Ten Best Conspiracy Websites

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Conspiracy Websites have been around as long as the Internet has been in existence. But for the discerning, not all Conspiracy Websites are equal. Some of these are poorly written anonymous rants found on free hosted WebPages such as those provided by Tripod and the now defunct GeoCities.  While they sometimes contain interesting information, linking up to them is not a good idea. Another category consists of authors seeking their fifteen minutes of fame through the conspiracy genre. These websites are usually based on apocalyptic predictions  that are supported by manipulated photographs. Then there are websites that were started with good intentions but which ultimately lost focus, throwing in everything including the kitchen sink. Some websites focus strictly on aliens, UFOs and the esoteric. But instead of gathering documentation on these subjects, they quickly devolve into wild eyed conjecture.

Now that you have heard about the negative stereotypes, it is important to note that mainstream media has played an important role in the dissemination of these negative stereotypes. For example, In 2007, The History Channel did a controversial documentary, “9/11 Conspiracies: Fact or Fiction” which tried to debunk all of the claims of those sceptical to the official version of 9/11. In its portrayal of sceptics, the documentary featured no 9/11 truthers. Instead, screenshots of a parody/joke meme “JEWS DID 9/11” was used to depict the sceptics.This is the equivalent of quoting Jon Stewart as the spokesman for the White House.

Suppose you were to search for another subject on the Internet, say weight loss. You would have to sift through similar categories of half-baked ideas before finding relevant information. But in the case of weight loss, you wouldn’t have to take to the Internet. You would be able to find quality guides at a bookstore. Or you could buy one from the author you watched on Oprah. This is exactly what makes the subject of Conspiracy different. Good material never makes it to a mainstream media that cringes at the notion powerful and moneyed interests (such as its owners and advertisers) involved in Conspiracy. Of course, the same mainstream media will take a vigilante stance against the conspiracies of little people…..such as bank robbers.

The uniqueness of relevant Conspiracy sites is that they exist only for a small group of seekers. Detractors use this to suggest that if Conspiracy was relevant, it would be everywhere on TV, not in some Internook. But many people expect to be spoon-fed information, rather than discerning and making tough choices. And since Conspiracy Websites will never enter the arena of hard sell and corporate sponsorship that characterizes mainstream media, they will always be off the beaten path, known only to their seekers. There is nothing kooky or strange about Conspiracy Websites. People have been anonymously circulating ideas deemed subversive and non-conformist by other people throughout history. Its the medium that keeps changing.

Some readers expect conspiracy websites to be purely intellectual, generating no advertising revenue whatsoever. But in the real world, a Conspiracy Website without any self promotion or advertising whatsoever only looks more suspicious, making viewers ponder about its mysterious deep pockets. Therefore genuine Conspiracy Websites, which lack secretive think tanks to back them, sometimes beg for money and allow limited contextual advertising. But the pure sellouts (or those that morph into sellouts down the road) start peddling fraudulent products, sometimes even sneaking them into opinion pieces. Any mention of colloidal silver, orgone generators, electricity bill cheat devices, bracelets (of any kind) should raise alarm.

The recent advent of Donald Trump and Gamergate has seen a significant rise in the relevance of Conspiracy Websites. For the first time ever, a fraction of the Western population is feeling persecuted by mystery forces. The problem with this recent phenomenon though is that its adherents have a very specific laundry list of issues where they see organized conspiracy. They have yet to embrace the broad spectrum offered by the old Conspiracy Websites. And so, recent websites which have popped up to address specific political issues do not in my opinion, count as genuine Conspiracy Websites. Take a look for yourself. Would you classify as a conspiracy website or a region-specific display of angst and insecurity?

The following are ten some of the best “Conspiracy Websites” that I have come across on the Internet through a period of several years. I initially started out with ten, but since then, this list keeps growing. Given the popularity of this page, I frequently update it with additions and deletions. They are not arranged by rank. I believe each one is unique in its own way. Please note that many of these websites deride the label of “Conspiracy Website” for obvious reasons and instead prefer to be referred to as alternative news services. Also note that at times, their detractors obviously have complaints against them, ranging from militancy to anti-Semitism. My reviews do not indicate endorsement. The ratings for original content reflect approximately what portion of of entire content on the home page is original to the website. The ratings for updated content reflects how quickly new content appears on the home page.


Original Content: ★★☆☆☆ 

Updated Content: ★★★★★ 

Among Conspiracy Websites, Alex Jones Infowars is a juggernaut. The key to its success is being focused on developments such as the gradual limitation of civil liberties rather than crop circles. Such content attracts interest from several groups other than just the Conspiracy crowd. Infowars has become a repository of unreported news and mainstream media items that hint at the emergence of a “New World Order.” This isn’t a haven for Conspiracy enthusiasts. Its an open challenge to sceptics of Conspiracy, backed by factual evidence culled from mainstream media outlets. And did I mention that the Website is also the home to the popular Alex Jones radio show and his documentaries? Whatever his motives, Alex Jones has the goods. You can ignore him, but then you are to blame when you find yourself in a FEMA camp run by East European soldiers. Infowars has two forums as well. There is the hip Planet Infowars and the more serious Prison Planet Forums.

Update 17/03/2015: With great regret, I am being forced to remove Infowars from this list, although I never thought I would see this day come. There was a time when any unusual event or accident happened in America or elsewhere, I would rush to Infowars to get links to pieces of news that the mainstream media ignored or suppressed. Infowars would meticulously reproduce such news items on their website and would provide a link to the other website(s). Now, a cursory look at Infowars shows it chock-full of Trumping, Islamophobia, and unwarranted fears of blacks, immigrants and refugees. Since the Internet is already full of such websites, it makes no sense to give Infowars space here. This sudden decline of editorial quality has not been traced to Alex Jones personally though. It appears that some of his editors, such as the British Paul Joseph Watson are responsible. Here is one genuine Conspiracy Website expressing alarm over the same, and here is a “Race War” website congratulating him for going “Full Nazi.” Please note that this de-listing only applies to the Infowars website, not the Alex Jones Radio Show. Neither does it negate all of the good work they did in the past. Infowars will be remembered for producing the earliest 9/11 Truth documentaries immediately following 9/11. This was long before Loose Change made such documentaries hip and cool. While there could be darker reasons why both Infowars and Rense have gone this route, it is not unusual to see genuine Conspiracy Websites suddenly change course. Genuine Conspiracy Websites that keep things intellectually stimulating and open-ended attract very little traffic (and therefore revenue) from Western people. I have seen a Pakistani Conspiracy Website operator take his website down the same route just for giggles and clickbait (and he was quite successful; his readers were unaware of his ethnicity). All you have to do is constantly nitpick and regurgitate news items that remind dickweed variety of Western racists of their declining privileges. Many of them are in great consternation, that despite generations of servitude to the Criminal Elite, and their willingness to sell their souls to the Criminal Elite, they are being replaced with machines, robots, call-centers, immigrants etc. Next, sell them some ebooks whose copyright has expired and which are already in public domain, such as those of Lothrop Stoddard. Many will click the buy button without second thought. While it is true that the Criminal Elite want to foment all sorts of ugly wars and tensions, it is unfortunate that material that is best fit for the the intellectually disabled is masquerading as alternative news.

Update 14/008/2018: Prof. James Tracy raises the possibility that Alex Jones deliberately bumbled and goofed up his take on the Sandy Hook School shooting…..this could only be to ensure the mainstream media won the narrative. The subsequent suing, the taking down of his web content on social media sites, all appears to be an attempt to promote him as a real skeptic. To quote,

In the months and years thereafter substantial evidence emerged suggesting the “massacre” was probably a FEMA drill overseen by the Obama administration and presented as an actual attack to lay the groundwork for strengthening gun control legislation. Some of this data was compiled in the book edited by Professor Jim Fetzer, Nobody Died at Sandy Hook.

Instead of inviting Fetzer on to his radio program following the book’s publication and subsequent censorship by in late 2015, Jones ran in the other direction, actually deleting a story by Infowars writer Adan Salazar from his website and thus in effect joining forces with Amazon to suppress that title’s revelations.

Jones conflicted stance toward Sandy Hook is now even mirrored in his attorney Marc Randazza’s public remarks. “We are going to be mounting a strong First Amendment defense and look forward to this being resolved in a civil and collegial manner,” Jones’ counsel Randazza explained to the New York Times, where he continues to note “that Mr. Jones has ‘a great deal of compassion for these parents.’”

Such a statement suggests how the Sandy Hook official narrative as  defined by the media (and in the minds of any potential jury member) is shared by the defendant himself and his own legal team.


Original Content: ★¾☆☆☆ 

Updated Content: ★★★★★ 

Don’t let the 90s layout fool you. Rense is considered to be first hand source for breaking Conspiracy news. Apart from culling relevant articles from the mainstream media, Rense regularly puts the spotlight on budding contributors, creating a variety of insights. Maybe there’s too many crop circle photographs here. But Rense is not aspiring for political correctness.

Update (18th February 2012): Ever since I have written this post, a lot of documentation has emerged that Rense may in fact be very selective in what it posts. To make up for this redaction, I have included another more credible website.

Kjos Ministries

Original Content: ★★★★¼ 

Updated Content: ★★☆☆☆ 

Kjos Ministries represents a Christian perspective on the “New World Order.” If you are not Christian, you can still find their information quite intriguing. Their main themes are the induction of New Age religions in the West, what the UN is up to, Cabal agenda in pop literature such as Harry Potter and the fake churches serving the “New World Order.”

Update: Some “questions” have emerged, and until this is cleared up, we can’t give Kjos Ministries a clean bill of health. Please check the next website as an alternative “Christian” website.

Watch Unto Prayer

Original Content: ★★★★★ 

Updated Content: ★★★☆☆ 

Barbara Aho’s website is one of the oldest “Christian” anti-New World Order websites on the Internet. And as you can see, the format is still in the 90s. A lot of Western people, when confronted by the reality of dark conspiracies, fall back on Christianity, only to find it riddled and infiltrated by the same dark forces. They can be found under every rock and stone in the Christian world, and for centuries, have used mainstream churches and religious orders as their fronts. They were even successful with crucifying the Christ, and leaving no trace of his original message. Even the language of his original message is extinct, and later Bibles appear to be sloppy edits. Should you decide to fall back on Christianity, this website will help you navigate this long and convoluted maze.

Mad Cow Morning News

Original Content: ★★★★★ 

Updated Content: ★¾☆☆☆ 

Mad Cow Morning News is not exactly a news service. It hosts the investigative efforts of Daniel Hopsicker into the shadowy background of the 9/11 hijackers, in particular Mohammed Atta. And their connections to drug lords (Drug Lords? In my America?). While this stuff may appear off-beat as of now, it may become relevant in some future investigation of the 9/11 attacks. The official 9/11 Commission didn’t bother to notice these anomalies. Hopsicker has provided stellar investigative reporting, bringing to light many hidden connections of the 9/11 hijackers.For example, did you know that the owner of Mohammed Atta’s flight school had his Learjet busted at Orlando, with 43 lbs of heroin on board? While the mainstream media continues to ignore Hopsicker and his findings, they do find him relevant. Proof? They are plagiarizing from his site.

Center for Research on Globalization

DISTINCTION! This website ruffled French Presidential feathers.
This website ruffled French Presidential feathers.

Original Content: ★★★¾☆ 

Updated Content: ★★★☆☆ 

This website may appear to be a forest of articles. But what makes different is its disciplined analysis of political developments with emphasis on the “New World Order.” The articles are scholarly, in-depth and research oriented. Quality that you can quote in a University thesis. Famous globalization critic Michel Chossudovsky can be found here.

Rabbi Barry Chamish

Original Content: ★★★★★ 

Updated Content: ★★½☆☆ 

Rabbi Barry Chamish is a Canadian-Israeli. He was forced to leave Israel after he became a target for The Powers That May Be in that country. While he fully supports the Israeli state and even the controversial “settlers,” he believes that non-Jewish and non-Israeli Cabals call the shots in  the most sensitive affairs of Israel. Two of his regular culprits are the Vatican and the Council on Foreign Relations. While his articles are in the form of ramblings, they sometimes contain the best conspiracy insights on what’s going on in Israel.

Update: Barry Chamish passed away in 2016. The above link is occupied by a squatter. Most of his content is now difficult to find. If you do find a mirror, please post the link in the comments section.

Godlike Productions

Original Content (Not Applicable): ☆☆☆☆☆ 

Updated Content (Not Applicable): ☆☆☆☆☆ 

Godlike Productions is forum for discussing conspiracy. It has a nice, informal, everything-goes atmosphere. As a lurker, I have noticed that there have been occasions when people from the Intelligence community (Or The Powers That May Be) have dropped  tantalizing pieces of information, such as advance knowledge of political developments.

Update (18th February 2012): It was a long time ago that I recommended this website. Since then, there have been way too many allegations of censorship, IP address banning and allegations of links to the US government that cannot be ignored. I have added a substitute site at the end of the article to make up for this redaction. And what exactly does the name of this website refer to? Lets hope it does not refer to the production of real conspiracies, which are convincing and “God-like” for the masses. The website itself, its format and its content isn’t certainly “God-Like.”

Update (1st December 2013): I have seen the censorship with my own eyes. Somebody had posted a link to material on cabaltimes to GLP, but now clicking the link says:

Sorry, that message is no longer in the database.

Above Top Secret

Original Content (Not Applicable): ☆☆☆☆☆ 

Updated Content (Not Applicable): ☆☆☆☆☆ is another Conspiracy Forum, but this one is primarily centered around UFOs. While the site claims to cater to everything Conspiracy, there appears to be an overt emphasis on UFO sightings, crop circles and related phenomena. Considering the fact that the forum is a very busy place, you really have to do some sifting if you are new to Conspiracy.

Update: (18th February 2012): Commentators have been yelling ever since I included ATS. And I decided to give them a ear. It appears that ATS is indeed censoring things. To make up for this redaction, I am including another website at the bottom.

Scholars for 9/11 Truth And Justice

Original Content: ★★★¾☆ 

Updated Content: ★★¾☆☆ 

While there are tonnes of websites on the Internet that view 9/11 from the Conspiracy perspective, only a handful produce original content that can be considered scholarly. Among them, stands out. Unlike typical 9/11 Conspiracy websites, the focus here is on getting answers (and justice), not debating different theories. Among the several contributing members is Prof. Steven Jones, the physicist who found traces of thermite, while analyzing a fragment of World Trade Center rubble. Please also visit Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth which is also associated with Prof. Steven Jones. Also related: Pilots for 9/11 Truth.


Original Content: ★★★★★ 

Updated Content: ★¾☆☆☆ 

This is a purely esoteric site, and unless concepts such as “time rivers” and “time codes” make much sense to you, you have no business at Etemenanki. But the Conspiracy oriented can’t resist flocking to this website. Because “time codes” appear to be tied to everything, including future political and historical events. This is either everything or nothing.

Henry Makow

Original Content: ★★★★★ 

Updated Content: ★★★★★ 

Henry Makow had everything going well for him. He was a Phd, a professor of English literature at the University of Winnipeg. That was until he ran afoul of some feminists, who made sure he was dismissed from the University. Initially, this website started  as, an angst driven call for protection of the rights of men. But since then, it has involved into a search for truth. What Henry Makow brings to the table is unique. Firstly, he offers scholarly critique of conspiracy theories (which is usually unheard of on other conspiracy websites). Secondly, he gives a window for guest contributors to post their thoughts as well. While some guest contributors have gotten away with outrageous stuff, its exactly this level of variety and openness that makes so unique. This is probably the only conspiracy website where articles are vetted by a genuine Ph.D (Thank You University of Winnipeg).

Educate Yourself

Original Content: ★★★★★ 

Updated Content: ★★★★★ 

Educate Yourself is probably one of the oldest conspiracy websites on the Internet. This also makes it a bit cumbersome to navigate. Upon first glance, Educate Yourself appears to be more of a copy-paste of ramblings collected from here and there. But its author, a certain Ken Adachi, deserves attention for two reasons. Firstly, he has authored some highly original content, which usually gets plagiarized by other conspiracy websites. An example is his article on the Fukushima reactor meltdown. He has brought pretty convincing proof of sabotage. Secondly, Educate Yourself has attracted a lot of bitter enemies, including one who described herself as having worked for the CIA. The more nearer you get to the tryth, the more bitter detractors you get.

Lets Roll 911 Forum

Original Content:(Not Applicable) ☆☆☆☆☆ 

Updated Content:(Not Applicable) ☆☆☆☆☆ 

Upon first glance, the Lets Roll 911 Forum may look like just another place to bum around. But this forum has been home to some of the most original and bizarre insights into the events of September 11th 2001. For example, the folks at their forum discovered that the point of impact on the WTC had several floors hollowed out since the WTC was constructed. They also discovered that an alleged 9/11 passenger is actually the ALIVE webmaster of a disinfo website of 9/11. It was because of this website that CNN pulled down its online 9/11 memorial. Using a free EXIF data reader, they discovered that many images of the victims had been created on 9/11.  Need I say more?

Vigilant Citizen (A new 11th Recommendation)

Original Content: ★★★★★ 

Updated Content: ★★★½☆ 

Vigilant Citizen (not Vigilante citizen) is probably the most profound attempt to document and explain overt and hidden symbols in Western media, entertainment, architecture and events. The anonymous author of the website seems to have volumnous knowledge of what most occult symbols mean and their historical context. And unlike Etemenaki, Vigilant Citizen sees no enigma or mystery in the symbols. To Vigilant Citizen, the symbols represent pure evil, and the proliferation of such symbols only reflects the sad state of affairs in the West. A cursory look at Vigilant Citizen is guaranteed to change your perspective on the so-called mass media.

Thierry Meyssan (A new 12th Recommendation)

DISTINCTION! This website ruffled French Presidential feathers.
This website ruffled French Presidential feathers.

Original Content: ★★★★★ 

Updated Content: ★★★★☆ 

The French have a strong penchant for conspiracy theories. Maybe its because they have historically been at the receiving end of many conspiracies (The French got a bloody proto-Communist Revolution, while the British took away their coveted overseas empire and turned it into what became known as the British Empire). France is  also probably the only Western country to feature political leaders who marched against The Powers That Be (Napoleon, Charles De Gaulle). Thierry Meyssan is one of the earliest 9/11 conspiracy theorists. While the wreckage of the World Trade Center was still smouldering, Meyssan was busy preparing his book, 9/11: The Big Lie. Meyssan later tried unsuccessfully to initiate an international investigation into the events of 9/11. Currently, Meyssan presides over the Voltaire Network. Since the events of the Arab Spring, the Voltaire Network has become an important source of alternative news on the Middle East. Hard to find information on plots, inside deals and assassinations can be found here. While the Voltaire Network has been criticized for being too accommodating towards Russia, Iran and its allies, it still remains one of the best English sources on the Middle East.

Executive Intelligence Review (a new 13th Recommendation)

DISTINCTION! This website ruffled French Presidential feathers.
This website ruffled French Presidential feathers.

Original Content: ★★★★★ 

Updated Content: ★★★★☆ 

To lump EIR into this list would give it an unfair advantage over the rest. EIR was founded in 1974 by American political activist Lyndon LaRouche. In other words, it predates the Internet. The Internet has given EIR an online platform but unlike any of the aforementioned conspiracy websites, EIR requires a subscription, and has an actual office with researchers and staff. What makes the EIR so special? EIR has been tirelessly documenting the “Anglo-Saxon Conspiracy” using real, actionable intelligence, which makes it favourite among those looking for some inside information which the mainstream media will never give them. And there is real research here, as opposed to conjecture and speculation.

Miles Mathis (a new 14th Recommendation)

Original Content: ★★★★★ 

Updated Content: ★★★☆☆ 

I am going to start by saying that the website of this dude is NOT a conspiracy website and I am not sure how he feels about being listed here. Miles Mathis is many things many accomplished things. An artist, a photographer, a painter, a writer, a critic…..(the list goes on), and this website is a personal website (Not a blog). What Miles is truly exceptional at is producing well-written critiques on the many facets of modern American culture. The problem is, modern American literature, music and culture in general is so heavily compromised by conspiratorial interests that the line is now completely blurred. It is difficult to tell which is genuine American culture and which is the production of The Powers That Be. Now most American writers and critics know when to draw the line and keep quiet when they notice unusual things. And they always know which side their bread is buttered (They can even smell butter several continents away). It comes with the cultural programming. But it seems Miles somehow escaped the dragnet.  Here’s an explanation of this puzzling phenomenon in Miles’ own words (he is referring to the fact that Beatles star John Lennon is very likely alive). To quote,

It doesn’t really matter, since the media is now so controlled there is no way to blow the whistle on something like this. This paper won’t get any traction, since most people prefer to believe what they are told by the mainstream. Most people won’t read this, and even if they do they won’t be convinced because they don’t want to be. Most people are very uncomfortable being in a minority, and the minority capable of following my argument here is very small—something under 5%. Those running the world don’t concern themselves anymore with the small percentages, since they have found they can be ignored. If a few smart people see through the scams, so what. The rest won’t follow them. Most people follow the mainstream propaganda because it is louder, and for no other reason. And that will not change. That’s a sad fact of government, and doesn’t give us much hope for democracy; but at least it allows people like me to write what we want.

And to quote him again (I really have to),

The question remains: why do I feel safe revealing such a “deep and dark secret”? Because the takeover has been so complete and so successful, these people have nothing to fear from you or me. We are to the point that people like us can think whatever we like: it just doesn’t matter. There isn’t the faintest possibility of a revolution coming from the American public or American intelligentsia, so harassing people like me is counterproductive. They know that if they messed with me, that would just be giving support to my claims. They don’t respond because they have no need to respond. There is no intelligentsia, so “purging the intelligentsia” is no longer necessary. It is a thing of the past, like cobbling or leechcraft. Or art. [………..] The trillionaire families are not worry-free, even now, but it is not truth-tellers like me they are worried about. There are very few left who have an ear for the truth. In the past, they were more concerned with maintaining the great lie, but now it is just another thing on the budget, there because it is there. We see that by the way they leak their own stories now, often just for a kick. What started as a serious and necessary enterprise is now just a game. They aren’t worried by the truth anymore. No, they are worried about other trillionaire families, and maybe occasionally by rogue bankers and ex-Generals. Things can still happen, that is, but they don’t happen from the grassroots—and you don’t hear about them anyway. You will never again hear news of any real event. The only way to know of any such event is to monitor the tremors. To do that, you have to do what I did above: sift a million lies for a grain of truth. Most people aren’t interested enough in the truth to go to the trouble. Most people aren’t interested enough in the truth even if you do all the sifting for them, handing it to them for free.

Since Miles is a genuine aficionado of American culture, his writings come with a certain density, and richness of background information. And unlike the writings of some conspiracy theorists, his are completely free from any anger whatsoever. His website stands testimony to two things. Firstly, American intellect did not die with Mark Twain and David Thoreau. It can still be found in some nooks and corners (but you have to look really hard). Secondly, a liberal arts degree may not always be a case of money being wasted.

Update: Cabal Times has reviewed a gamechanging theory of Miles Mathis on the assasination of President Kennedy. According to Miles, he faked his death and took the *REAL* American Presidency underground!

September Clues (a new 15th Recommendation)

Original Content: ★★★★☆ 

Updated Content: ★☆☆☆☆ 

After 9/11, an Italian named Simon Shack created a documentary called September Clues, that focused exclusively on the tampered nature of videos that were broadcast by major media outlets following 9/11. His analysis reveals that while the towers did indeed come down following explosions, the planes that hit them were animated pixels, and in some cases, entire videos were created beforehand. There is not much to this website except this documentary and a fairly active forum. We are still recommending the website because we find the documentary to be cutting edge. Instead of trying to answer all questions, it focuses specifically on finding traces of tampering in the news videos. In one such news video, the masking was not applied correctly, and the pixelated plane that hit the tower had a tiny portion of its nose show up at the other end!

The r/conspiracy Subreddit (a new 16th Recommendation)

Original Content: ★★★☆☆ 

Updated Content: ★★★★★ 

r/conspiracy is a popular subreddit of Reddit. In October 2006, Reddit was acquired by the Cabal nasty old Conde Nast, and since then it has been in a downward spiral, with growing numbers of Redditors and former Redditors claiming that Reddit is being transformed into just another piece of controlled media. Here is what current users have to say:

This site is fucking cancer now, has anyone noticed that every post will always be downvote brigaded after like the first 10 minutes. SJWs & shills basically dominate any populated subreddit, they will use the downvotes to censor every single opinion that goes against the norm & it will quickly devolved in a manufactured conversation […….] and everything that they don’t want us to see is quickly downvoted to the bottom. Its like they are basically trying to control the narrative.

Is r/Conspiracy the ghost of American innovator Aaron Swartz, who was killed by the Cabal?

But once upon a time, threads posted to Reddit would only gain relevance when users voted them up. The result was a totally transparent, user driven alternative to mass media, where corporate and government shills clearly had a hard time controlling the narrative. This was the time when minds like those of Aaron Swartz sought to transform Reddit into a place where intelligent discussion would prevail without censorship. It was only when Reddit merged with Aaron Swartz’s company Infogami in 2005, and added commenting capability that Reddit finally took off, which is why Aaron is now being remembered as the founder of Reddit as we know it. In October 2006, Conde Nast acquired Reddit, and by January 2007, they had Aaron Swartz fired. On January 11th 2013, Aaron Swartz was killed. He is being posthumously remembered as the real brain behind the software which made Wikileaks possible.

The Powers That Be can easily discontinue r/conspiracy. But since American society is a pretendocracy, they have to pretend to have nothing against free speech. And banning this subreddit will create validation, whereas it is easier to transform it into another outlet for disinformation. Despite the fact that r/conspiracy has been overrun by shills, we still believe it will take a few years before they manage to run it completely into the ground. R/conspiracy is still relevant, and it looks like it will be more difficult to kill than Aaron Swartz. Until then, enjoy it. Interesting and original content can still be found here. The proof: There are other subreddits dedicated to exclusively trolling r/conspiracy. To quote a user,

I’m going to make a wild stab in the dark here, and assume that /r/TopMindsofReddit is part of that one percent [Referring to the 1% of Reddit that generates the most drama].

To anyone here who might think they are accomplishing anything positive by engaging in mockery or any other form of attack against /r/Conspiracy; you are not. The only thing you achieve is to make yourself look bad, and to make the readers of that sub think that they are justified, and that the entire reason why there are people trying to shut them down, is because the conspiracy is sending people after them.

In other words, by attacking /r/Conspiracy, subs like /r/conspiratard and /r/TopMindsofReddit are actually making the situation worse. Paranoia is not cured by attacking those who suffer from it. It is cured by the opposite; being empathetic and compassionate, and building trust.

Given the mass exodus of Reddit users in recent times, it is no surprise that many of them, being affluent Silicon Valley types, managed to create alternatives to Reddit. If Reddit is not your boat, try Voat. A goy-friendly alternative for goats and sheeple like us. They too have a v/conspiracy subvoat. But sadly, an influx of intellectually disabled racists means that half of the time, you will be browsing content pertaining to saving “their” America, whereas most intelligent people have already written off America.

Honourable Mentions (New!)

As a rule, the mainstream media and mainstream politicians generally avoids giving publicity to specific conspiracy websites, even negative publicity. Rather than referring to them by name, they usually use monikers to refer to them, such as “paranoid conspiracy website,” “anti-Semitic website,” etc. and this keeps people with an internet connection from checking them out on their own. But on some very rare occasions, mainstream politicians will stoop low enough to personally name and  attack some specific conspiracy websites. On January 27th 2015, French President  François Hollande attacked “conspiracy websites,” in a public address. To quote,

[The] answer is to realize that conspiracy theories are disseminated through the Internet and social networks. Moreover, we must remember that it is words that have in the past prepared extermination. We need to act at the European level, and even internationally, so that a legal framework can be defined, and so that Internet platforms that manage social networks are held to account and that sanctions be imposed for failure to enforce”

What seemed to have got President  François Hollande so rattled up was that all of these websites were raising disturbing questions about  his pet project, the attack on Charlie Hebdo. Mr. Hollande was the first secretary of a socialist party think-tank called the Jean-Jaurès Foundation. This Foundation published an article on 24th February 2015  which identified specific websites The Powers That Be had issue with. President Hollande had good reason to be worried. On 24th March 2015, a passenger jet allegedly crashed in the French Alps. And many of the very same websites once again raised the possibility that a French base that was situated minutes away may have been involved. To quote Jay Weidner,

“The only people who call conspiracies ‘theories’ are the conspirators.”
Well anyway, here are the websites listed by the foundation with ties to President Hollande. As expected, some of them are already on this list, and for each one already on our list that made it to President Hollande’s one, we are giving a medal (see right).
  • Thierry Meyssan: (Already covered on the Cabal Times list). Referred to as the “pope of conspiracy theorists” by the Foundation. I do believe he deserves your tithes more than the actual Pope.
  • Webster Tarpley: An early 9/11 Truther and a vocal critic of President George Bush. Currently doing radio shows.
  • William Engdhal: A geopolitical analyst and critic of Global Warming, the Arab Spring, and Big Oil. His excellent analysis of the Shale Oil bubble was covered on Cabal Times.
  • Wayne Madsen: Sadly, most of his material requires a subscription.
  • Michel Chossudovsky: (Already covered on the Cabal Times list). Famous globalization critic.
  • Kevin Barrett: A Ph.D. Arabist-Islamologist. One of America’s best-known critics of the War on Terror.  To quote him, “They are freaking out about the new book I am about to publish, We Are NOT Charlie Hebdo: Free Thinkers Question the French 9/11.” Note that some have taken issue with the website’s slogan (now scrubbed): “The true voice of the clandestine community.”
  • Lyndon LaRouche: One of the earliest and most original proponent of the Anglo-Saxon conspiracy. Echoes of his thinking can be found among all major conspiracy theorists.

Which of these Conspiracy Websites did you find most relevant?

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  1. Ricoo ChieNo Gravatar says:

    The Corbet Report is a great source of news and articles
    The Ritchie Allen Show has great interviews on very relevant subjects
    Truth News Australia: lot of integrity as well, very relevant too, well researched information
    TOTT News…Australia frontline…all that matters, well researched also

  2. Tom cNo Gravatar says:

    I made a comment with 3 website reccomendations last night,, and i checked today and my comments not up, is this another select info sensor site? GLP, nancy lowder zetatalk are all nsa cia just like google

    • Hamad SubaniNo Gravatar says:

      I can only approve a comment when I login. And sadly, I cannot login everyday. Sorry for the delay in approving your comment.

  3. TomNo Gravatar says:

    Great website, glad i found it, i recomend and

  4. Myles O'HoweNo Gravatar says:

    I have been censored from countless websites and media, I recently made a documentary called Fair Competition in Business, I created a website called Ceawe, why don’t people want google, facebook to have competition? notice the alternative media don’t care to review a documentary that is not mainstream? fossil fuels can be obsolete why do people turn their backs against reality and learning? I talk about the plot to prevent cannabis from being cheaper than meat!

    hemp can make biodegradable energy and a lot of other info kept from the people. You need to check my censorship page on my website see Evidence who censored truth and takes part in suppressing truth movement!

  5. Jason MaxNo Gravatar says:

    SO im an avid computer user and like to read new conspiracy articles away from my computer or laptop and my phone browser can be a headache at time. Also a lot of people have been asking about this…. I found this app on the Google Play store that has a lot of conspiracy sites all in one places neatly tabbed and grouped.

    its AD Free so thought id post it on here also you can submit links to the creators and they will add any site you feel could benefit the app.

    worth a go …

  6. JonNo Gravatar says:

    May i suggest currently listed number 5 on ranker! They have some interesting stuff..

  7. Myles the DisappointedNo Gravatar says:

    We need to focus on the basics, such as non-tainted food, water, sustainable energy, basic education of the $h@t mess were all thrown into before even leaving the womb…these simple things, and materialising them, will be and used to be the basis for the diciplines required to resist such toxic nonsence.

    This I claim because let’s be honest with ourselves, just because you have made the minimum effort of learning to read and remember “who the bad guys are” and “why their the evil guys” doesn’t mean your useful, just not entirely useless. Even then, while trying to learn, and retain the truth or lies, we forget the most important lesson that stares you in the face…KISS(keep it simple stupid)…they didn’t take control overnight. Nor do they maintain the illusion part time…won’t lose it overnight either…we couldn’t make them if we tried. It’s a process…consistent…thought out….focused on…shared lived believed…

    In a world with more and more (dis)information…things seem to hold less and less meaning. KISS

  8. velvetprNo Gravatar says:

    Hi i would like to submit to the list. We are currently ranked number 25 on for conspiracy websites! Thanks

    • Hamad SubaniNo Gravatar says:

      Been told that it is being run as an offshoot of Godlike Productions (Too many similarities?). Plus, who names their support base derisively as “lunatics”?

  9. luxNo Gravatar says:

    Check out the Truth Zone forum, it is a free speech zone.

  10. MarcosNo Gravatar says:

    WorldTruth is an Uncensored social network platform designed to give people access to unrestricted sharing of information with no data mining, no tracking, +18

  11. lukasmagnusonNo Gravatar says:

    I guess is clearly missing in the list.

    • jonsmithNo Gravatar says:

      you dont need to be on this list to have a pretty vibrant and challenging website for alternative thought lukas, but its a pity your site has become very ad oriented these days, its kinda cluttered with ads now but still a great hangout.

  12. OttoNo Gravatar says:

    Citizen Investigation Team produced a video to explain what happened at the Pentagon on 9/11 and have worked with Pilots for 9/11 Truth. Their main video is National Security Alert and it involves 13 eye witnesses who were about 50/50 Pentagon cops/employees and Arlington Cemetery workers. I have yet to find even one other witness’ document that allows pinpointing where the plane flew. These unanimously and distinctly describe a path totally opposed to the official path where 5 light poles were knocked down. I think you would do your readers a great service by including a link to their site. There was a plane, but it never struck the Pentagon. The C.I.T. video is at and it’s the only fully documented explanation that makes any sense. Penn and Teller should be proud, because it was a masterful deception. Sorry if I may have missed your inclusion of it.

  13. Joaquin HermonNo Gravatar says:

    Rather than being too hard on Mathis I wish I had the time to make my criticisms ten times harder. I instead question the tendency for some to be to be too easy on him, because once you check his “facts”, his conspiracy theories fall apart.

    Mathis claims for instance that the Bikini Atoll atomic tests were “faked”. Among his many false claims in that article was the notion that the palm trees on the atoll, where the still and motion picture cameras were installed, would have had their fronds blown off by the shock wave from the Able and Baker detonations. Since the fronds survived intact, he “reasons”, the Bikini atomic tests were “faked”. He tries to use his crack “photo analysis” of still photos off Wikipedia to put forth this idea. If he were not so complacent he would have done proper research of motion picture film
    of the two events.
    There are films I saw long ago which make Mathis’ little theory about the palm fronds go poof. One of them is on YouTube.
    To get to the youtube video I’m referring to, type Google search for the following and the correct video should be the first result:

    Declassified US Nuclear Bomb Test Bikini Atoll and others 1 of 4

    Take note at 3:50 to see the fronds still attached after Able. See 5:48 to see them still attached after Baker. They got knocked back by the shock waves but were still attached.
    Mathis sure hopes you don’t check his facts.

    The world’s fourth and fifth nuclear detonations were not “faked”. Able was the first air burst over water and Baker was the first under water. The film clearly shows the surface water darkening outward from the epicenters followed by churned whitewater. These water detonation phenomena, seen in Able and Baker for the first time, are also features of every later sea detonation.
    The Bikini films were made in 1946. No one could have predicted and accurately “faked” motion picture film of what no one knew would be visually observable in over water and under water detonations.

    Mathis sure hopes you don’t check his facts.

    He also claims that plants can’t live after being dosed with radiation…
    “We are told the locals can’t live there now because of radioactivity, but we
    see at least three proofs against that. One, we see lots of plant life both on and offshore. Radioactivity affects plants just as it affects animals, so the island should be barren.”
    This is false, as the gardens grown by the residents of Hiroshima the spring following the atomic bombing attest. Many trees also survived. So, no, Bikini would not be barren. Neither is the area immediately surrounding the Chernobyl reactor, where trees and plant life continue to flourish.

    Mathis does not do proper research. He has admitted to thinking that almost everything “we’ve been told” is a lie. He therefore operates from this fixed position and is so eager to piece together a convincing tale he just starts making things up.
    And when you check his facts the tale falls apart.

  14. Joaquin HermonNo Gravatar says:

    Miles Mathis is a charlatan with a long history of fabricating stories. On his website he promotes misinformation, pseudoscience, and unfounded claims in exchange for donations from like-minded kooks.

    He wants to convince people that everything is fake, that everything is a conspiracy. He lulls people to sleep with his long drawn out “explanations” and asks for a handout at the end, “Please feed the web kitty”. As long as he has the suckers on the line and waiting to read his next revelation of “the truth” he has it made.
    No military operation, no sting operation, no stage performance, no presentation before an audience and no movie ever goes flawlessly in one take only with no rehearsals. Yet Mathis wants people to believe that the evil CIA can recruit and train “actors” to flawlessly play all the intricate parts in his ridiculous fantasy scenarios of “fake killings”, substitutions, “fake” plane crashes, etc without a single failure. We have only his “crack” photo “analysis” as “evidence”.

    Nobody in these absurd scenarios of his ever has a change of heart or provides any definitive evidence. It’s just Mathis saying, “Does this look right yo you?”

    Mathis is so obsessed with fakery because he himself is a fake. He is a fake scientist and a fake artist. His bio on his website is a collection of lies and exaggerations. He claims to have been a syndicated cartoonist with King Syndicates, a junior golf champion, a student at the LBJ School, and the student who discovered an error on the 1980 PSAT, none of which is true. His science site is chock full of errors which he is too much of a crackpot to correct even when they are pointed out to him by actual scientists and mathematicians. Mathis really hopes you don’t follow up
    on his claims.

    Mathis also hopes you don’t find out he has a history of obsession with little girls.
    On his site Mathis describes being “carried away” at meeting a 7 year old girl:
    “some part of me, I know, has never gotten past that moment. It is still standing in that little front room, waiting for the heavens to fall or the ground to open up beneath my feet. I know it is impertinent, almost archaic, to be so carried away these days,”

    Mathis wrote in “On Prurience in Art”, I and II:
    “Look at Rodin, sleeping with everyone, to the benefit of his art. Perhaps we should require artists to sleep with everyone they paint or sculpt: then we might get some real emotion in art again.”

    Mathis then posted the girl’s full name and area of residence on his site.

    Would you want a 51 year old man like Mathis looking at and writing about your daughter this way?

    • Hamad SubaniNo Gravatar says:

      You are being too hard on him. I found his theory of the JFK assassination to be highly original and brilliant. And the only reason I put him on the “Ten Best” list is because I had already looked at the event from all angles, and only his theory could account for all the anomalies in one full swoop. I have not yet analysed his scientific papers, but may do so in the future (and therefore no comment). I don’t understand what’s wrong with feeding the web kitty. He wouldn’t be making that request if he had some secretive “think-tank” taking care of him. His artistic tastes may be questionable to some, but those who rush to make judgement calls only seem to do so after scavenging his publicly available, and personal website. Given his numerous enemies and critics, do you really think he would really put that up if there was potential to extract dirt? BTW, up here, we only discuss and critique the writings/conspiracy section of his personal website.

      • Joaquin HermonNo Gravatar says:

        Habad Subani said:
        “Given his numerous enemies and critics, do you really think he would really put that up if there was potential to extract dirt?”

        Well that’s an interesting way of determining the truth. The mere fact that Mathis posts something is proof that it is true.
        That is just what Mathis is hoping… that you won’t check his claims.

        Mathis is very selective about the people he blames for his conspiracies. For instance I have never seen any article by him about the responsibility of groups of Jews in any of his imagined conspiracies. Mathis says that he is “only one-sixth Jewish” at the most, and claims he can’t find any further info on his own lineage.
        Yet he makes all sorts of tenuous connections between all sorts of other people whom he claims are actors and players in his grand conspiracies. The CIA is his go to entity.

        But shared Jewishness is drastically downplayed in his “powers that be” imaginings.

        Now that’s being “selective”.

  15. Daniel bergNo Gravatar says:

    Jim Stone is my personal favorite. Since I came across his site I no longer pay any attention to alex Jones, Jeff Rense, or Gordon Duff.

  16. Maurice HueNo Gravatar says:

    A French living in america

    • huemauriceNo Gravatar says:

      I expose daily all the nonsense, scams in the international press on ‘Global Warming’ and other idiocy. I also comment on them.
      French ministers and head of state said: The sea will go up !! HAHAHA! For millions of years there are billions of miles of water (from rains, rivers) that have thrown themselves into the oceans without their going up !! That’s it!

  17. PascaleNo Gravatar says:

    Why not include Bryan Kemila Illuminatimatrix blog ?

  18. David AllenderNo Gravatar says:

    uhhh, why isn’t the #1 most hated and feared (by *****) individual and his websites included here?

    • Hamad SubaniNo Gravatar says:

      Because this list is about websites that produce highly original and updated content related to conspiracy, content that qualifies as research. The sites you listed appear to be mainly activist type.

  19. Carl JonesNo Gravatar says:

    All well and good naming the best, but what about the bad? I find it ironic that some of these sites and protagonists are at war with each other and one particularly well known individual has been widely labeled a Zionist shill. Personally, I hold the view that most of these sites are controlled or at best fed questionable material by the NWO. So I`m on the fence, particularly as nothing seems to have been achieved since 9/11. In fact, I`d say, that in the battle for the truth (or something close to it), the NWO seems to have a runaway victory. Truthers in the UK have been openly attacked in the UK by Cameron at the UN…no reaction. Hollande threatens to make conspiracy theories illegal…no reaction. Enough said.

    • Hamad SubaniNo Gravatar says:

      Thanks for your comment, Carl. I have been deeply involved with studying conspiracy websites for the last ten years. And yet, I am ashamed to say that some of the websites that made it to this list later turned out to be disinfo websites (which I have crossed out). Yet I don’t find this discouraging. The very fact that the Powers That Be are so deeply invested in such fringe “truth” movements is a testament to the potential of such websites. I do agree that these websites are not enough to save us from our impending fate, and that we have collectively failed against the Powers That Be in the West. But visitors to these websites generally don’t identify with the “we.” It more of a question of which side you are on as an individual. Even if you are on a sinking ship, its more prudent to identify with those who are getting the lifeboats ready, regardless of whether the ship sinks or not.

  20. Alcira PerezNo Gravatar says:

    Hello there,

    In my humble opinion this Website should definitely be listed as being one of the most outrageous conspiracies, anywhere, ever!
    Alci Perez.

  21. MoobooshtzNo Gravatar says:

    I like its a new site but has kick ass functionality

  22. anonNo Gravatar says:

    What happened to the white gloves that Jackie Kennedy was wearing during the assassination of JFK?
    I can't seem to find much information about them.

  23. darwinNo Gravatar says:

    I read the article. Liked it a lot. Thanks.

    • Truth WarriorNo Gravatar says:

      LunaticOutpost is one of the most censored forums. Their servers are in the Netherlands where they have hate crime laws so you aren’t able to discuss the most important conspiracies. If you want a forum that doesn’t censor and where no subject is taboo, I recommend a new forum (up for about a month) The forum owner is an insider and has a unique perspective on current events.

  24. Fred SanfordNo Gravatar says:

    LUNATIC OUT POST is NO WHERE to Be Found on this here List thingy!

    How Can You even POLE Forums if you don't include the LUNATICS?

    I Say There is VOTER FRAUD Afoot in here!

    So I will exercise my right to WRITE IN A CANDIDATE

    My Vote Goes to:
    (X) Lunatic Out Post

  25. AMANDALEIGH says:


  26. shiningphoenixNo Gravatar says:

    If you find value in the sites listed here be sure to check out my revolutionary website where I divulge information NOBODY has ever shared before, going DEEP into the rabbit hole of this so called “world” and universe we live in and the Forces that control it…. Actually I go as deep as you are willing to look.

    You can read my first article on Disney’s Frozen Satanic Subliminals here:

  27. MarkNo Gravatar says: outed ATS back in 2008, pity it took some folks so long to come to the same realization.

  28. jhsNo Gravatar says:

  29. DarzakNo Gravatar says:

    You missed "From the Trenches World Report" (

    This is hands down the best source on the internet for conspiracy/history/news and exposés.

  30. jeanNo Gravatar says:

    Rumor Mill News and didn't make it?

  31. POSTELL, INKNo Gravatar says:

    ProjectCamelot? Where?

    Kerry Cassidy has passed muster and I'm a hard sell.


  32. Guest says:

  33. LalajNo Gravatar says:

    GLP is against the free speech principle and I have been a victim of having threads deleted by moderators. I wouldn't suggest this site to anyone but someone wanting to hack a site and shut it down.

  34. MackaNo Gravatar says:

    The best website for FULL conspiracy documentaries:

    Check it!

  35. D BarksNo Gravatar says:

    The CHANI Project Forum is becoming popular and well worth the look

  36. Jacky K.No Gravatar says:

    We got the fat blowhard from Texas. The wig from Oregon. The gay Rip Taylor in Hawaii, the midget porn wanna be GLP owner from the military base in Florida and the shape shifting lizard king from Britain.

  37. clbrtoNo Gravatar says:

    I read daily. was my first, and still favorite conspiracy web site.

    Useful info in this article and comments, thanks!

  38. TomasNo Gravatar says:

    Hello guys, I'm building a new alternative news/conspiracy community. I'm looking for moderators now, so if you are interested in my idea, please contact us. The idea is to have uncensored, not commercial links sharing website. Community would share alternative news/conspiracy related news that are usually not streamed by mainstream media. Everyone can contribute and everyone has equal rights! You can see the site at

    Kind regards, and contact me if you are intereted in this idea.

  39. BillyBNo Gravatar says:… Alex Jones comes from a long line of Texas money & high rank masons. 'Jones' county in TX is named from his family way back when! Rense & Above Top Secret are BOTH. controlled opposition. All three gather data on followers IP show this long ago (thanks RR) Forget that Tavistock David Icke as well. William Cooper on YT will set the record straight, they killed him outright…….right after calling 9/11 months before hand!

  40. johnNo Gravatar says:

    Your spot on with Godlikeproductions. All I did was call them out for becoming too Racist in my opinion. Banned – hell all of Guam seems to be banned!

  41. ctcantina says:

    A conspiracy site with over 100 members, some veteran moderation, been open about 2 months.

    They allow other forum investigation and encourage it, can post as a guest as well. Bring the research and expose the agenda based websites and disinfo from elsewhere.

    Conspiracy Theory Cantina.

  42. seanNo Gravatar says:

    New website showing news from russia, north korea etc. get all sides of the news.

  43. Dana DonlonNo Gravatar says:

    The forum linked with is one of the largest and best online

    • Hamad SubaniNo Gravatar says:

      I personally find Icke to be incredible, and that's why his reptillians have been left at the door.

      • PaulNo Gravatar says:

        He/she who makes their living from their “truth telling”, is not to be trusted and that certainly includes Icke.

  44. iKillShillsNo Gravatar says:

    There is strong enough proof out there that GLPs is nothing but disinfo… they are connected to some of the largest groups of sock puppet accounts, who attack and threaten anyone who thoroughly questions and/or counters their info… not to mention the outrageous-left field theories they promote..!

    Tabloid media mixed with propaganda… no doubt their working against the truth network!!

  45. pete says:

    I like the new truth zone forum, the layout is neat and you can say pretty much what you like there without being censored.

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