Post-Zia Spookdom

Chapter Four: The Post-Zia Spookdom (1988-99)

Pakistan’s Entanglement in Indian Kashmir

Benazir Bhutto

In 1990 Benazir Bhutto gave a rousing speech, inciting Kashmiri Muslims in Indian Kashmir against the Indian Government. Despite an increase in Pakistan-backed militancy in the region, and the Pakistani government pushing in naïve Afghan fighters into the region, not much could be done to counter Indian military presence in Indian Kashmir.

The Pakistani non-Atomic Bomb

I have earlier opened the possibility that Atomic Weapons are not real, and they were probably not dropped on Japan. To quote,

Noted conspiracy theorist Miles Mathis has long argued that nuclear weapons are fake, which would imply their use against Japan in World War II was also fake. I am late to join this bandwagon, but even back then, I did find it odd that the cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki were so quickly rebuilt on the very same “radioactive” soil. In retrospect, it seems that Japanese leadership (yes, they got infiltrated by Phoenicians a few centuries ago) was also participating in this farce. The purpose of which was to convince Japanese commoners that there was no future other than playing surrogate to USA for all time to come, and that they were to be grateful that USA was allowing them to sell pickups, TVs, toasters and video game consoles in their lucrative market (instead of Japan building an Empire in Asia). A quality contributor to the Miles Mathis website who goes by the name Lestrade/Unpopular Opinion has since then implied that both Indian and Pakistani nuclear weapons are fake.

This would imply that both the Indian and Pakistani Atomic Weapons Programs are not real. It would only make sense that Pakistan would publicly declare its “top-secret” atomic weapons under a Nawaz Sharif government in 1998.[1]Fun fact: The Pakistani Nuclear Program is located at Kahuta, which is part of the Spookopolis of Chakwal. But apart from being huge money pits for the Phoenicians, what other purpose did fake nuclear weapons serve Pakistan? To quote the earlier article,

However, in the event of war, the Phoenician media on both sides could easily convince their respective populations that nuclear weapons had indeed been used. And the unnecessary evacuation of cities would end up creating a more horrific crisis than the actual use of such weapons.

This brings us to a planned war between both the countries, which was scheduled for 2019 by the Phoenicians. More on that later.

The Kargil War

In May-July 1999, a strange war took place on the border of Indian Kashmir and Pakistani Kashmir. Interestingly, Pakistan had the advantage of height in this mountainous region and there were indications that it would win. But by 15th June 1999, President Bill Clinton made Pakistan pull back, and the Pakistani forces quietly retreated amid heavy losses. Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif denied involvement in the war, blaming General Musharraf, despite the fact that he was in charge.

This conflict was engineered by crypto-Phoenicians on the Pakistani side to torpedo the February 1999 Lahore Declaration, which had been initiated by Indian Prime Minister Vajpayee. Had this Declaration proceeded on its natural course, the Kashmir issue would have been resolved by the two countries. But the Phoenicians had no intention of letting Kashmir be a part of either nation. Further, they were envisioning a catastrophic war between India and Pakistan in 2019. In August 1999, another mysterious incident occurred, in which the Indian Air Force shot down a Pakistani plane. This incident was intended to prevent the restarting of the peace talks following the Kargil War.

On the Indian side, there are rumors that President Clinton only agreed to make Pakistan back out of Kargil after India made a secret agreement with USA pertaining to foreign investment in India.

Preparations for 9/11 and the so-called War on Terror

A 1979 Pakistan Airline Advertisement. Pakistani cryptos are signalling their Western counterparts that they are doing their part for the upcoming 9/11 Project, which was planned three decades in advance.

As 9/11 was approaching, plans were being laid to make Pakistan a central focus of the so-called War on Terror. The objective was to bring Osama Bin Laden to the North West Frontier Province, and then have the American military move in. In the process, they would embroil the citizenry of that area, and then obliterate them with American firepower (Because Pakistan alone always failed to achieve that). The CIA and the American military would also move into Islamabad, and would begin assassinating all remaining Zia loyalists in the military. This was necessary, as the upcoming 2019 war with India required that the Pakistani Military and Intelligence be completely weeded out of genuine leaders, who would never approve a catastrophic war with India, and instead replace all of them with cryptos. This could only be done through American military muscle.

In preparation for 9/11, Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif had already installed a Kashmiri distantly related to his family, Ziauddin Butt as the head of the ISI. As head of ISI, Butt paved the way for Sharif to rule Sindh dictatorial style. To quote,

Ziauddin s desperation to please Nawaz Sharif became evident on the first day of his appointment as the ISI chief when he readily confirmed a police-doctored version about the culprits allegedly involved in the ghastly murder of Hakim Mohammad Said. On Ziauddin s report, submitted without any independent verification, Sharif got an excuse to knock out the democratic set-up in Sindh, an act that later emerged as part of a well-engineered plot to make way for the installation of an exclusive PML-run unelected administration in Sindh. An independent Army probe later discovered that the Sindh Police’ version of the Hakim Said case, with a stamp of ISI confirmation from Gen. Ziauddin, was nothing but a pack of lies. Neither Sharif nor Ziauddin, however, ever acknowledged the blunder. In another desperate attempt to please the former prime minister, Ziauddin ordered the illegal detention of Najam Sethi, the editor Friday Times, for more than two weeks. Despite the Army/ s blunt refusal to initiate sedition or treason charges against Sethi, Ziauddin obliged Sharif and Saifur Rahman by keeping Sethi locked up for about 20 days.

It was Nawaz Sharif’s intention to install Butt as the Chief of Army Staff. However General Khattak was the legitimate candidate. But he was a Pashtun, and since the days of Ayub Khan, the Phoenicians had learnt never to install a Pashtun as the Chief of Army Staff. To get rid of Khattak, Nawaz Sharif installed General Musharraf in the hope of later dismissing him and installing Butt. But the coup ended up with Musharraf in power. To quote,

Within half an hour of his surreptitious climb to the post of the Chief of Army Staff on Tuesday afternoon, the former Inter-Services Intelligence chief, General Khawaja Ziauddin [Butt] knew that the Army he was supposed to lead was not prepared to accept his command. The News Intelligence Unit (NIU) has gathered that all of Ziauddin’s phone calls to the Corps Commanders and the Chief of General Staff — placed from the Prime Minister’s House in Islamabad on Tuesday — drew a blank, a reaction that almost instantly drew down the curtains on former prime minister Nawaz Sharif’s second term in office. Debriefing sessions with detained aides of the Nawaz Sharif administration by security officials here have disclosed that the former ISI chief-led operation to stage an in-house coup in the Army was driven by his personal ambitions ignoring the actual situation on the ground. “Even a layman in Pakistan is aware that any operation of this sort can never be completed without the active support of the troops and commanders posted in the cities of Islamabad and Rawalpindi,” an Army official commented. “It was foolish of the former prime minister not to be aware that his nominee for the Army chief didn’t have the key support of the 10 Corps and more specifically the 111 brigade,” he added.

It has now become clear that Lt. Gen. Ziauddin was the architect of the secret operation that envisioned the official announcement of his promotion to the post of COAS once Gen Pervez Musharraf boarded PIA Flight PK 805 in Colombo for a journey that severed his contact with the GHQ for a good 200 minutes. It was also Lt. Gen. Ziauddin who, along with the former principal secretary Saeed Mehdi, had suggested to Nawaz Sharif that General Pervez Musharraf’ s plane must not be allowed to land at Karachi so that he could be arrested at any other less busy airports in Sindh.

Nawaz Sharif was expected to be hanged. But was saved from the noose by the intervention of USA (via Saudi Arabia), and would be exiled to Saudi Arabia. To the horror of the Phoenicians, the non-crypto Musharraf was now the Head of State of Pakistan.

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1 Fun fact: The Pakistani Nuclear Program is located at Kahuta, which is part of the Spookopolis of Chakwal

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