[UPDATED]: Recommended Resources for Countering COVID-19 Disinformation

Last Updated on March 1, 2021 by Hamad Subani

In this post, I list some important resources from across the Internet, for educating yourself on the so-called COVID-19 Pandemic. This list will continue to grow as new resources are discovered. Bear in mind that scientific data and professional opinion are of little use to those who have little use of thinking, even though they may be “educated.” Especially those who are so caught up in the cult of modern life, that their attention span is limited to “television programming.”


If you are reading the news right now, Trump is being pressured to replace Dr. Fauci, who has lost all credibility. This began with the release of Plandemic, a pair of videos produced by Mikki Willis. They spread so fast that they now have their own Wiki entry (which is disinformation). But the video has been literally purged from all corners of the internet, except for some sites run by diehard truthers, such as this one, and this one. And this dedicated site, where you can download it. The video is most famous for showing a clip of Fauci in 2017, eerily predicting a pandemic. This clip is shown at the very end. 

They have now released a sequel called Plandemic: Indoctornation, which you can watch and even download here, as well as on the aforementioned video platforms.

Dr. Reiner Fuellmich

A German expert on  international law, corruption cases and medical law, Dr. Reiner Fuellmich has recently made headlines for attempting to take those behind the Lockdowns to court. Here is his website, and his Youtube channel. Here is the video that started it all.

Extra-Parliamentary Corona Investigation Committee

This is a group of mainly European doctors who are raising the alarm.

Mask Up Mask Off Minnesota

This is unbelievably trendy website delivers solid, fact-checked analysis on many myths and half-truths about Covid-19 and masks.  Highly recommended for delivering a persuasive and clutter-free analysis of the situation, and without the disinformation.

Tom Woods

Tom Woods is a well-known American libertarian and a supporter of Ron Paul (full bio). He shot to relevance during the Pandemic due to a single video called The Covid Cult, which you can watch below (backup link here).

This video is one of the most factual analyses of the mess to be found on the Internet.

Tom Woods is also the author of this ebook, which you can get for free at his other website,

Also check his COVID-19 page, as well as his most recent podcasts.

Connecting the dots between Covid-19 and the not so Great Reset, by John Slegers

This is a very well researched article by a Medium author, which has gained a lot of popularity online. Well worth a read. is a UK based site, which has been monitoring the whole sordid story ever since it started. In a Western country which now faces tyranny at par with China and some poor dictatorships, this is one of the few voices of reason.

Reddit Communities

Two Reddit communities have emerged as an important resource for countering COVID-19 disinformation. Highly recommended for joining if you have the Reddit phone app. Just remember that outside these communities, Reddit will always succumb to a mainstream hivemind. So do not bother convincing others on Reddit.

The Miles Mathis Website

The Miles Mathis website does articles on new issues.

Here is an article by Miles Mathis himself, in which he attempts to unwind the Great Reset.

Here is another great article by a contributor trying to find out who is Klaus Schwab. There are serious questions about his name, his origins and his nationality. Another contributor added to the article by doing a book review of Schwab’s Great Reset, which appears to be the blueprint on how the COVID-19 drama was managed on a macro level. To give you an idea of how unimaginative these tools are, it seems even the name Great Reset was “inspired” by the name of a book by an Indian economist a year earlier (they seem to have reversed some of his ideas though).

Here is what the contributor has to say of Klaus Schwab’s The Great Reset:

In summation, the book is horribly written and argued, as usual, being a pretty transparent blueprint for tyranny and fascism. It would appear that Schwab is so insulated from the real world, he feels he doesn’t even have to pretend he is not doing what he is doing, or is not who he appears to be. He looks like an evil dictator at a glance, and is fine with that. The book does nothing to tone that first impression down at all. This is not a Roosevelt or a Truman, pretending to be a populist. This is a Dr. Evil, twirling his mustache and petting his fluffy white cat. He thinks so little of your intelligence or gumption, he doesn’t even bother to hire some skilled writers to lie to you. He taps the usual dinks from sub-basement 6, who should be working in advertising, not Intel, and they rush out the required “book” mostly as an afterthought. For some reason, books are still on the propaganda to-do list, though no one reads them anymore. They should really be discontinued altogether, since anyone smart enough to read a book is smart enough to see through this one.

“…the longer lockdowns last, the greater the structural damage they infict by leaving permanent scars in the economy through job losses, bankruptcies and capital spending cancellations. As a rule of thumb, every month that large parts of an economy remain closed, annual growth might fall by a further 2 percentage points.”

Klaus Schwab being candid about Lockdowns in the Great Reset

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