1989Played a critical role in the Soviet defeat in Afghanistan. Was also involved in secretly countering the Bhuttos in Pakistan. After the fake death of Osama Bin Laden, went public with claims that his death had been faked. Was poisoned afterwards. Indian Intelligence hated him for their own legitimate reasons.
Lieutenant General Shamsur Rahman Kallu, HI(M)TBt30 May 1989August 1990
Lieutenant General Asad Ahmed Durrani, HI(M)August 199013 March 1992Cabal Operative: Likely

Cabal: Durrani

He later wrote a book implying Pakistan’s role in the 26/11 Mumbai attacks, which helped divert attention away from Western Intelligence Agencies.
Lieutenant General Javed Nasir, HI(M)SBt14 March 199213 May 1993A well-intentioned but simple-minded Islamist, who was maneuvered into position by Nawaz Sharif, so that he could break the ISI away from the Military Oversight. Tried to broker peace between different mujahideen factions after the fall of Kabul. Assisted Bosnian Muslims against the Serbs.
Lieutenant General Javed Ashraf Qazi, HI(M)SBt14 May 1993October 1995Born in the Spookopolis of Shimla, Indian Punjab.
Lieutenant General Naseem RanaOctober 1995October 1998Helped the Taliban in its initial struggles. Blackballed after 9/11.
Lieutenant General Ziauddin Butt, HI(M)October 199812 October 1999Cabal Operative: By Association.

Cabal: Nawaz Sharif /PML-N / Shah Mir Spooks

During his tenure, the ISI got involved in some shadowy covert actions in Afghanistan, just prior to 9/11. It seems there was an attempt to bring the Taliban under the ISI’s control, a move which was resisted by the Taliban. Nawaz Sharif wanted to make him COAS by dismissing Musharraf. This is the first case of ISI heads springboarding into the COAS.
Lieutenant General Mahmud Ahmed, HI(M)20 October 19997 October 2001Musharraf’s man. Americans had him removed after 9/11 by creating a trail to fake 9/11 hijacker Mohammed Ata well in advance.
Lieutenant General Ehsan ul Haq, HI(M)7 October 20015 October 2004The replacement for Mahmud Ahmed. His appointment to Chairman Joint Chiefs of Staff Committee, the Commander-in-chief of Pakistan Armed Forces, was fairly controversial, as he superseded seven senior Generals. He later plays a key role in the manhunt for Omar Saeed Sheikh after he managed to kill Osama Bin Laden. General Ehsan ul Haq was later made first ever Colonel-in-Chief of the Army Air Defence (AD) on 18th December 2004.
Lieutenant General Ashfaq Parvez Kayani, HI(M)SI(M)TI(M)5 October 20048 October 2007Cabal Operative: Yes

Cabal: Unknown

Later springboards into the COAS. Sadly, Musharraf trusted him, resulted in his downfall.
Lieutenant General Nadeem Taj, HI(M)TBt9 October 200729 September 2008A close aide of Musharraf, who was with Musharraf during the 1999 coup, and was with Musharraf during an assassination attempt. The Americans hated him and ensured his removal before they would fake-kill Osama Bin Laden.
Lieutenant General Ahmad Shuja Pasha, HI(M)1 October 200818 March 2012While being a Kayani loyalist, he earned the ire of the Americans for refusing to play along in the fake-killing of Osama Bin Laden. In his final year he was engaging in “shouting matches” with then CIA Director Leon Panetta, cutting cooperation down to a minimum and ordering the harassment of U.S. diplomats in Pakistan. President Zardari was so scared of him and the commander of the 111th Infantry Brigade Commander Sarfaraz Ali, that he sought American military help against them (despite having COAS Kayani by his side).
Lieutenant General Zaheerul Islam, HI(M)19 March 20127 November 2014Cabal Operative: Likely, if familial association is considered.

Cabal: Unknown

His uncle was Shah Nawaz Khan, a major General in the Indian National Army of Subhas Chandra Bose. Shah Nawaz Khan is related to Bollywood Actor Shah Rukh Khan. It is alleged that Islam is also  related to Shah Rukh Khan. Shah Nawaz Khan was a confirmed Cabal Operative, who played a major role in the coverup following disappearance of Bose (by giving false testimony).
Lieutenant General Rizwan Akhtar7 November 201411 December 2016
Lieutenant General Naveed Mukhtar11 December 201625 October 2018
Lieutenant General Syed Asim Munir Ahmad Shah, HI(M)25 October 201816 June 2019Springboards into COAS.
Lieutenant General Faiz Hameed, HI(M)17 June 201919 Nov 2021Like Yahya Khan, was born in the Spookopolis of Chakwal. Was Imran Khan’s candidate. If he was to be ISI chief during the planned Indo-Pak War of 2019, that would confirm him as a Cabal Operative.
Lieutenant General Nadeem Ahmed Anjum20 Nov 2021IncumbentCabal Operative: Obvious, if actions are considered.

Cabal: Unknown

Played a big role in the ouster of Imran Khan. In October 2022, gave a live press briefing and tried to answer multiple issues that were taking place at the time, especially regarding Lettergate, Arshad Sharif’s death, the failed assassination attempt on former Prime Minister Imran Khan, the military’s support of Shahbaz Sharif amidst the alleged involvement of General Bajwa towards Imran Khan’s ouster, and Khan’s Azadi March 2022. His second-in-command Faisal Naseer aka Dirty Harry was outed by Imran Khan himself as being responsible in an attempted assassination. His tenure has been extended by one year.

Similar tables can be created for Finance Ministers of Pakistan, but that would be beyond the scope of this reading. Did you know that this smug dude has been Finance Minister of Pakistan on four separate occasions?

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