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Did Swissair Flight 111 land at an Airbase?

Other Odd Ends

The Swiss Ambassador to Canada, Daniel Dayer, died in Switzerland three days after the alleged “crash” of SWR111. He was taking the train from his hometown of Brig to Geneva when he mysteriously got into the path of the locomotive at the Sion railway platform.

On October 11th and 12th 1998, there were break-ins at the offices of Philippe Bruggisser (CEO SAirGroup) and Jeffrey Katz (CEO Swissair) in Zurich, as well as Guido Hirni in Valais. Were these attempts to steal reports on SWR111? Guido Hirni was a member of the Swiss Air Accident Investigation Board (BFU), a top heliocopter pilot of the Swiss Alpine Rescue squad (REGA). He flew his helicopter into the side of a mountain in Valais. He was alone in the heliocopter, which disappeared on the 12th of October 1998. The demolished remains of craft and the pilot’s body was found the next day. The purpose of the flight and the cause of the crash are both unknown. On 2nd December 1998, there was a breakin at the SWR111 information center at Halifax, and computers were stolen.

The Commander of CFB Trenton turned out to be serial murderer-rapist cum pedophile.

REPORTIN ‘ FOR BOOTY! The Commander of CFB Trenton turned out to be a serial murderer-rapist cum pedophile.

In February 2010, Russell Williams, commander of CFB Trenton (a base much bigger than CFB Shearwater) was arrested in connection with a rape-murder. He was later exposed as a serial rapist-murderer. In 1992, Russell Williams was flying planes out of CFB Shearwater. While this has no connection to SWR111, it represents a disturbing pattern in Canada, of privileged members of the Criminal Elite assuming powerful positions in the Military and the Airforce.

In October 2010, there was a terrorist attempt at bombing a passenger plane belonging to Gulf country. The bomber was very likely a Canadian Intelligence operative. While this is completely unrelated to SWR111, it does indicate that the Criminal Elite of Canada have gone wild.

The TSB findings fully exonerate the Air Traffic Controllers at Halifax-Stanfield International Airport, and their identities may never be known. There is some confusion as to who handled SWR111’s radio traffic that night. Was it the regular Air Traffic Controllers at Halifax-Stanfield International Airport or a “Special Terminal” at the same location? While completely unrelated to SWR111, I encountered at least one instance of a Criminal Presence at Halifax-Stanfield International Airport during the more intense phase of my persecution at Dalhousie University. I had visited the airport to drop off some family members. There is an observation area for visitors on the 3rd floor which is accessible via elevator. After saying goodbye to my family members, I entered the observation area. Soon, a creepy middle aged man entered the area as well. He appeared to be an Airport official. He was constantly watching me. Suddenly the power went off. This struck me as very odd, because Airports have backup generators, and essential lighting is supposed to always stay on. Except for the evening light outside, there was complete darkness. Sensing some kind of emergency, I prepared to leave. The elevators wouldn’t work. The man in question suggested we use the stairs and disappeared into the stairwell. I followed him and entered the stairwell, which was also dark. This was the first time I had used the stairwell and I was fairly disoriented. As I neared the bottom of the stairwell, I could sense cold, icy wind. At the bottom of the stairwell, I saw a door which opened outside onto the tarmac, where aircraft were parked. This was one of these doors that always stay locked and alarmed, and yet it was wide open. There was no sign of the man. Despite my disorientation and the darkness, I managed to find the door on the other side, which lead to the ground floor of the Airport’s visitor area. Power was restored after a few minutes. Were they trying to trick me into walking into a heavily restricted area? This could only have been organized by someone constantly watching on the security cameras.

Tom Juby

Nova Scotia is a postcard-perfect place.

Nova Scotia is a postcard-perfect place.

It is challenging to understand that a friendly, postcard-perfect place such as St. Margaret’s Bay could be the staging ground for a hideous international conspiracy and the ensuing coverup. Nova Scotia is a very beautiful place. And at first glance, it appears just as developed as any other part of North America. But if you live long enough in this region of Canada (which is also known as the Maritimes) you cannot help but notice a very special kind of dysfunctionalism and societal failure that appears to be peculiar to the region. (Keywords: Masonic Lodge, Prescription Oxycontin, Methadone, Accident-Injury Attorney, Bankruptcy, Bankruptcy Protection Specialist, Mortgage, Joblessness, Xenophobia, Racism, Call Center, Insurance Fraud, high taxes, paper-pusher “service” economy, Lotto 649, Beer, Retirement Home, Bipolar Disorder, Passive Aggressiveness, Valium Overdose, Crystal Meth). These are the outer manifestations of a people surrogating themselves to their Criminal Elite, and becoming their pet populations in a manner which is very difficult for outsiders to understand. When things happened to me while studying in Halifax, I ended up writing a booklet just trying understand what was wrong about the place. If you live here, you develop a fairly thick skin, but for some strange reason, you try to compensate by being over-polite.

The idea that someone from this region, highly placed within the RCMP’s Swissair 111 investigation would raise the alarm over irregularities came as quite a surprise. Before we get giddy, let us remember that for every Tom Juby or Harry Publicover, this region has one thousand ethically challenged empty-souls who will stop at nothing to serve and defend their Criminal Elite.

The following CBC quote serves as a good introduction of Juby.

RCMP Investigator Tom Juby was the first to bring attention towards the residue of an explosive device in the wreckage of SWR111.

RCMP Investigator Tom Juby was the first to bring attention towards the residue of an explosive device in the wreckage of SWR111.

An investigator looking into the crash of Swissair Flight 111 near Peggys Cove, N.S., says he was prevented by senior RCMP and aviation safety officials from pursuing his theory that an incendiary device might have been the cause of the fatal fire on board.

“There was sufficient grounds to suspect a criminal device on that plane,” retired RCMP sergeant Tom Juby, an arson investigator assigned right away to the Swissair file, told CBC’s The Fifth Estate.


Juby told The Fifth Estate that when he saw the wreckage after it was salvaged from the ocean he wondered what could have created so much heat. He said that was his first clue.

But Juby said high levels of magnesium — a key ingredient in an incendiary device — were discovered in the cockpit area. Several other investigators and a federal scientist who The Fifth Estate spoke to supported Juby’s informed suspicions.

A year into the investigation metallurgist Dr. Jim Brown, using auger electron spectroscopy, discovered suspicious levels of magnesium — ten times the anticipated amount — and other elements associated with arson in melted wiring from the section of the plane that suffered the greatest fire damage.

“There was a lot of magnesium. More than I would have expected,” he said.

Instead, the TSB was focused on the crash being the result of an accident. Any hint of criminal activity meant it would be forced to drop the probe and turn it over to the RCMP.

Juby said the RCMP did not support his findings and that he was pressured to stop his own inquiries. He said the RCMP brass ordered him to remove any reference to magnesium or a suspected incendiary device from his investigative notes.


Juby said he has tried but failed to set the record straight inside the RCMP for years. He said the system failed too.

“If Canada can’t follow through on 229 potential homicides, then you know, what happens when there’s only one?” he said.

A CBC documentary in which Tom Juby first spilled the beans is now available online. In the video, he remembers examining the assembled wreckage of SWR111, and how everyone there shook their heads in disbelief that a fire could have caused such degree of burning.

When Malaysian Airlines MH370 disappeared, I really looked forward to finding out what Tom Juby had to say, given his authority in this area. But suddenly, he was no longer on the web. Emails bounced back. The following two websites appear to be his, but went offline even though the domains were still registered.




Tom Juby is back with a game-changing account of what transpired during his tenure with the RCMP at CFB Shearwater. Cabal Times has published an in-depth review here. Please read it. This book is of monumental importance for those looking for answers, because probably no one got as close to the investigation as Juby did, while maintaining the integrity to tell their story.

If Tom Juby’s position is taken into account, an explosive device was detonated on board, and this accounts for the unusually high levels of magnesium. But based on our previous analysis, it is more likely that a device (or devices) were detonated after the plane had landed and after the passengers had disembarked and after the precious cargo had been removed. This “wreckage” was thus created in a controlled environment and was compacted. It was put on board a ship involved in the rescue effort and was dropped off at St. Margaret’s Bay, far from where the plane had really landed. This was an International Conspiracy, and the Powers That Be chose Nova Scotia because they knew it could be done here.

UPDATE: The alleged crash of Germanwings Flight 9525 on 24th March 2015 bears many uncomfortable resemblances to the case of SWR111. Click here for our coverage.


The Transportation Safety Board of Canada’s Report on Swissair 111: Straight from the horse’s mouth. But please download a copy, as they keep “revising” it. Also check out the supplementary information section, which is available online only and not included in the main report. Important witness testimonies have been pushed into this section and excluded from the main report. Please make copies because they keep “revising” it. A French article that first brought up numerous anomalies in the official narrative (Backup Link).

Swissair 111@ DIGISTAR: One of the best collection of maps and links on the tragedy.

The Official List of Passengers

Murder Most Foul And The Truth Behind The Downing Of Swissair 111 – A Lucky Escape For One: First Published on 27th June 2012 by Giovanni De Stefano, this was one of the earliest well-articulated conspiracy theories about SWR111. Some original research can be found here, such as the case of alleged passenger Nino Sanna and the 238/239 notation that was used for the total number of people on board in the early stages of reporting.

The Swissair 111 Club: A Restricted Yahoo Group run by some of the family members of the victims. Note that they pretty much agree with the Canadian investigation. A forum run by some of the family members of the victims. Note that they pretty much agree with the Canadian investigation.


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  1. Hamad SubaniNo Gravatar says

    Tom Juby is back with a game-changing account of what transpired during his tenure with the RCMP at CFB Shearwater. Cabal Times has published an in-depth review here. Please read it. This book is of monumental importance for those looking for answers, because probably no one got as close to the investigation as Juby did, while maintaining the integrity to tell their story.

  2. Zafar AhmedNo Gravatar says

    I would like to thank Hamad Subani, for being one of the finest human beings, I've ever 'met'. I put that in quotes, because I have never actually met this person IRL.

    I really appreciate your post & your thoughts. I'd like to see more Posts from you in coming days.


  3. Tina says

    I used to work with Giovanni Di Stefano. What do you suppose happened to the Malaysian Airlines flight that disappeared….

    • pablo posseNo Gravatar says

      Hi, do you know how can I get in touch with Giovanni? I am interested in Nino’s life

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