[REGULARLY UPDATED]: Recommended Resources for Countering COVID-19 Disinformation

Last Updated on May 10, 2021 by Hamad Subani

In this post, I list some important resources from across the Internet, for educating yourself on the so-called COVID-19 Pandemic. This list will continue to grow as new resources are discovered. Bear in mind that scientific data and professional opinion are of little use to those who have little use of thinking, even though they may be “educated.” Especially those who are so caught up in the cult of modern life, that their attention span is limited to “television programming.”

Note: New Resources are towards the bottom.


An Original Gamechanger ★★★½☆ 

If you once read the news when the crisis started, Trump had a controversial figure named Dr. Fauci, who made headlines for all the wrong reasons. Fauci began losing his credibility after the release of Plandemic, a pair of videos produced by Mikki Willis. They spread so fast that they now have their own Wiki entry (which is disinformation). But the video has been literally purged from all corners of the internet, except for some sites run by diehard truthers, such as this one, and this one. And this dedicated site, where you can download it. The video is most famous for showing a clip of Fauci in 2017, eerily predicting a pandemic. This clip is shown at the very end. 

They have now released a sequel called Plandemic: Indoctornation, which you can watch and even download here, as well as on the aforementioned video platforms.

Dr. Reiner Fuellmich

A German expert on  international law, corruption cases and medical law, Dr. Reiner Fuellmich has recently made headlines for attempting to take those behind the Lockdowns to court. Here is his website, and his Youtube channel. Here is the video that started it all.

Extra-Parliamentary Corona Investigation Committee

This is a group of mainly European doctors who are raising the alarm.

Mask Up Mask Off Minnesota

This is unbelievably trendy website delivers solid, fact-checked analysis on many myths and half-truths about Covid-19 and masks.  Highly recommended for delivering a persuasive and clutter-free analysis of the situation, and without the disinformation.

Tom Woods

Tom Woods is a well-known American libertarian and a supporter of Ron Paul (full bio). He shot to relevance during the Pandemic due to a single video called The Covid Cult, which you can watch below (backup link here).

This video is one of the most factual analyses of the mess to be found on the Internet.

Tom Woods is also the author of this ebook, which you can get for free at his other website,

Also check his COVID-19 page, as well as his most recent podcasts.

Also check out Ron Paul’s Liberty Report, which is full of insightful articles on the Pandemic.

Connecting the dots between Covid-19 and the not so Great Reset, by John Slegers

This is a very well researched article by a Medium author, which has gained a lot of popularity online. Well worth a read. is a UK based site, which has been monitoring the whole sordid story ever since it started. In a Western country which now faces tyranny at par with China and some poor dictatorships, this is one of the few voices of reason.

Reddit Communities

Source of Emerging News and Information ★★★½☆ 

Two Reddit communities have emerged as an important resource for countering COVID-19 disinformation. Highly recommended for joining if you have the Reddit phone app. Just remember that outside these communities, Reddit will always succumb to a mainstream hivemind. So do not bother convincing others on Reddit.

Reddit Media

The following is a gallery of some interesting media that was posted to Reddit. Click the Source Link for the Reddit thread.

While natural deaths are being attributed to COVID-19, a number of vaccine deaths are quietly being passed as natural deaths in newspaper obituaries and funeral home listings. In some cases, the victims actually complained of aggravating symptoms on their Facebook, after going silent. In some cases, their silent Facebook profiles are commented upon by family members, who openly link their death to the vaccine. Right click to download the image and enlarge. Source. Update: A more readable “report” of the above deaths, correlated with official VAERS sources can be found here.

The Miles Mathis Website

The Miles Mathis website does articles on new issues.

Here is an article by Miles Mathis himself, in which he attempts to unwind the Great Reset.

Here is another great article by a contributor trying to find out who is Klaus Schwab. There are serious questions about his name, his origins and his nationality. Another contributor added to the article by doing a book review of Schwab’s Great Reset, which appears to be the blueprint on how the COVID-19 drama was managed on a macro level. To give you an idea of how unimaginative these tools are, it seems even the name Great Reset was “inspired” by the name of a book by an Indian economist a year earlier (they seem to have reversed some of his ideas though).

Here is what the contributor has to say of Klaus Schwab’s The Great Reset:

In summation, the book is horribly written and argued, as usual, being a pretty transparent blueprint for tyranny and fascism. It would appear that Schwab is so insulated from the real world, he feels he doesn’t even have to pretend he is not doing what he is doing, or is not who he appears to be. He looks like an evil dictator at a glance, and is fine with that. The book does nothing to tone that first impression down at all. This is not a Roosevelt or a Truman, pretending to be a populist. This is a Dr. Evil, twirling his mustache and petting his fluffy white cat. He thinks so little of your intelligence or gumption, he doesn’t even bother to hire some skilled writers to lie to you. He taps the usual dinks from sub-basement 6, who should be working in advertising, not Intel, and they rush out the required “book” mostly as an afterthought. For some reason, books are still on the propaganda to-do list, though no one reads them anymore. They should really be discontinued altogether, since anyone smart enough to read a book is smart enough to see through this one.

“…the longer lockdowns last, the greater the structural damage they infict by leaving permanent scars in the economy through job losses, bankruptcies and capital spending cancellations. As a rule of thumb, every month that large parts of an economy remain closed, annual growth might fall by a further 2 percentage points.”

Klaus Schwab being candid about Lockdowns in the Great Reset

Here’s a more recent article by a contributor to the Miles Mathis website on deaths and injuries related to the COVID-19 vaccines.

Cabal Times

To view our very own inventory of articles pertaining to COVID-19, click here. Most of our content is highly original.

15 years ago, Pentagon was told of viral vaccine that targets brains of religious ‘fundamentalists’

This article is a very balanced discussion of a viral video of a Pentagon presentation about such a vaccine.

Homepage of Dr. Trozzi (a Canadian Doctor)

One Canadian doctor who has gone to great lengths to expose the Corona Deception is Dr. Trozzi of Ontario. He is an Emergency Physician who graduated from a Canadian University and an Advanced Trauma Life Support Instructor. Here is what he has to say:

I have never seen a patient sick with COVID-19; I have seen some positive PCR tests in asymptomatic people, and watched people be imprisoned in their own homes and isolated from family and friends. My research into the PCR test has convinced me personally that it is misleading, manipulatable, and being used to drain endless taxpayer’s money and future debt, to dramatically enrich the very criminals running this scandal. My province alone has performed ~50,000 PCR tests daily. Meanwhile our federal government is bringing in hundreds of thousands of doses of potentially dangerous experimental injections of modified viral genetic material, calling them “vaccines”, and having the military manage them. Is this reasonable for a predominantly mild and non-fatal viral illness.

You may read his full testimony here. His other COVID-19 resources are here.

Canadian Health Alliance

Doctors who have ruffled some feathers ★★★★☆ 

The video that was taken down by YouTube.

This is a group of Canadian doctors whose YouTube video gained so much attention that YouTube took it down. You may now see the video here. Also see their sister-organizations, Professionals Against Lockdowns and Liberty Coalition Canada.

Doctors for Covid Ethics

Doctors who have ruffled some feathers ★★★★☆ 

This is a group of doctors, who gained a lot of following after releasing a public letter to the European Medicines Agency in which they warned that gene-based vaccines should be immediately withdrawn from use. To quote ,

The letter describes serious potential consequences of COVID-19 vaccine technology, warning of possible autoimmune reactions, blood clotting abnormalities, stroke and internal bleeding, “including in the brain, spinal cord and heart”. The authors request evidence that each medical danger outlined “was excluded in pre-clinical animal models with all three vaccines prior to their approval for use in humans by the EMA.”

Professor Sucharit Bhakdi, Professor Emeritus of Medical Microbiology and Immunology and Former Chair, Institute of Microbiology and Hygiene. (Backup Video Link).

Great Game India

Great Game India is a relatively new journal on Indian Geopolitics. However, they have been doing a stellar job of gathering up bits and pieces of unreported news related to the Pandemic. They have also conducted a few of their own exclusive investigations. To quote,

Read our exclusive investigation Coronavirus Bioweapon – on how China smuggled Coronavirus from a Canadian lab and weaponized it in Wuhan’s P4 lab. The findings of this investigation has been corroborated by none other than the Bioweapons expert Dr. Francis Boyle who drafted the Biological Weapons Convention Act followed by many nations. The report has caused a major international controversy and is suppressed actively by a section of mainstream media. Meanwhile, the reporter who attacked our story has been fired for plagiarism.

Great Game India was also the first to bring to attention the fact that emerging Indian vaccines (Bharat Biotech, makers of COVAXIN) were not indigenous in any way, but tied to Bill Gates. These vaccines are currently being paraded as “Indian,” whereas the only reason their manufacturing was set up in India by The Powers That Be was so that they could be used for forced mass-inoculations in India.

Planet Today

Planet Today has regularly updated and highly informative news articles on the Pandemic.

18 Reasons I Won’t Be Getting a Covid Vaccine

This highly informative article by Christian Elliot is a must read for everyone. Contains both commonsense reasoning and scientific arguments.


High Quality, Scientific resource ★★★★★ 

The HART Group consists of more than 41 British academics who are scientifically questioning the the pseudoscience surrounding lock-downs and vaccines. They were recently smeared in British media, which only hints at the importance of their work. They were the first to suggest a link between the Pfizer vaccine and the new wave of Covid-19 infections. To quote,

Among arguments about the harms caused by lockdown the 50-page document also states that the rollout of the Pfizer vaccine coincided with a large number of deaths and this may not have been a coincidence. “When something in data is this unusual, we have to ask questions, no matter how uncomfortable they may be,” it states, in a chapter written by a “quantitative analyst” called Joel Smalley. “It would be extremely unscientific and even negligent not to investigate whether the rise in deaths during this period is linked in some way to the vaccine rollout.” He suggested the Pfizer vaccine had not been tested sufficiently on older people.

Here is the full quote from their report (based on British data):

Around the second week of December a new ‘mortality series’ begins which does not fit with the pattern seen in spring or autumn. In the period from December to February, there were a total of 48,821 excess deaths (74,562 in total minus 25,742 ‘expected’ COVID-19 deaths) whose distribution is characteristically very different to spring. We would expect it to follow a similar pattern if COVID-19 was the underlying cause of this excess.

The population, demographics and the model did not change. Something new must have exerted this effect. When something in data is this unusual, we have to ask questions, no matter how uncomfortable they may be. It is an undeniable fact that this peak in deaths coincided with the mass roll-out of novel mRNA/DNA vaccines, on an extremely vulnerable population. If you compare the week ending 11 December 2020 with the week ending 29 January 2021, there was a 62% increase in total deaths and a 170% increase in COVID-19 labelled deaths in care homes.

Broken down by the separate vaccination cohort (by age group, and then taking care homes as a separate unit), the correlation between vaccination and COVID-19 deaths is even more apparent and this time the model is able to accommodate the data with significantly more ease.

This relationship is not limited to England. It is apparent in many countries around the world, regardless of location, season, interventions and extent of prior COVID-19 activity. If we include Scotland in the analysis, if winter COVID-19 excess deaths were a natural phenomenon, we would have to explain how and why it emerged first in the over 80s in England then a few weeks later in the care homes in Scotland before then jumping suddenly back to the care homes in England, before landing finally in the over 80s in Scotland.

Whilst we cannot infer causation from correlation, the mRNA/DNA vaccines had not been tested on this cohort, who have many comorbidities, multiple drug interactions and fragilities compared to trial participants and were likely particularly fragile after a year of social isolation away from loved ones. It would be extremely unscientific and even negligent not to investigate whether the rise in deaths during this period is linked in some way to the vaccine roll-out.

High Quality Resource ★★★★☆ 

This is a highly recommended website, with a lot of original science-based information and documents questioning the lockdowns and vaccines. Some selections are:

  • Dr. Geert Vanden Bossche’s acclaimed Open Letter, requesting halting of all Covid-19 Vaccinations.
  • Dr Hodkinson’s Opinion Piece, ‘This is the Greatest Hoax ever Perpetrated on an Unsuspecting Public’

I recommend reading all articles on this website. This is quite a gem.

Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedoms (Canada Only)

This website is for Canadians who have been impacted by lockdowns, travel restrictions etc. They give legal advice and have already filed a number of court cases.

On the 17th of December 2020 nurse manager Tiffany Pontes Dover, active at the CHI Memorial Hospital in Tennessee, received a COVID-19 vaccine that was shown on live television. After taking the vaccine she fainted while addressing the public and then the video is cut off. There are numerous indications that she died. Strangely enough, mainstream media sources have jumped in to rather unconvincingly prove that she is alive. This website documents this particular controversy. Here’s a good Reddit thread with some additional information, and here’s another one.

Humans are Free Blog

This blog, featuring multiple contributors, has emerged as a great resource for Covid-19 related news and analysis.

Translation of a German Expose

This is a translation of a German expose on how the lockdown in Germany (in the early days of Corona) was planned well in advance, and in collusion with outside interests.


Pertinent Information; Updated Regularly ★★★½☆ 

This is a very informative site, with all the neccessary information. Also available in Spanish and German. It is regularly updated, almost on a daily basis.

World Doctors Alliance

Doctors Ruffling Feathers ★★★★☆ 

To quote them,

WDA represents a diverse range of opinions of health care professionals and does not have a consensus of opinions on the origin of covid-19 or the political ramifications of the lockdown per se. WDA is however committed to debate the causes of harm resulting from the coronavirus act measures and to raise issues that expose harmful medical and life limiting practices detrimental to the well being of all living men women and children.

World Doctors Alliance is best known for its well researched “Open letter to all the Citizens of the World and all the Governments of the World,” which can be found on their homepage.

Dr. Vernon Coleman (who has his own website at is a member of this alliance. He is a best-selling medical author. His videos (which are available on his website) are definitely worth viewing.

The Legal Team of AmericasFrontlineDoctors.Org (USA Only)

This is an important legal resource for Americans bullied into masks or vaccines. Here is what they have to say:

The law is clear. An experimental vaccine cannot be mandated. We want you to be armed with resources to advocate for yourself and your loved ones. Here is a letter template to utilize related to your employer or school attempting to mandate the Covid-19 experimental vaccine candidates. Please edit the portion in red, specific to you, and distribute. Send to principals, superintendents, department of education officials, managers, corporate officers, etc. Put everyone on notice! Send on your own or unite with others’ signatures in support of your movement. Informed and united people are truly the greatest threat to tyranny!

For a $50 fee, they can connect you with an attorney in your state if you are facing legal issues.

Origin of Covid — Following the Clues, by Nicholas Wade

This is a great investigative article by Nicholas Wade. It relies on a more complex, and scientific article by Yuri Deigin.

A Strange Report about people “bleeding” after being around women who got the Pfizer vaccine

This is a relatively new theory that suggests that those who receive m-RNA based vaccines may “infect” those around them, even the non-vaccinated. If that is true the mask joke is on them.

Dr. Naomi Wolf

American author and journalist Dr. Naomi Wolf has been covering Covid-19 nonstop on her Twitter. On her legislative website, she is actively fighting against vaccine passports.

National Vaccine Information Centre (USA)

High Quality Scientific Resource. ★★★★★ 

To quote them,

National Vaccine Information Center (NVIC) is a non-profit charity established in 1982 by parents of DPT vaccine injured children to prevent vaccine injuries and deaths through public education. We publish thoroughly referenced information about vaccine science, policy and law and the human right to informed consent to medical risk taking on three websites (, and Our flagship website was launched in 1995 and is the largest and oldest non-governmental consumer operated website on the Internet publishing vaccine and disease information. NVIC does not make vaccine use recommendations for or against vaccination. We advocate for the legal right of every American to make educated, voluntary decisions about vaccination for themselves and their minor children without being threatened, coerced or punished by anyone for the decision made. 

To further quote them,

NVIC co-founders worked with Congress to secure vaccine safety informing, recording, reporting and research provisions in the 1986 National Childhood Vaccine injury Act, legislation that was strongly opposed by the US Department of Health and Human Services and Department of Justice, and we managed to successfully preserve civil liability for vaccine administrators and vaccine manufacturers in the original law until it was weakened over three decades by congressional amendments, federal agency rule making and, in 2011, was fatally compromised by the U.S. Supreme Court [………].

Their website has many resources, such as links to search for a particular adverse vaccine reaction, and how to report an adverse reaction. Recently, they got de-platformed from Facebook and Instagram. This is probably the best scientific resource for vaccine skeptics.

Children’s Health Defense

This website is an anti-VAX old timer, which seemed to emerge alongside NVIC. However, eyebrows have been raised at the involvement of the Kennedy cabal with this website.


Quality Aggregator of News and Research. ★★★★☆ 

This website popped up alongside the pandemic, and has since then emerged as a quality aggregator of news and research related to Covid-19. They syndicate content from Mike Adams of natural News, and many other notable writers.


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    Pfizer Confirms COVID-Vaccinated People Can Shed Spike Proteins And Harm The Unvaccinated | Christians for Truth

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    The Truth About COVID-19: Exposing The Great Reset, Lockdowns, Vaccine Passports, and the New Normal

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    Human rights attorney Leigh Dundas warns that Covid-19 tyranny is becoming “a second Holocaust” – DC Clothesline

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    WORLD DOCTORS ALLIANCE – World Doctors Alliance

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    At the present time, all COVID medical products offered under the auspices of a “vaccine” are granted approval as an Emergency Use Authorization.

    They are not approved by the FDA.

    Mandating investigational or experimental therapies is therefore unlawful according to 21 U.S.C. §360bbb-3 “Authorization for medical products for use in emergencies”.

    If your organization is mandating this, it is violating Federal Law & this action will be held accountable.

    Learn the facts:

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    April 13, 2021 Update from Ken Adachi

    Avoid taking the Covid Death Jab if you value your life. You should be equally concerned about taking the 1. Nasal-pharangeal test, 2. the Nasal swab test or the 3. Oral swab test. That is NOT a “Q-Tip ” swab that they are sticking up your nose or into your mouth. They wouldn’t be causing so much pain if they were just an ordinary cotton Q-Tip (run a Q-Tip around the inside of your nose and tell me if it hurts at all?) If you MUST take a Covid test, ONLY do the Saliva sample test in which you spit into a tube and they analyze that. Don’t let them put ANYTHING into your nose or mouth. You may come to regret it.

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