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On May 7th 2018, I received the following from a Dalhousie Med Student who has currently fled to Ecuador after Dal went “Black Ops” on him in retaliation for whistle-blowing.

Hello, I am a medical student at Dalhousie with no criminal record and no history of violence. After filing a human rights lawsuit with the University I have been harassed by law enforcement and they have tried to frame me as a terrorist. I have had to leave Canada and I am now living under international protection from the government of Ecuador. I decided to write a book that I have not published yet regarding what happened to me with supporting written, audio and video evidence. I believe this would be of interest seeing as how they also tried to frame you. If you would like a free copy send along a hotmail or gmail address and I will ensure you receive a copy. Cheers, Chris.

Cabal Times has the full scoop. Click here…….

Shadow of the Devil

My Encounter with Criminal Groups at Dalhousie University

I count myself among those who try their best to be aware of their surroundings, and who try to find answers to the bigger questions of life. Like many idealistic students, I believed I could use my abilities to solve larger human problems, such as war and armed conflict.

Early on, I had become aware of organized criminal groups who were burdening the rest of humanity with relentless war and conflict. They operated from the safety of Western countries but were definitely not affiliated with any particular government, intelligence agency or organization. They were organized, and could be considered an organization. But one that is completely undocumented in mainstream media and history texts. Some “fringe research” has been done on them, by authors such as Anthony Sutton, Fritz Springmeier and Miles Mathis.  Some authors point at certain formal secret societies. Some call them the Illuminati. I will refer to them here as The Powers That Be.

Dalhousie University's coat of arms bears an uncomfortable resemblance with a Masonic lodge called the Dalhousie Lodge.
Dalhousie University’s coat of arms bears an uncomfortable resemblance with a Masonic lodge called the Dalhousie Lodge.

When I enrolled in Dalhousie University in 2001 to study History, I chose to use the resources made available to me to further investigate the role of the Powers That Be in modern conflict, in particular, the two World Wars. I intended to anonymously publish my investigations online. But it soon became clear to me that Dalhousie was not a safe place for such activity. For example, I came across a Professor whose course was designed to brainwash students into believing that global American military intervention was the solution to all crises. A little investigation revealed that this Professor had ties to private think-tanks, and near-identical courses were being deployed in several Universities across North America.

When things would later get ugly at Dalhousie, I had a hard time accepting the fact that I would become a target of the Criminal Elite. At that time, I had no public life. I had no website (and never intended to have one). I had no intention of writing actual books on the Criminal Elite whatsoever. I was just grappling on a personal level, trying to better understand the world I lived in. Yet, even such private inquisitiveness was of such great consternation to them. I was aware of the presence of a Criminal Elite, but I did not believe that they had the time and resources to pro-actively hunt down opposition on a search and destroy basis. It would be many years later that I would understand how I stood out as an anomaly among my fellow students, who were too conditioned and domesticated to think beyond their role as members of a server class. In short, my situation in Canada was analogous to that of a Free-Tibet activist in the People’s Republic of China.

George Ramsay, the 9th Earl of Dalhousie and the Lieutenant Governor of Nova Scotia (after whom the University is named) was neither an entrepreneur, nor a scientist, nor a thinker or an intellectual. He was a kingpin of the notorious East India Company, a corporation that oversaw the destruction of entire nations, and even continents (George Ramsay also did a stint in India for the East India Company as their Commander-in-Chief). After raiding “pirates” settled near Maine, Lord Dalhousie set up Dalhousie University in 1818 with proceeds of the plunder. In essence, Dalhousie University was created to launder ill-gotten gains. The irony is that the Dalhousie’s descend from a German pirate who followed William the Conqueror to England in 1066, which may explain their predatory tendencies. George Ramsey's son, the 10th Earl of Dalhousie, James Ramsey, became Governor General of India from 1847 to 1856 on behalf of the East India Company. Like a pirate operating on land, James Ramsey aka Lord Dalhousie sought to completely eliminate all regional interests, instead of maintaining the co-existence and the level playing field which had existed for centuries. In 1857, a massive rebellion took place, and by the time it was brutally subdued (above pic related), millions had been killed. Today, Dalhousie is a public institution. But I guess some things never change.
George Ramsay, the 9th Earl of Dalhousie and the Lieutenant Governor of Nova Scotia (after whom the University is named) was neither an entrepreneur, nor a scientist, nor a thinker or an intellectual. He was a kingpin of the notorious East India Company, a corporation that oversaw the destruction of entire nations, and even continents (George Ramsay also did a stint in India for the East India Company as their Commander-in-Chief). After raiding “pirates” settled near Maine, Lord Dalhousie set up Dalhousie University in 1818 with proceeds of the plunder. In essence, Dalhousie University was created to launder ill-gotten gains. The irony is that the Dalhousie’s descend from a German pirate who followed William the Conqueror to England in 1066, which may explain their predatory tendencies. George Ramsey’s son, the 10th Earl of Dalhousie, James Ramsey, became Governor General of India from 1847 to 1856 on behalf of the East India Company. Like a pirate operating on land, James Ramsey aka Lord Dalhousie sought to completely eliminate all regional interests, instead of maintaining the co-existence and the level playing field which had existed for centuries. In 1857, a massive rebellion took place, and by the time it was brutally subdued (above pic related), millions had been killed. Today, Dalhousie is a public institution. But I guess some things never change.

Threats made at Dalhousie

Till this time, I had assumed that I was a free man. I had taken meticulous care that my hobby of investigating The Powers That Be never intersected with my academic life such that I would end up stepping on the toes of the Criminal Elite. I was leading a normal life in every respect. That was about to change when I enrolled in a course on the Second World War. I will refer to the Professor of the course as Dr. Magog.

Dr. Magog took an inordinate interest in me, and in particular, my historical sources. He knew dead on that I was not his usual fare of students. He wanted to know more about me, despite my best efforts to blend in. My final essay for this class focused on the role of the Rothschild family in the Soviet Revolution of 1917 and the subsequent World Wars. As I have said earlier, I always made sure that my interest in investigating The Powers That Be never raised any alarms among the University faculty. But this time, I loosened up after Dr. Magog encouraged me in every possible way, indicating that he was keen on knowing what I knew. After submitting the final essay, I received a note saying he wanted to talk to me in his office. Behind the closed doors of his office, he proceeded to make a thinly veiled death threat, and urged that I drop all research into the role of the Rothschilds in the World Wars. He proceeded to say that I had a brilliant future ahead. But I had jeopardized it. He then made racist attacks on my ethnicity and culture, and attacked my religion, calling the Prophet of Islam a pedophile. I felt that he was trying to bait me into saying something that could be construed as Anti-Semitic. Since I am not naive enough to blame Jews, I urged him to be specific about what disturbed him so much about my essay. He could not give a reasonable answer. Throughout the conversation, I felt he was not the only one listening, and that he was being prompted on what to say through some kind of earpiece. It took some time for the incredulity of the situation to sink into me. Dr. Magog was a man born a Communist country, groomed in Soviet institutions and his activities in Canada were very questionable. Yet he was telling me (a born Canadian) that my days as a free citizen were over. It would be many years later that I began to make out the outlines of an invisible class system. Apparently, Dr. Magog represented a class of people whose job was to “manage” the Canadian “server” class.  The job of the server class was to structure their lives around surrogating for The Powers That Be, and even fighting their World Wars, much like real-life Minions. While the server class was comfortable in engaging in wars and violence for their Criminal Elite, the same Criminal Elite never faced a whimper of revolt from them, as history bears witness. Needless to say, the Criminal Elite in this part of the world is not used to opposition of any kind.

The next morning, as I walked into the University premises, I noticed some senior members of the Faculty of History lined up to see me. Though they did not make any contact, I could tell that they were not happy. I also became aware that my essay had been illegally copied and circulated among them. Around that time, I could sense a criminal apparatus swinging into action behind the scenes. We received a gruff and angry phone call from the Fire Department saying that we were going to be billed hefty fines for a false alarm emanating from our property. Apparently, someone was rifling through confidential law enforcement databases, in the hope of digging up some dirt. In their hurry, they forgot to note that we no longer owned the property in question when the false alarm happened. A parent received an immediate notice to show up for jury duty for an entire month (which is very odd). But in their hurry, those who mailed out the request forgot to notice that the parent was not eligible for jury duty. If this is the reality of how jurors are selected in this part of the world, imagine how easy it would be to rig a trial.

I could not understand how a simple essay by an undergrad could cause such consternation. The essay was about the role of private bankers such as the Rothschilds in the two world wars. I had included evidence from historical texts that indicated that financial interests had directed the war such as to expand Soviet dominion over German territory in the West and Japanese territory in the East. It was a logical conclusion supported by dozens of scholarly sources. For those of you who still believe that the Soviet Union was run by ubiquitous “Russians,” let me update you; The Soviet Union was a modern-day colony of powerful interests based in cities such as New York and Calgary. In a follow-up email, Dr. Magog tried to make a groundless claim that the Rakovsky document (which my paper drew reference to) was fraudulent. Even the most qualified historians cannot make such a claim without years of research to back their claim (and none have so far).

The reality of my actions would sink in years later. I had been investigating The Powers That Be since I had learnt to write. But my fellow Canadians were far behind. They were content with their role as surrogates, best evidenced by the fact that they fought two World Wars for The Powers That Be (while never even making a whimper of resistance against The Powers That Be). While they may call themselves Christian, even if the Christ were unlucky enough to show up in these parts of the world, he would be immediately turned over the Criminal Elite (and the new opening for the position/job of Judas would probably get flooded with applications). Instead of exploring and floating their own ideas, they were in University to “receive” ideas and indoctrination from creeps such as Dr. Magog and they had already structured their lives around surrogating for the Criminal Elite and their corporations, directly or indirectly. I had raised an alarm among the criminal interests at the heart of the University. To them, I was someone who had managed to get past all the barbed wire fences of disinformation. And therefore, I was an object of interest to them.

The Cabal at Dalhousie

Are you considering Dalhousie? First consider these five questions….

Halifax is a comparatively small city. Its historic Criminal Elite is static and the same old families have been around for centuries. They remain dominant and unchallenged as ever. Dalhousie University being a public institution, can gobble up more than CAD $222 million of taxpayer money a year (2017-18 figure). Needless to say, such money attracts the local Criminal Elite families, who quickly populate Dalhousie Administration with their children, helping themselves (and their children and grandchildren) to fatcat salaries. The result is a University where most of the taxpayer grants get splurged on fatcat salaries which sustain the families of the Halifax Criminal Elite (maybe since 200 years…..sigh). They may make a building or two (but name it after Cabal operatives), and may renew facilities, equipment etc. but top-tier administration is left to the disposal of prurient, criminal-minded and lowly people. They see Dalhousie as their little Israel personal fiefdom, and their biggest priority is guarding their turf from everyday people. How would this affect you? If suppose you were to file a Complaint that alleged systemic issues, they will go Black Ops to ensure your Complaint does not make it to the year end of Report on Mistreatment, which is important to the University accreditation process. Because if accreditation is threatened, there might be a regime change, and everyday commoners might end up running the University. Are you willing to inadvertently end up in a turf war with a vicious Cabal?

Halifax may be a University town with three large Universities. Yet outside the controlled environment of the University, you will find little evidence of industry and research that usually accompanies genuine University cities. This is because the Universities here are not genuine centers of learning and innovation. Their purpose, as mentioned above, is to provide sustainable income to families of the local Criminal Elite, who comprise almost all the fatcats in the administration. Next in file are some grubby locals whose main attribute is keeping quiet about the local Criminal Elite, and this is how they ensure their generational employment in Dalhousie.  Apart from huge government grants, the other main source of revenue for this University is tuition. It is no coincidence that tuition here is unusually high. They are faking higher education, and sadly their biggest victims are gullible foreigners who come here seeking to learn the positive aspects of North American work culture. One of the immediate things you will notice here is the lack of an intellectual  culture that is usually found in genuine Universities (and some would say local culture itself is rather awkward and undeveloped here). This is because the mainly Anglo-Saxon locals have little use for an intellectual culture, with their carpetbagging, shopkeeping and pandering to their historical Criminal Elite. While they do consider education as a lucrative and evergreen industry, they nickel and dime all aspects of it, and end up de-intellectualizing it. It is not unusual to find Dalhousie Profs hiding in the shadows, behind web-driven course modules to avoid genuine interaction with students. Some will require several email requests to grant you the privilege of human conversation. And intellectual activity that does not fit into their Darwinian framework may raise eyebrows. The Maritimes is a graveyard for innovation and independent entrepreneurship. Compare it to the vibrant West Coast of Canada. If the Maritimes were an independent country, they would definitely be a banana republic. One prominent Dalhousie Medical researcher has had to quit her research after there were attempts to appropriate her findings by forcibly inducting others into her research team. The East Coast is characterized by people flakier than snowflakes, who make great Doubters, not Believers who follow their dreams. Most jobs that do exist are offered by the government bureaucracy, the public sector (mainly health) and the War Machine, not private industry. Paper-pusher professions like banking, insurance and legal advice are big here, but are they genuine industries? What little genuine private industry exists is concentrated exclusively in the hands of the local Criminal Elite, who are quick to run down independent businesses using unions. On the other hand, unions are never heard of in these generational private industries. Outside the Universities, jobs are scarce. Fulfilling careers are non-existent. Industries owned by the Criminal Elite hire exclusively among locals. Rural Maritimes is being depopulated as people move towards Western Canada in search of jobs. Are you willing to enroll in a University where an accompanying culture of industry and innovation is absent? You may as well get an online degree. Dalhousie is not your window into North American industry. Rather, it is a window into a convoluted small-town mentality, which is of no use anywhere else.

Dalhousie currently rakes a substantial portion of its tuition revenue from foreign students, who pay approximately double the tuition Canadian students pay. Dalhousie is even being referred to as an ESL University for making their curriculum more ESL friendly. But this does not mean that Dalhousie/Halifax has suddenly become less racist and less xenophobic. Rather, they have become addicted to the revenue foreign students are bringing in. To best illustrate the situation, Dalhousie Medical School would probably have gone bankrupt a long time ago were it not for their practice of “inviting” Saudi students. Most of these foreign students are from developing economies, and don’t have the resources necessary to perform due diligence when choosing a University in North America. And when they have issues regarding Dalhousie’s low standards, or need help with their grades, it is more easy to lead them into circles. And if Dalhousie chooses to target any one of them (as in my case), it is very difficult for them to get access to lawyers and resources for redressal. On the other hand, local students from the Maritimes only seem to enroll in Dalhousie because of their limited options. You will notice that with the exception of foreign students from developing economies, foreign students from other parts of North America (including other parts of Canada) don’t seem to give much preference to Dalhousie. If Dalhousie was indeed a world-class University, it would attract students from all over the world. It would not have to bend over backwards to accommodate large numbers of students from developing economies. Do you want to choose a University that seems to have been abandoned by the rest of North America and instead makes most of its revenue by selling its dubious standards of education to unsuspecting foreign students?

Once you are finished University, one of your biggest assets will be the relationships, networks and connections you have cultivated while in University. But here, people are too isolated, judgemental and distrustful for any of that. They tend to be scared and suspicious not just of outsiders but even of each other. What passes on as networking takes place in the dopey atmosphere of pubs (Halifax has the largest number of pubs per capita; read escapism). And these networks last as long as the effects of booze. In their misanthropic worldview, people are regarded as potential problems. Asking for references is considered impolite and can result in all sorts of unwarranted drama. Some Halifax employers even have policies in place that prevent managers from giving personal references to former employees!  This is a vicious cycle of distrust where everybody tries to out-minion everybody else. And passive-aggressive behavior is so standardized that an entire litigation industry has bloomed that helps Maritmers process their fraudulent accident-injury claims. Are you willing to pay for an education that comes with little potential for developing relationships, networks and connections?

Lastly, a University experience is expected to expose you to constructive student activism. The only activism you will find here is that of the LBGT community. But with money pouring in from government and corporate sponsors, it is difficult to tell how much of this is a forced meme. Do you really want to be part of a student community who quietly look forward to being minions?

Since Dalhousie is publicly owned, the idea of a nefarious Cabal running it sounds far-fetched to the outsider. But during my years at Dalhousie, I managed to get a bird’s eye view of how The Powers That Be hijack and operated innocent looking public institutions in Canada. When The Powers That Be came out in full force against me on campus, they forgot that they were revealing a lot about themselves in the process too. And I made extensive documentation about everything I saw.

Halifax...The City That Blows!

Dalhousie University is one of the largest publicly owned post-secondary institutions in Eastern Canada. It is located in Halifax. This city’s biggest claim to fame is the Halifax Explosion (1917). While this strange explosion saw the destruction of a large part of the city and thousands of casualties, the local Criminal Elite all seemed to have survived. They were back the next day, grandstanding all over the mess. While motives remain subject to speculation, the local Criminal Elite were quick in scapegoating “German spies,” because back then there were no Al Qaida or Taliban. For example, the local newspaper, the Halifax Herald ran stories that Germans had mocked victims of the Explosion [5]. Even in the face of such disaster, the subject population maintained their characteristic dumbness, and avoided raising uncomfortable questions. To this day, the same outrageous conspiracy theories implying foreign involvement continue to be recycled, to deflect attention away from the local Criminal Elite. This is one strange corner of 21st Century North America where people compete with one another in serving their Criminal Elite, and where servitude of the Criminal Elite is more culturally ingrained than that of some very poor societies of the world. On the other hand, the Criminal Elite are more than happy with Halifax (for Criminal Cabals, it doesn’t get better than this), and they even shaped the citadel on the summit of the city as a Masonic Square and Compass. The residents of the Atlantic provinces are considered to be ideal pet-populations for bigger Criminal interests, and regardless of the number of explosions, failures, fiascos and boondoggles they are put through, they always emerge happily trudging along like minions. Needless to say, not everything is grim. Institutions and Corporations of the Powers That Be are always so shiny in contrast that they gloat about it.

Nothing screams BEWARE CRIMINAL CABALS better than having the biggest historical monument, at the summit of your city, shaped like a Masonic square and compass. It is clear that CABAL considerations overweighed defensive, financial and structural considerations during the construction.
Nothing screams BEWARE CRIMINAL CABALS more than having the biggest historical monument, at the summit of your city, shaped like a Masonic square and compass. It is clear that CABAL considerations outweighed defensive, financial and structural considerations during the construction.
Dalhousie, the University that's always behind you

With its sprawling campuses in downtown Halifax housing eleven faculties, Dalhousie University is a monument to the Canadian taxpayer. But once you dig deeper, you come across the familiar “Emperor’s Clothes” scenario that you find in large institutions dominated by tiny cabals. For example, Dalhousie will constantly try to milk the idea that Dalhousie University has been ranked number one in the world (outside the United States of course) for “the best place to conduct a research career.”[1] For most new students entering University, research usually doesn’t start until graduation is completed. Never mind the fact that the majority of students do not come to University for “research.” They come for a graduate degree. For undergraduates, Dalhousie offers unique nightmares, such as packing 300 seat auditoriums for a single class. Tuition in Nova Scotia may still be the highest in Canada, as it was back then. And tuition for Dalhousie’s med students may still be one of the highest in the country.[2] This is the achievement of a Student Union that tiptoes behind the Cabal running the University, rather than representing student interests (Tuition is only of issue to the minion-server class working class students, not members of Cabal families). Back then, most executives of the Dalhousie Student Union were not enthusiastic about supporting a freeze in tuition.[3] While Dalhousie gouges large amounts of public funding and student tuition, its output is far from substantial. Macleans Magazine ranked Dalhousie #13 (Canada-wide) in 2004 and 2003, in the medical/doctoral category.[4]  This is supposed to be the stuff Dalhousie University is good at. In a “law onto itself” response typical of a small-town mentality, Dalhousie responded by joining a group of ho-hum Universities boycotting Macleans future surveys. My suggestion for potential students is to avoid Dalhousie unless circumstances confine them to Halifax. And foreign students need to understand that they are the most vulnerable. I could only imagine what could have happened to me if I were a foreign student with absolutely no roots in Canada. This is literally some kind of hunting ground for the darker elements of Canadian society. And while Dalhousie University badly needs the money of foreign students (which is almost double the tuition of regular students), this place is clearly not safe for them. This is especially true for Arab and Muslim students, given that a later President of Dalhousie visited Israel [6]with the aim of establishing a partnership with the Ben-Gurion University. Students need to be warned that if they approach police regarding any criminal behavior by Dalhousie faculty, the police will receive the complaint but never respond back, pretending that the incident never happened.

Your tax dollars at work....typical seminar at Dalhousie University
Your tax dollars at work….typical seminar at Dalhousie University

The views, ideas and studies officially touted at Dalhousie appear to be more in line with private interests and cabals rather than the Canadian public. For example, on 17th October 2005, Dalhousie University sponsored a lecture titled “Towards a New Global Order.” To quote, “This year’s Killam Lecturers address the most urgent question facing our planet today – how can we ensure that life on Earth is sustainable over the long haul?” Such verbiage is usually a strong indication of Cabal activity (The Powers That Be see themselves as overlords of the planet, and love making decisions concerning their surrogate populations).  On the other hand, Steven Staples of the Polaris Institute was invited to speak at Dalhousie by a local antiwar group (2nd February 2006) about the Americanization of the Canadian Army, only to be heckled and questioned about his sources. The Centre for Foreign Policy Studies counter-attacked with another lecture, “The Necessary Americanization of Canada’s military.”

Trying to Move On

While I continued to pursue my career at Dalhousie, a full-fledged covert war swung in motion against me. I had to abort my plans of pursuing my Honors because the Professor who had agreed to be my mentor for my research thesis, was continually harassed until he was forced to leave the University for another country. Some Professors affiliated with the Cabal tampered with my grade whenever they could. On one occasion, I noticed that courses that I had enrolled in had been dropped from my secure online banner account. This could only have been possible with the collusion of the University IT department, or the President of the University. The stress associated with dealing with a hostile but  hidden enemy on a full-time basis caused some of my grades to plummet. But I graduated, even though my graduation was delayed for a full year on the basis of a technicality.

I was being stalked not only on campus but also when I conducted my private affairs in the city. My home Internet and email usage was being monitored. Strange people were showing up, trying to gain my confidence. Girls whom I had never known before were popping up like one of those deodorant advertisements. Some of them were the children of the Halifax Criminal Elite. When I started snubbing them, Muslim girls (complete with hijabs) were sent my way. On one occasion, I noticed that I was being stalked by a homosexual during my early morning study sessions at Killam Library. I later learnt that the person in question was some kind of gay activist, who had been expelled from a school because of engaging in risky behavior while being HIV positive. But then, the city’s Criminal Elite came to his rescue and made him some kind of hero for the dumb population. When that did not work, children were trotted out (Lets’ hope these aren’t the children snatched by Social Services). I later learnt why they put so much emphasis on sexual entrapment and pedophilia. Apparently, people in higher circles of power are controlled through blackmail of a sexual nature, which is some kind of cultural specialty for these people. It is not unusual to see alleged pedophiles in positions of power, as such people are more susceptible to manipulation and control. What I found even more disturbing was that well to-do normal-looking female acquaintances could be co-opted into entrapment activity upon receiving inducements. I was more or less a stranger to them, and yet I was the recipient of such malevolent behavior. It made me wonder what they do to people dumb enough to give them a relationship.

Typical Gazette cover, with headline based on homosexual innuendo.

Involvement of Canadian Intelligence

Strangers at Dalhousie University and the local Muslim community started acting clingy, as if money was  being showered to gain my confidence. One such acquaintance who was relatively poor, got flooded with expensive electronics, gift wrapped for him. After that, his demeanor towards me completely changed. On one occasion, he insisted that he needed my cell phone to place a call to Yemen. Realizing that this could be a trick to link me to some “terrorist” in Yemen, I started to avoid this individual. He then showed up with $10,000 in cash, which he wanted to deposit into my bank account for “safekeeping,” even though we had met only a few times.  This is a trademark ploy of planting evidence of a money trail, and then using it to connect people to unscrupulous individuals and even terrorists. During the course of the arguments, I discovered that he even knew which bank and branch I used for banking. I noticed that the moment I stepped away from him, he was being prompted by someone on his cell phone. Here was my Government, working with criminal interests to frame me for terrorism!

Dalhousie's message for students
The headline on an edition of the Dalhousie Gazette (April 13th 2005; 138-27) instructs me to drop out of the University, as they will keep leading me into circles rather than let me obtain my degree. This edition contained a reproduction of the letter the History faculty had given me, announcing the rejection of my proposal for pursuing a Honors. But what disturbed me was that they had also included snippets of private conversations I had made with family members at home! It appears that not only was my home being bugged, but translated transcripts of private conversations were being supplied to the Cabal at Dalhousie.

I sought a lawyer as it became clear to me that the University Student Union as well as local police were hopelessly compromised. This is best evidenced by the fact that the Dalhousie Gazette, which is run by the Dalhousie Student Union, had children of the Halifax Criminal Elite moonlighting as editors, who made indirect references to me in their writings. (This is a technique used in stalking, to remind victims of their powerlessness). One such article contained a mock-up of the letter the History faculty had given me, announcing rejection of my proposal for pursuing Honors. But what disturbed me was that it also included the reactions of my parents at home, accurate to every detail! It appears that not only was my home being bugged, but translated transcripts of private conversations were being supplied to the Cabal at Dalhousie.

I obtained police grade counter-surveillance equipment (TSCM) to check for bugs in my home. When turned on, it lighted and blinked like a Christmas tree. The equipment revealed an unusually high RF saturation inside my home, and in my car when the ignition was turned on. It made sense as to how they were staying more on top of my life than myself. Such high degree of surveillance would also require the services of translators since I don’t speak English at home. And considering the fact that this operation had been running for more than ten years, the private and illegal vendetta of the Halifax Criminal Elite may have cost Canadian taxpayers well in excess of one million dollars. But I suppose that is what taxpayer funded resources are exactly meant for. On the other hand, after the drama at Dalhousie, I was informed by Revenue Canada that I had been “randomly selected” for a full disclosure assessment of taxes I had filed. This was cleared up when I produced all the required paperwork, but be warned that if the Criminal Elite come after you, this is probably going to be the first front they will open against you.

When I took a trip to India, I noticed that I was being followed around by a carload of plainclothesmen. Since Indian bureaucracy is corrupt to the bone, nothing remains secret. I used my contacts to find out what was going on. I learnt that the surveillance was being done on behalf of “Canadians,” and that money was being wired for these operations out of Calgary.

If I were approached by Intelligence asking to spy on a stranger, I would decline because firstly, I likely would not know the targeted person and his side of the story and secondly, I would not know how the information would be used. But I noticed that most of my fellow Canadians had no such qualms whatsoever. And unlike the citizenry of East Germany, they faced no threats whatsoever if they refused to comply. Neither were they compelled to accept inducements due to hunger or poverty. From my estimate, hundreds of people had been contacted regarding me, and had been co-opted into conducting various illegal activities in the process. And yet not one person considered filing a police report on the unusual activity going on. Despite the fact that Canada is a nanny-state, and people have the tendency to habitually tip off authorities, sometimes even maliciously. For example, it is not unusual to have police notified if you are photographing some natural scenery. Apparently they excel at passive aggressive behavior, not good citizenry.

Attempts at Sexual Entrapment

I did an entry level job for some time. I once overheard superiors talk in hushed tones about me, as if I were someone of extreme importance, and that a lot of money was being offered to gain my friendship and confidence. One night, while leaving the work premises at midnight, I noticed a car following me. The driver was a female supervisor, who had been making unwanted sexual advances for some time. I was forced to leave the job after the company appointed this female staff member as my team leader, despite my protests.

I later enrolled in Saint Mary’s University, pursuing a Masters degree. I hoped that changing Universities would protect me from the Criminal Elite at Dalhousie. This time, I was careful not to pursue Arts and Social Sciences. But it seems that whatever evil was following me at Dalhousie had also managed to find me at St. Marys too. And this time, even foreign nationals were involved (The Calgary based ruling elite of Canada have a strong presence in certain oil rich Middle-Eastern countries, as well as in the nation of Germany). In the fall of 2010, I was doing a research paper with a German student, who was the only other student in my class. Other students had suddenly dropped out, and it was unusual that University administration would allow such a class to continue. She suddenly became very touchy-feely. On one occasion, she casually asked what exactly was the nature of the research I had done on Germany, which had got me in such trouble. I had never disclosed any of this to her, and neither was it online. Sexual entrapment is fairly ubiquitous among Intelligence Agencies. And as Julius Assange would regret, it is fairly devastating for the intended target. It is important to note that at this time, I had literally cut off all interactions with Canadian people as a security precaution. And therefore the only females being pushed into my life at this point were classmates, TAs and other assorted garbage, whom I could not avoid because of my status as a student.

I also got blank calls from a blocked number whenever I conducted online research and publication related to the 9-11 Truth Movement. For this to happen, my ISP (Eastlink) would have to be forwarding all aggregate data pertaining to my private online activity to hostile third parties.

I briefly worked a blue collar job, where my co-workers came from the more poor stratum of Canadian society. Once again, word spread that a lot of money was being promised to gain my trust and confidence. Co-workers would take turns trying to gain my friendship and trust (This was a place where nobody normally talked to each other). One co-worker even brought along her spouse to try his luck (as if it were a lottery). Like a pack of hyenas, they even started getting aggressive when their efforts failed to pay off. This exposed me to a new facet of Canadian society. Here were people who did not know who I was, or what my story was. And obviously, they were too dumb to make sense of my writings (if they ever had the attention span to read them). Yet, I was fair game to them because their Criminal Elite promised them inducements. No wonder so many of them got marched to their deaths in wars and World Wars. I have to say that in this respect, I found them to be more pathetic than some of the very poor people I have encountered in other parts of the world, who sometimes have to engage in such activity under threats of violence. In the West, some people have a disturbing tendency to convert each and every situation/interaction into opportunity, and they have an annoying smugness about it. They see people as objects and tend to ration out friendliness depending on how useful they find you. Those aware of my situation initially regarded me with irritation and annoyance, and some even blamed me. But once they learnt that inducements were being offered, their “gold-digger radar” got tripped up and they suddenly became desperate for my friendship, almost like some kind of Pavlovian response. I soon realized the necessity of keeping a low profile because knowledge of my situation was apparently tripping up their “gold-digger radar.” At first, I assumed I was being hit by bad apples. Then I tried to reason that maybe I was dealing with a regional phenomenon (which the Maritimes is infamous for). It took me some time to accept the inherent emptiness of their souls.

People come to North America expecting to find industry, resourcefulness and expertise. Instead, some places (like the Maritimes) have nothing to offer except a parasitic mindset. Typical indicators that you are in such territory are paper-pusher professions, an all-pervasive banking industry, an over-dependence on social services and substance abuse. There are basically two types of this phenomenon. The first is the lowlife type, which involves the pursuit of a self-destructive lifestyle, almost always involving substance abuse. The second type involves inflicting destruction on everybody else, by turning parasitism into a smug profession. A perfect example are patent trolls and legal sharks. This type of parasitism is highly lucrative, as there is a strong customer base of passive-aggressive people. In the city of Halifax, almost half of the billboards belong to accident-injury attorneys and fraudulent insurance claims are a major source of income for Maritimers. Since such parasitism involves surrogating oneself completely to the System Criminal Elite, those that practice it tend to be conscious of the fact that they have no value, real expertise or industry to offer. This can make them very insecure and paranoid when it comes to foreigners or even foreign-looking people. As they fear that others could easily replace them in serving the same Criminal Elite (or in duplicating their parasitism). Therefore if you are “foreign-looking” or have a “foreign sounding” name, you will be regarded as competition, even if your life or career does not necessarily intersect with theirs. And thus you become entitled to free racism and xenophobia.  I have come to accept the fact that most people in this place cannot even relate to my situation. They have structured their lives around serving the Criminal Elite, the wealthy and the powerful. Therefore it makes no sense to them why someone would question the Criminal Elite. And anyone who does so is jeered as a kook, a conspiracy theorist and a crazy.

Who is the Cabal?

While The Powers That Be have been careful to cloak their real identities, I have developed a fair idea of who they are. In Halifax, there is a local group of them, clustered around the Dalhousie University Medical School, but extending into other public institutions and Universities as well. This group coordinates with the “mother” group that operates on a national/international level and has illegitimate access to the resources of Canadian Intelligence. They appear to be based in Calgary. Coincidentally, the Rothschilds also operate out of Calgary in Canada. The Rothschild owned Shell Oil is a major player in the Alberta oil sands (and by default, Canadian politics). The Rothschild business model for Canada consists of imploding crown corporations and then purchasing them at a firesale rate through their connections. A good example is the acquisition of AECL’s famed CANDU nuclear reactor division by SNC Lavalin. The Conservative Party of Canada best accommodates the business and military needs of the Rothschilds.

The indication that the Rothschilds may be directly involved in my persecution came during my final years at Dalhousie. I had developed a rapport with a tutor at Dalhousie. When The Powers That Be came to know about it, he was immediately flown to Calgary and given a dream job in Shell Oil. After that, he attempted to match me up with a female Intelligence operative. This operative popped out of nowhere and invited herself into my tutoring sessions. I would later notice that some of the students who spied on me on a full-time basis were employees of CIBC. CIBC is one of the three major private banks in Canada that back Canadian currency. My research that had caused such consternation at Dalhousie had documented the role of the Rothschilds in backing both the Nazis and the Soviets in the World Wars.

Is Canada Involved in Terrorism?

Beverly Giesbrecht
Beverly Giesbrecht

I often wonder whether my investigation into the Rothschild role in the World Wars would alone warrant such retaliation from Canadian Intelligence. Maybe it could. Or maybe it was also due to the fact that earlier in my life, I had unwittingly blown apart a rogue Canadian Intelligence Operation. This was a fairly sophisticated operation and a lot of tax dollars went into it. Prior to the threat made by Dr. Magog, I had stumbled across a reactionary Al-Qaida website on the Internet (; now defunct). The purpose of this website was to produce anti-Western “jihad” literature in the English language that called for attacks on Western civilians. As such literature would get accepted as genuine “jihad” literature in the mainstream media, it would only serve to justify the so-called “War on Terrorism.” I noticed a lot of anomalies. For example, the website tried hard to mimic a genuine Al-Qaida website. When this website surfaced, several genuine Al-Qaida websites were shut down by British Intelligence, and their domains were redirected to jihadunspun. In addition, jihadunspun was strictly against seeing 9-11 as a conspiracy, and instead tried to take credit for 9-11 on behalf of Al-Qaida. The website was being hosted out of British Columbia, Canada. I contacted BC premier Gordon Campbell about this. He said he would look into it but the website continued to be hosted out of BC. I collected some background information on the website and posted my conclusions anonymously on 8th August 2003 on the now defunct The post received upwards of 60,000 hits in a span of a few days, and was linked up by major alternative news websites. The controversy about the website snowballed into mammoth proportions, when the owner of the website identified herself as Beverly Giesbrecht, alias Khadija Abdul Qahaar (alias Dulcy Israel alias Bev Kennedy alias Bruce Kennedy alias Paul Morris-Read). Beverly thought she had made a smart move, by becoming the human face of the website and pretending to be a convert to radical Islam. But even more eyebrows were raised when holes in her story were discovered. Beverly was desperate to find out my true identity, and managed to obtain my IP address from Libertyforum. Thereafter, I noticed unmarked vans around my residence. But it seems she had mistaken another Libyan youth who had lived in the apartment complex for me. And for the time being, I was safe. I then made the big mistake of following up my original posting a year later on Libertyforum using a University computer at Dalhousie.  By then, Prof. Magog has started taking an interest in me, and I believe my Internet activity at University was being monitored. I believe my enemies at Dalhousie passed on my personal details to Beverly. Immediately after that, I noticed an escalation of persecution activity that could only be attributed to Canadian Intelligence. The last I heard about Beverly was in 2008. It was reported that she was abducted in Afghanistan, after trying to infiltrate the Taliban presumably on behalf of Canadian forces stationed there. A video was released, showing her pleading for her life. Although it may never be publicly acknowledged, it appears that the Canadian Government coughed up millions of dollars to free her in June 2009. In May 2011, we were told she had died in Pakistan. And jihadunspun went offline. But this appeared to be an all too convenient exit strategy.

Al Qaida's INSPIRE magazine was the production of a Canadian!
Al Qaida’s INSPIRE magazine was the production of a Canadian!

In June 2010, “Al Qaida of the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP)” released an English language newsletter, INSPIRE. Many people doubted its authenticity. At one glance, I felt that Beverly was back from the dead. There was way too much similarity in writing style, content, graphical preferences and ideas. Interestingly, this time, there were way too many references in favor of the so-called Arab Spring. Canada was an active participant in the so-called Arab Spring on all levels, diplomatically, militarily, and media-wise. In October 29th 2010, a terrorist plot to blow up civilian aircraft was uncovered. They intended to use ink cartridges filled with explosives in UPS and FedEx parcels mailed from Sanaa to the United States. Al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP) claimed responsibility for the plot through a special edition (November 2010) of the INSPIRE magazine. They included photos of the bombs and the materials used to substantiate their claim. There is no denying that INSPIRE magazine had a major link to the plot. It appears that the plot was foiled after Saudi intelligence was tipped off. An alternate explanation is that the bomb did not get onto the cargo bay of the intended passenger plane, and instead ended up on board a Qatar Airways passenger plane. And that the operation was aborted by the perpetrators themselves when they discovered their mistake. The bomb was very likely intended for a passenger plane belonging to another Gulf country. Reports indicate that a female was seen depositing the suspect parcels with UPS and FedEx in Sanaa. There is a high likelihood that this was none other than Beverly. For those in the know, this wouldn’t be the first time Canada’s Criminal Elite have resorted to terrorism. A few years back,  Swissair flight 111 crashed off the coast of Nova Scotia in very suspicious circumstances. One of the lead investigators, Tom Juby was persecuted by the RCMP and was forced to resign, after refusing to redact his claim that there was a strong possibility that a bomb was on board. Another suspicious case is that of Canadian-Syrian Maher Arar. The Canadian government moved heaven and earth to free him from a Syrian prison, even though they don’t usually care about Muslim citizens. On 19th January 2009, FBI interrogator Robert Fuller testified at a hearing before Canadian Jihadi Omar Khadr’s Guantanamo Military Commission that Khadr claimed he saw Arar at a Kabul guest house run by Al Qaida. If this was indeed true, then both the Canadian and American governments protected Arar from the implications. Later, there were attempts to supplant Arar and his wife among the Canadian left. I know that most Canadians will find it difficult to accept that their so-called public institutions may be involved in acts of terrorism. But this may only be the tip of the iceberg. There is reason to believe that the criminal regimes that dominate the oil rich countries of Indonesia and Nigeria are run out of the city of Calgary.

One student versus the Cabal

In retrospect, there were two big mistakes that I made when I entered Dalhousie University in 2001. I would urge independent minded students entering Western University to take care to avoid duplicating these mistakes. The first mistake was seeking intellectual bliss in the University environment. A place like Dalhousie University calls for dealing with junkyard dogs, not intellectuals. I advise new students to completely avoid the Arts and Social Sciences and stick to strictly technical disciplines in Western University. The problem with strictly technical disciplines is that they attract technocrats and robot type minions. But again, this is what makes these disciplines safe. On the other hand, the Arts and Social Sciences require expansive thinking and interpretation. Which means that these areas are more extensively patrolled by the Criminal Elite. I am not suggesting you sacrifice your interest in these areas. Rather, never let your interest in these areas intersect with your University life. It’s simply not safe, even if you are pursuing an elective in the Arts and Social Sciences. The second mistake I made was mistaking my fellow Canadian students and faculty for free people, not surrogates/minions. When you assume that most people around you are “free,” you expect them to think and act in a certain way. But that was not the case. In my case more than a hundred people knew exactly what was going on. And for them to not only remain silent about illegal activity but to try to seek benefit and opportunity out of my situation speaks of societal failure. Unlike me, They never seemed to get into any trouble (other than sex, alcohol and plagiarism) because they have structured their lives around serving the Criminal Elite. This raised a perplexing dilemma. If my fellow Canadians were not the “free” people they were portrayed to be, then what are they? If free people do exist here, it seems I entirely missed them.

I realize that I cannot overcome an enemy that operates within Canadian public institutions. But I have obtained considerable knowledge on how criminal interests operate in this country, which I intend to share. I have written a little booklet for students caught in a similar situation, and for independent-minded students entering Western University (A Guide to Cabal Activity in Western University – The Dangers of Western University for Independent Minded students). While this eBook was prepared with my experiences in mind, it pretty much applies to Western Universities in general. This is a detailed guide on how to avoid detection by Criminal Cabals for all you independent-minded students entering University. This is basically a wish list of information I wish I had known before stepping foot in Dalhousie University.

As for the essay that started it all, it has now grown into a book, The World War Deception – How the two World Wars were staged for the creation and expansion of the Soviet Union. You can read it here. I have also written a fairly detailed account of the connection between Canadian Intelligence operative Bev Giesbrecht and the October 2010 cargo plane bombing plot.

On the plus side, if a single unarmed student could cause such consternation among the Criminal Elite, it only shows how shaky the ground beneath their feet is.  It’s no wonder that the Quran compares the towers of their lies to a spider’s flimsy web.

[1] Dr. Tom Traves, President of Dalhousie University citing the Scientist Magazine. There are many such publications. Email to all University students, Mon, 20 Oct 2003.

[2]  Ashley McCormick, Letter to the Editor, Gazette March 31 2005.

[3] Marco Chown Oved, “Most DSO Executives won’t support tuition reductions,” Gazette Sep. 29/ 138-04, page 11.

[4] Reid Southwick, “Maclean’s rankings off the mark?,” Gazette Sep. 29/ 138-04, page 5.

[5] MacMechan, Archibald; Metson, Graham (1978). The Halifax explosion: December 6, 1917. McGraw-Hill Ryerson. p. 143. Retrieved 23 July 2010.

[6] Josh Fraser, “Florizone in Israel,” Gazette Jan. 31st 2014


President Evil
This tool was the President of Dalhousie University during the years I was targeted.

Would you buy an education from him/it?

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23/09/2010: A creepy exhibit with blatantly Masonic undertones pops up at the Art Gallery at Saint Mary’s University, Halifax, Canada. This Masonic exhibit was titled Grand Lodge of Nova Scotia by Scott Saunders. There were original artifacts from an actual Masonic Lodge.

07/09/2013: I had a particular lawyer in mind to represent me against Dalhousie. I had found him after a lot of effort. But after I contacted him, he informed me he could be of no help. Apparently, Dalhousie University had already sent big business to his legal firm, and this would create a conflict of interest. If you happen to be a lawyer in Halifax, why don’t you offer to represent me? Maybe your firm too will get big business from Dalhousie?

08/11/2013: Saint Mary’s University’s rapey frosh week chant sparks outrage. This is another Halifax University.

19/11/2013: I emailed the Dalhousie Gazette (Samantha  Elmsley), the same campus newspaper which once mocked me, to publish an abridged version of my narrative on this page. She pretended I was dead and did not reply. I sent an email to several Dalhousie contacts about this disturbing silence. Here is the text:

I am a Dalhousie alumni, and I intend to publish my experiences at Dal (as well as some advice) in the next PRINT edition of the Dalhousie Gazette (see attached doc). I understand that some of this may not be palatable to Dalhousie University. But the Gazette is published by the DSU, which is supposed to represent us (if it really does).

I have contacted the Dalhousie Gazette, but they are pretending that I am dead.

I do believe we are exposing students with certain political/religious beliefs, in particular, international students, to VERY SERIOUS DANGER, including but not limited to stalking, electronic surveillance, eavesdropping, grade tampering, harassment, sexual harassment, being framed for terrorism, death threats etc. Add to that, the email and Internet service may be compromised.

Though we do want the money of students of all stripes, this place is downright dangerous to those who don’t fit in because of a small-town mentality of what goes in here stays in here, and a culture of surrogating oneself to the powerful. I am not saying that this can be changed. Even if the Christ was unlucky enough to show up here, you guys would hand him over to “authorities” pretending nothing happened, and the new job opening of “Judas” would probably get flooded with applications.

I am not asking you for favours. I am not trying to appeal to your morality when there may be nothing in there but dark emptiness. All I am asking you is to do the job you are paid to do. It is not possible to change evil that is so firmly rooted. But at least students can be warned of the dangers and thus be able to take some security precautions and protect themselves.

I finally get a vague reply on 27/11/2013 from the Editor in Chief Ian Froese saying that the Dalhousie Gazette’s editorial board has to approve the submission (they never did).

13/02/2014: Aboriginal student researching missing aboriginal women at Halifax University goes missing!


10/04/2014: In some good news, Dalhousie Student Union President Sagar Jha resigned. To quote him,

My reason to resign is simply that I see the direction the DSU council wishes to take the union, and I cannot be a part of it. I have advised council against this direction; ultimately they have decided to not take any form of that advice. I cannot lead the organization to the direction council is setting forward, which I believe goes against the best interest of Dalhousie Students, and the union’s own sustainability as an organization with integrity.

I have seen a shift in culture and attitude, where solid governance, reason and consideration of the entire membership are being sacrificed in the name of personal political and philosophical ideologies. Every motion that comes forward seems to have a hidden agenda and not to have been given proper consideration on its implications. It seems that the union and council are determined to make this agenda the priority over students and the long-term implications on the health of the union.

This has been a year where students have been alienated by the operations and politics of the union. We see this in our 10.9% voter turnout, the lowest in a decade. The Dalhousie Student Union has normalized the practice of making rushed decisions, disregarding its own policies and constitution, and deliberately shutting out opposing arguments against some ideal society or vision that hasn’t been articulated. If the union’s governance does not lend itself to understanding as many diverse perspectives as possible, how can it be considered a deliberate democracy?


This is a plea for next year’s council and executive to restore the relevance and integrity of the Dalhousie Student Union. Councillors, your personal opinions are not to be considered at the table, your job is to represent your constituency. Do not forget that you have legally obliged to oversee the best interests of the Union. If you have not read the constitution and all of the policies, you do not have the right to criticize any of them (as each policy or by-law does not exist in a vacuum but effects other policies and by-laws).

Why is this good news? Because DSU execs are known to keep swimming in a pool of their own piss until they drown. The above case was an exception.

13/12/2014: Its normal for cars and SUVs to go missing in a city the size of Halifax. But guess what went missing here….

15/12/2014: Most of the male members of the Dalhousie Dentistry class (final year) caught up in a scandal involving rapey Facebook posts in a private group. Strangely, Dalhousie jumps to their defence and goes after the whistleblower, bringing the biggest ever damage to its public image. Find out why.

08/01/2015:  Mount Saint Vincent University lecturer and Merit Contractors Association of Nova Scotia president Michael Kydd under investigation for allegedly sending graphic texts and nude photos to a student.

20/01/2015: University Town of Halifax linked to supposed Chemical Weapons Plot in Ottawa.

01/02/2015: In case you are wondering why I haven’t approached Police over what happened at Dalhousie University. For the record, I have approached police two times. On both occasions, they pretended that I never approached them, and deliberately avoided giving any proof or acknowledgement of a criminal complaint against Dalhousie University. The second time, I was lucky enough to capture the encounter on video, which is posted here.

25/03/2015: Rothschild Thugs / Shell Canada are now active in Dalhousie. They just announced a $600,000 grant to Dalhousie University (In 2011, they had given $500,000). To quote, “The relationship between Shell Canada and Dalhousie dates back to the 1960s, and the university was an inaugural partner in the Campus Ambassador Program when it launched in 2005. Since that point, Shell has invested $1.9 million in experiential learning on campus.” A group of concerned students known as DivestDal tried their best to divest Dalhousie from polluting industries such as Shell. But predictably, the Dalhousie Board of Governors rejected Divestment. To quote, “Dal’s president has shown that he’s willing to prioritize the interests of a rogue industry at the expense of a sustainable future for the community we love. If the Board of Governors thought we would go away after November, they were wrong.”

DivestDal members retouch the Dalhousie insignia to include the symbol of Shell Oil Corporation, in the interests of accuracy.
DivestDal members retouch the Dalhousie insignia to include the symbol of Shell Oil Corporation, in the interests of accuracy.
...And put up the new "Shellhousie" flag in front of the Dalhousie Administrative Building. The flag was of course, immediately taken down by Dal Security, but the point could not have been better made.
…And put up the new “Shellhousie” flag in front of the Dalhousie Administrative Building. The flag was of course, immediately taken down by Dal Security, but the point could not have been better made.

08/05/2015: A former psychiatrist who practised in Halifax and taught at Dalhousie University has been charged with a child pornography offence.

27/05/2015: An Instagram account chronicling the Dalhousie party life, with up to fifty followers, posts a photo of a female student giving oral sex. As expected, a police investigation has been ruled out.

20/07/2015: If you run into legal issues with Dalhousie University while being a student of theirs, be warned that Dalhousie University recently abolished the Office of the Ombudsman, which was intended to mediate between people like you and the University. Also be warned that Dalhousie Legal Aid Services will not assist you against Dalhousie University. Halifax is chock full of lawyers, but most of them specialize in processing fraudulent accident-injury/insurance claims, which are a major source of supplementary income for Maritimers. Most will baulk and run at the very thought of confronting Dalhousie University.

26/07/2015: Dalhousie has released a 100-page task force report to pretend they care about the victims of the DDS Gentlemen Scandal. This isn’t as purely a PR stunt as the restorative justice hogwash was. Here are some gems from the same:

The report found faculty behaved inappropriately towards female students, making comments such as “She is hot” or “Not too hard to look at”.“In some respects, sexist comments had become normalized and went unnoticed,” the report states. “Students who attempt to call professors to account for inappropriate behaviour are ignored or told they are being unprofessional. There is very little evidence that faculty members are regularly monitored or held accountable for inappropriate behaviour.”

There was also a revelation in the report – the university admitted that a dentistry faculty member was fired two years ago because of sexual relationships with two female students.

Another faculty member told a female junior colleague that “he wouldn’t mind having an affair with her” while another is “widely known for looking at women’s breasts and not their faces”.

There was explicit graffiti in the Cavity, a well known student lounge in the dentistry school, that depicted a sketch of a man bending over and another man approaching him with an exposed penis. The caption reads “Oh (name redacted), I’m ready for you this time.”

In one stance, a staff member complained that a faculty member said things had changed in the dental school because “You can’t have oral sex with students anymore”. The report states female students had apparently requested not to be supervised by the male faculty member.

10/08/2015: At a time when Nova Scotia Universities are facing deep cuts, administrative fatcats seem to be unaffected. To quote,

As the region’s largest university, not surprisingly the top wage packages are at Dalhousie. Last year, The Chronicle Herald reported that spending on salaries for the president and associate and assistant vice-presidents more than doubled from 2005 to 2010, going from just over $1.4 million to nearly $3.5 million. The top salary went to Dalhousie president Tom Traves, who was paid $363,418 in 2009 and 2010, according to documents the university provided.


And did you know that Dal Presidents continue to be paid even when they are not Presidenting?

Dalhousie’s former president Tom Traves, who retired in 2013, continues to get paid. In 2014-15 he received $457,521. But not because he did any work. It’s because of an administrative leave provision in his contract. That clause entitles him to an extra year of salary for every five years that he was president, a job he held for 18 years. Under the same arrangement Traves received $442,141 last year. Next year he can look forward to receiving a similar amount once again.

Taxpayers. Gotta love them.

William Sandeson, charged with first-degree murder in the death of fellow Dalhousie University student Taylor Samson, is escorted from Nova Scotia provincial court in Halifax on Wednesday, September 2, 2015. Sandeson is a varsity track athlete who was about to start classes at Dalhousie's medical school. THE CANADIAN PRESS/Andrew Vaughan.
William Sandeson, med student charged with first-degree murder in the death of fellow Dalhousie University student Taylor Samson, is escorted from Nova Scotia provincial court in Halifax on Wednesday, September 2, 2015. Sandeson is a varsity track athlete who was about to start classes at Dalhousie’s medical school. His lawyer claims the police have no case because they compromised the investigation by allowing the crime scene to be renovated. It is unclear who his seat was awarded to. THE CANADIAN PRESS/Andrew Vaughan.

21/08/2015: Dalhousie med student allegedly kills a Dalhousie physics student. We are told it was over drugs. The body of the victim has not been found. The lawyer of the med student Eugene Tan, claims that the crime scene has been compromised. Eugene Tan claims that the crime scene (the med student’s apartment) was being renovated when he visited it! As expected, Halifax Police are shamelessly defending the integrity of the investigation.

01/09/2015: Another Dalhousie med student has been arrested after allegedly planning a massacre at Dalhousie. To quote,

During his appointment with Halifax psychiatrist Dr. Terry Chisholm, Tynes told Chisholm that he was going to be expelled from Dalhousie’s medical school and was going to stab Dr. Evelyn Sutton, the associate dean of undergraduate medical education, and her daughter, Ellen MacDonald, also a medical student at the school, Const. Andrew Nicholson wrote in the search warrant, which was returned to the court Friday. “Tynes also related to Dr. Chisholm that he would find a gun and kill 10 to 20 people and then himself,” Nicholson wrote. “Dr. Chisholm informed Tynes that she would be contacting the police regarding his threats, at which point he left her office in an agitated state.”

Another Dalhousie Med Student Stephen Tynes was accused of planning a massacre at Dal, seeking to kill Dr. Evelyn Sutton and her daughter, and has been subsequently accused of stealing a cat, killing a cat and now rape. Why can’t they make up their minds?

Something does not add up about whats being reported.

  1. Why was the student being expelled?
  2. What exactly was his issue with Dr. Evelyn Sutton, the associate dean of undergraduate medical education, and her daughter, Ellen MacDonald? Dr. Sutton is the assistant dean of admissions at Dalhousie Medical School and head of the rheumatology division, while MacDonald is also a medical student according to her Facebook profile.
  3. Was his shrink really acting in good faith?
  4. If there was really indeed such a serious threat on campus, why weren’t students notified immediately?
  5. Is there any kind of connection between this case and that of another med student arrested for murder? Both seem to be early med students. Who will their seats be going to?

Regardless of whats going on, Dalhousie is clearly not a safe place anymore. Update: Now, Tynes is being accused of killing a cat, stealing a cat and sexual assault. Is this organized blackwashing? Make up your mind.

09/09/2015: All Canadian med schools have an opaque selection process. And this is by design, so as to accommodate the children of the Criminal Elite. Of course, these gentlemen don’t graduate to become family doctors and ER hotshots. They have more serious business to attend to, such as using cattleprods on little children at the Allen Memorial Institute researching Mind Control for the subject population.  I remember a case at a Canadian med school (not Dal) where an outstanding Muslim student had been selected, but had to drop out after facing bogus charges of terrorism. It looked like a “rush order” had been placed for a medical seat at the institution after all candidates had been selected. And this candidate ended up being the weakest link.

This elimination methodology can be observed elsewhere as well. I remember my early years at Dal, when one over-achieving student became a rising star at the Dalhousie Student Union, which back then was nothing more than a hangout for children of the local Criminal Elite. This student was somehow persuaded to take a vacation to Cuba. He never returned, and was murdered in unclear circumstances. The Dalhousie Gazette tried to whitewash his death as an unfortunate accident. Neither were Canadian authorities interested in investigating. Those who have an understanding of deep politics will note that Cuba has backdoor relationships with the Western Criminal Elite. And this is more than evident with the recent resumption of diplomatic relations with the US.

15/09/2015: Former Dal President Tom Traves continues to be the highest paid at Dalhousie University, even in retirement! View the contract here. Here are some comments made by viewers on the CBC website:

HardTruth: The next time Dalhousie or any other university blames government funding for tuition increases think twice. Overpaid management (not just the president) overpaid profs who couldn’t teach their way outta a paper bag.

Tronald Dump @HardTruth: They are also shifting a lot of the teaching to part time profs who get paid close to nothing.

Morlock: Only look at the JOB, not the person. Premier of the Province – $202,000. President of Dal – $457,000. So the President of a University is worth 2.5 times what the Premier of the Province is????

big yellow dog: Lifestyle of the rich and famous……all paid for by the poor and lowly NS taxpayer.Nothing new here folks….move along……it’s the NS way.

Shaun Brown: Well, assuming 8-hour days, it’s really only about $2,821.00 per hour.

Tronald Dump: You walk around Dal these days it looks like an ESL school. My brother teaches there part time, makes nothing while this tapeworm makes a corporate style salary for doing nothing. He says the quality of teaching is going down because so many of the students don’t really understand english so the prof is forced to tailor the classes to them while the other students suffer. Trave’s is the classic example of what is happening to higher education. He shouldn’t have run a university he should have run a travel agency. Meanwhile his replacement blew a whack of money for p.r. white noise for the School of Dentistry boondoogle. Another corporate response. Rumour has it tuition at Dal this year for women is down 20%. Regardless of what Corzine does he still waltz off into the sunset with a sweatheart deal. Again, yet more evidence of corporate influence. These people, their tribe, their mentality and their very faces disgust me.

Citizen of NS: If any Dal alumni are reading this article about Tom Traves, they should keep their cheque books ‘holstered’ the next time Dal comes to them looking for a donation. If it were me being asked to donate to Dal, they would be getting a stern letter of ‘disappointment’, maybe even ‘disgust’, and not a cheque. And Dal gets approx.+ 50% of its annual funding from us taxpayers, so we have a right to be disappointed/disgusted as well.

So is Traves being paid more than the Premier of Nova Scotia for running an ESL-style University, focused on foreign students? Or is it his handling of certain “situations,” such as mine?

16/09/2015: The body of Truro police Const. Catherine Campbell, who had been missing since Sept. 10, has been found in a wooded area east of Barrington Street at North Street in Halifax. Two of the Dal medical students who recently got in trouble are also from Truro. Lets hope this isn’t related in any way. If you are stepping on the feet of Criminal Cabals at Dalhousie, please watch your back.

28/04/2016: The Dawgfather, a hugely popular hot dog vendor who camped in front of the Dalhousie Student Union for years, finally has to leave because the Municipality decided to build a rather unnecessary bike lane, just to evict him from his spot. Very few people are aware that this ugly feud originally started between the Dalhousie Student Union and the Dawgfather. Back when I was a student, the Dalhousie Student Union would allow lucrative cafeteria contracts to be awarded to major companies in circumstances lacking transparency. But the huge lines for the Dawgfather’s cheap hotdogs  meant that this street vendor was biting into the contractor’s margins. And therefore the very first staged “protest” against the Dawgfather originated from the Dalhousie Student Union. This “protest” proved to be such a failure that it disappeared without a trace. Note that the Student Union is expected to support economical alternatives to fast food chains, not vice versa. Then there was a call to boycott the Dawgfather over “antisemitic” tweets which despite being touted by every major media outlet, never succeeded in slowing his sales. The Powers That Be thus had to get the Municipality involved. Typical cretin-minded approach to independent entrepreneurs.

31/05/2016: This is the biggest cultural export of the Maritimes to the rest of the world. Produced and shot right here in Nova Scotia, and full of criminals, dope, cigarettes, alcohol, welfare bums, thieves, prostitutes and unwarranted self-importance, this is a rather accurate portrayal of Maritime values.
15/05/2017: An overly curious Californian map enthusiast named Dan Shaw noticed something interesting in a map of Nova Scotia. He joined several places which had the word “Cross” in them and noticed that they form a hexagram (An occult symbol). He then used GPS to find the central point of the hexagram, which he drove to. The central point of the hexagram turned up in a property which was once the private estate of a Solicitor General of Nova Scotia. On the exact point of the hexagram (according to GPS), Dan Shaw found this. An evil-looking snake comfortably nestled (or crawling up?) the base of a cross. Its placement is no accident. An overhead view of the sculpture shows an iron stake embedded into the sculpture, the type used by surveyors!  Is this a reference to the generational Satanic Elite of this province, who almost always disguise themselves as Christians?

15/05/2017: This critter had a rather unnoticed life, feeding off detritus on the ocean floor. Occasionally, prison inmates and very poor people were forced to eat it. But when Maritimers rendered their fishing sites barren due to trawler-based over-fishing, they started rounding up the lobsters and marketing them as a delicacy. Even though their rubbery meat has one of the highest levels of cholesterol. The Maritimes is the world’s leading suppliers of these saltwater critters. Nevertheless they are prevented from raising them in factory-farms because the critters start eating each other in a compact environment (They tried).

16/05/2017: The founder of Dalhousie University, George Ramsay, the 9th Earl of Dalhousie, claimed he wanted to create a college open to all in 1818. But like the hypocrite he was, women were not admitted until 1881, and it was in 1896 that the first black student graduated. Now there is documentation that he was a racist. To quote,

There are documented statements from George Ramsay expressing views on race, slavery, and settlers and freed slaves of African descent that are far removed from the inclusive language he laid out for his university vision: statements that suggest a desire to return newly freed slaves to their masters, for example, or which view freed slaves as “incapable of industry.”

I would not be surprised if slave drivers and owners of slave-transporting ships showed up linked to his genealogy.

22/06/2017: To quote Dalhousie University,

Our impact on economic development of communities is enabled by the many university activities that foster creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship.

But what is exactly the state of innovation in this “smart” little University city of Halifax? To give one of many examples, Uber, a highly innovative taxi service has been deemed illegal in Halifax because the city won’t give it a “Taxi License.”

To quote,

Earlier this week, Ottawa city council announced plans to loosen taxi regulations so companies like Uber can operate legally. But in Halifax, the rules are very clear: no commercial taxi license, no driver.

In other words, the old taxi mafia business is too strong here. To quote one of their operators,

Uber works like an underground business. They avoid regulations, and we’ve seen they can afford to do that in big cities,” he said. “But in a small economy like Halifax, Uber sticks out like a diamond in a coal mine. I have the app myself, and as soon as someone from Uber comes to pick me up here, I’ll have the police and the bylaw officer waiting.

So the police are now servin’ and protectin’ the taxi mafia? Anyway, in response to Uber, the two Halifax taxi companies are now providing apps (Wowww!). Just be careful not to pass out drunk in their cabs. Their operators can even walk away from rape.

22/08/2017: Here is what Thomas C. Juby, the lead Forensic Investigator in the Swissair 111 crash has to say about his RCMP superiors in Halifax. On the 3rd of April 2007, Juby submitted a complaint of what he had gone through to the RCMP Deputy Commissioner Busson. This was pertaining to the falsification of evidence pertaining to the crash of Swissair 111 on the coast of Halifax in 1998, which Juby refused to be part of. Juby is not from Halifax. Neither does he have any ties to the Maritimes. Reflecting on what can only be described as a culture of corruption in Halifax, Juby stated

My one stipulation was that this matter would no longer be investigated in Halifax. I did not trust anyone in a position of influence in the RCMP’s Halifax Headquarters.

Just like Dalhousie University, the founder of Halifax was also a Cabal operative of the East India Company.

29/08/2017: Just like the founder of Dalhousie University, the “founder” of Halifax Edward Cornwallis was neither an entrepreneur, nor a scientist, nor a thinker or an intellectual. He was British military officer with ties to the East India Company, a notorious corporation that while producing nothing of value, traded commodities cheaply obtained from the East for several times their value, and usually under monopolistic conditions. The East India Company oversaw the destruction of entire nations, and even continents. The brother of Edward Cornwallis, Charles Cornwallis became the Governor General of India in 1786, and and oversaw operations of the East India Company till 1792. He is remembered for notorious taxation measures, such as granting oppressive landowners permanent rights to extract revenue from hapless peasants, in exchange for providing the East India Company fixed returns which the Company decided on the value of the land. Whereas indigenous rulers would establish the tax rate based on the value of the commodities produced for that year. Implementation of these measures immediately produced famines. He also implemented the racist Cornwallis code, which placed the British at the top of of the status hierarchy. He also played an important role in the elimination of the indigenous Kingdom of Mysore.  Cabal operative Edward Cornwallis seemed to have restricted his activity to North America. In Nova Scotia, he was busy with war against the indigenous Mikmaq tribe, and the Acadians. He issued proclamations for the scalps of Mikmaq fighters. The Criminal Elite erected a statue of him in Halifax in 1931, “For an assertion and a resounding expression of imperial triumph.” The square in downtown Halifax was named Cornwallis Square. Now the Mikmaq are demanding removal of the statue and are frequenting the square with peaceful protests. Nobody seemed to care, but the Criminal Elite who erected the statue were perturbed. They couldn’t just climb down from their offices at Purdy’s Wharf and other glass towers to defend Mr. Cornwallis. If they did, they would end up outing themselves. So they have delegated the task to the military so called “white supremacists,” who are available for as little as $200 a gig. Why would they defend him if Cornwallis wasn’t even goy? (His gun fodder soldiers and minions were). Update: The Cabal has succumbed, and the statue has been “relocated.”

05/09/2017; Tourism Nova Scotia sells Nova Scotia’s Acadian heritage in every possible way. But when you go to check it out, you don’t find much. For example, all that remains of the 4km long Acadian village in Grand Pre is this solitary church. It seems the Acadians were “deported” from Nova Scotia. They were replaced by Cabal-friendly doppelgangers of British origin whose successors are found in these areas instead. Business as usual in Nova Scotia.
Alexander Graham Bell on a Canadian Stamp.
Alexander Graham Bell. Enabling technology or stealing stifling it?

14/10/2017: Nova Scotia celebrity resident and so-called inventor of the Telephone, the late Alexander Graham Bell was a Cabal operative. The name Bell is derived from Baal, a pagan calf-god Jews once worshiped. The thing actually neighed mooed when wind would pass around, and the Jews would swoon in euphoria. The name Bell occurs in elite circles, and during my persecution at Dal, even I encountered a Bell. But that’s not all. Did you know that Bell may have stolen the idea of the telephone from an American inventor/entrepreneur named Elisha Gray? Now of course, old Bell definitely did not accomplish this all on his own. We are talking of the possibility that the Cabal had put entire teams on the ground to engage in surveillance of Elisha Gray, and Bell was merely acting as a scientific-looking frontman for these interests (because someone from the Morgan, Rothschild or Rockefeller families stealing Elisha Gray’s patent would look very suspicious). On 14th February 1876, Elisha Gray filed a caveat with the US Patent Office in Washington, announcing his intention to patent what would become known as the telephone. This caveat was intended to be confidential. Ten years later, the patent examiner Zenas Wilbur claimed in an affidavit that Bell had bribed him to show the caveat for $100 (which he did). Later the same day, Bell’s lawyers filed their patent application at the same Washington office (Bell was in Boston, which further supports the theory that while he would later be credited with the patent, a bigger, undocumented force was countering Elisha Gray’s patent). While Bell’s application had been written down on 20th January 1876, seven sentences would be inserted on 14th February 1876, which included the variable resistance feature found in Gray’s caveat. Under mysterious circumstances, Bell was awarded the patent on 7th March 1876. While Bell claimed to be unaware of Gray’s caveat, an entry in Bell’s lab notebook dated 8th March 1876 shows a diagram which bears eerie similarity to the drawing in Gray’s caveat. Further, Gray specifically mentioned making use of a water transmitter, on 10th March 1876, Bell would conduct his famous proof of concept using an identical water transmitter. Later he would distance himself from the water transmitter and it would be never used in public demonstrations or commercial use of the telephone. Sadly, Gray fell for his lawyer’s erroneous advice and did not counter Bell immediately, thereby losing his patent. Having Bell patent the telephone instead of Gray allowed The Powers That Be to exercise complete commercial monopoly over telephone technology for decades to come. Neither did they have to give hefty commissions to Gray. This would delay the spread of telephone technology considerably. It is likely that had Gray been awarded the patent, telephone technology may have proliferated faster, as Gray would likely allow several different interests to use his patent.  (As opposed to the monolithic AT&T and the interests behind it, who made the most of Bell’s patent). It is possible that Bell’s aviation experiments were also attempts to steal patents for the Cabal. While stealing a patent does indeed require talent, it is surely not a sign of genius.

14/10/2017: Dal is in the news again. 22 people have been arrested during homecoming parties.

Katie George-Jim, an Indigenous member of Dalhousie University’s board of governors claims to have encountered the most overt instance of discrimination in her life during a seemingly regular meeting of the board. We now know only because she spoke up. Imagine what students go through.

18/10/2017: Katie George-Jim, an Indigenous member of Dalhousie University’s board of governors says she was subjected to institutionalized racism at a recent meeting, prompting a later apology from the board’s chairman (Lawrence Stordy). The meeting took place on 27th June 2017. Following the President’s report, there was time allotted for suggestions, comments and questions. Katie George-Jim drew attention to the proposed revision of the Ceremonial Mace. The Ceremonial Mace is a decorated staff that is used during the Convocation Ceremony. It features cryptic symbols used by the Powers That Be, Masonic emblems and the court of arms of the Dalhousie family, all intended to celebrate Dalhousie’s Criminal Cabal heritage. Cabal operatives love to flaunt these things before the gullible citizenry, as some kind of inside joke. Now that Dalhousie is airbrushing its Cabal heritage and pretending to be more inclusive, they have even claimed to be open to new ideas for redesigning the mace. Katie George-Jim sits on a committee that oversees the intended redesign of the mace. Katie George-Jim’s suggestion was shot down, and the Chair patronizingly reminded her that Board meetings were only to discuss institutional level problems. The meeting was not paused, and disturbingly, other participants did not seem to be concerned at all. To quote Katie George-Jim, “This incident was probably the most overt form of discrimination I have ever felt in my life.” On August 31st 2017, Katie George-Jim penned down a 6-page reflection on what had transpired.

University Convocation ceremonies are based on Masonic initiation rituals. You are being initiated into the lowest wrung of a Criminal organization, without even knowing it. The hats and the gowns are exactly the ones worn in Masonic Halls. And this is why trivial elements of the rite, such as the mace, have all these cryptic symbols on them. And this is the reason why Dalhousie, while publicly calling for a redesign of the mace, is actually very hostile to the idea of a revision. Even if they do redesign it, I guarantee that the Masonic emblems on it will not go away. If this skullduggery disgusts you, do what I did. Avoid attending the convocation ceremony, and instead request the Registrar to mail your degree. This has to be done in advance.

This episode demonstrates that Dalhousie’s attempts at diversity and inclusion are meant to be nothing more than window dressing. They are looking for compromised individuals who smile for website photographs and press conferences rather than real representatives of different cultures and ethnic groups. Not surprisingly, board members representing other groups were also present at this meeting, and they have preferred to either remain silent or to contradict Katie George-Jim. Even if genuine inclusion and diversity are attained in Dal governance, the situation would still be just as hopeless. Because real decisions pertaining to this University are made in the lodges of secret societies. There is no attempt to introduce female empowerment, inclusion and diversity in these secret societies and fraternities because these are cabalist people who are into extreme faggery brotherly love, and have no use for females and minorities.

Dalhousie is “disciplining” the Vice President of its Student Union, which is supposed to be an independent body. Her crime is having the Student Union boycott the Canada 150 Celebrations in respect of the rights of the indigenous people.

20/10/2017: On 28th June 2017, Masuma Khan, the Vice-President of the Dalhousie Student Union, put forward a motion that the DSU not participate in the Canada 150 celebrations. The motion passed with the overwhelming support of the union’s voting members, including four of its vice-presidents and president. This was done in respect of the indigenous people of Canada, for whom Canada continues to be a nightmare. Needless to say, the DSU and Masuma Khan exchanged brickbats on social media for their decision. With attempts to oust Khan from within the DSU being unsuccessful, the Dalhousie University Administration has now jumped in to punish Masuma Khan. They are pretending to be concerned about brickbats she exchanged with detractors in a now-deleted Facebook post. They claim to have received a complaint from History student Michael Smith, who also published a scathing op-ed in the National Post (The same National Post which tried to pass off a genuine Muslim charity as a supporter of terrorism; The apology can no longer be found on their website). Dalhousie conducted an “investigation” and gave her the option to undergo counseling and write a reflective essay. Now that she has refused, The Dalhousie Senate Discipline Committee is coming after her. Masuma Khan was on this Committee, but has now been removed. Update: Dalhousie is withdrawing their quest for blood. This time, it seems they have learnt to stop digging when they find themselves in a hole.

The irony of the whole situation is that Masuma Khan was an official of the DSU, which is supposed to be independent of Dalhousie University for obvious reasons. And therefore the matter would normally be resolved within the DSU. But with Cabal presence at the DSU not as strong as it once was, Dalhousie has to intervene from the outside. Darryl Leroux, an Associate Professor in the Department of Social Justice and Community Studies at Saint Mary’s University has penned some interesting commentary about this particular case.

Why would the National Post give voice to opponents of Masuma Khan by allowing them to publish in their paper? Would they publish my account too?

23/10/2017: Did you know that according to 2016 census data, Nova Scotia remains the province with the highest poverty rate in Atlantic Canada (15%) and of all Canadian provinces, only Manitoba and British Columbia have a higher poverty rate than Nova Scotia. We also find a poverty rate of well over 30% in the towns of Yarmouth, Digby, and Parrsboro.

26/01/2018: According to an official email, Arig al Shaibah, Dalhousie’s first vice-provost, student affairs “will be leaving Dalhousie for another position at the end of March.” Arig al Shaibah will be remembered as the public face of the inquisition attempted inquisition Masuma Khan, the Vice-President of the Dalhousie Student Union. To quote her in a public release dated 23/10/2017,

In this particular case, there was enough evidence for me to determine that this should be examined under section C1.f. of the Code. As the VPAE DSU did not agree to explore resolution of the matter through informal means, it is now left to the Senate Discipline Committee (SDC) to weigh the evidence of all students participating and determine whether a violation of the relevant section of the Code occurred. It is open to Senate Disciplinary Committee to consider Charter values, of which freedom of expression is one. A panel of peers and academics will determine the merits of the case brought before them, which is a healthy approach in that the decision doesn’t lay in the hands of one administrator.

By 25/10/2017, she vigorously backpedals. To quote:

Having considered and weighed all of the events of the last few weeks, and particularly the last couple of days, at this time, with the endorsement of the officers of Senate and with the knowledge of the Complainant and witnesses, I am withdrawing the complaint for three critical reasons:

You can read her “reasons” in the link if you want to. I am of the opinion that Dalhousie suddenly realized that their strange relationship with the Student Union was being scrutinized all across Canada. But hold on, this is not why I posted this blurb. Dalhousie is once again making headlines by claiming that the new replacement vice-provost, student affairs will be chosen only from racially visible, Indigenous candidates!. To quote Carolyn Watters, Provost and Vice-President Academic Chair, Vice-Provost Student Affairs Search Committee in an official Dalhousie email dated 26/01/2018,

In keeping with the principles of our Employment Equity Policy, and with an aim to increase the representation of underrepresented groups at Dalhousie, this search for a new Vice-Provost Student Affairs will be restricted to racially visible persons and Aboriginal peoples at this time.

But did having a “racially visible” Arig al Shaibah as the previous candidate really help in the Masuma Khan affair? Or is this classic Dalhousie© misdirection, aimed at burying the handling of the Masuma Khan affair, as well Dalhousie administration’s curious relationship with its Student Union, by raising controversial non-issues?

Now let me tell you a little story. Due to the nature of my case, I have become well-aware of how the Cabal operates among visible minorities in Canada. For example, I came across a person who had a side job of assisting Intelligence in the Halifax Muslim community. If the Cabal was targeting a particular person, he would get a heads up. If this targeted person were to visit a mosque or a Muslim community center, this person would deploy stalkers to shadow the targeted person, with the hope that such people would somehow gain the trust and confidence of the targeted person (for the purpose of entrapment). Although these operations were low-tech and Intelligence didn’t exactly seem to pay him that well, it was still very creepy and disgusting for a targeted person.

Imagine my surprise when I recently learn that the child of this person is in a very important position at Dalhousie, serving as a liaison between the students and the administration. The child in question does the whole Muslim identity thing, but its a gimmick. Imagine what would happen if a student like me, facing Criminal Cabal Persecution, were to approach him/her and trust him/her?

One of the biggest stumbling block visible minorities and Aboriginals face in Canada are compromised individuals from within them, who make secret deals with Intelligence. Such people usually end up being touted as leaders and representatives of their communities. With Dalhousie doing the new “visible minority” jig, expect to see more of such compromised people at Dalhousie. If Dalhousie is doing a lot of effort to promote them, it is all the more likely that they work for Intelligence.

Dr. Gabrielle Horne, Dalhousie’s first female MD/PhD in adult cardiology, sought to find a new explanation for heart failure by analyzing the role of the septum, which sometimes compensates for a weak heart pump. Instead, she is embroiled in a legal battle with her hospital (affiliated to Dalhousie Medical School), after they tried to force their “researcher(s)” into her project. Halifax is not a safe place for research. Once the Cabal get wind of a potential new discovery or new technology, they move in to appropriate it. And if they can’t they destroy those researching it. Scientists and Innovators: Keep your ideas to yourself here.

27/02/2018: Dr. Gabrielle Horne, a Halifax cardiologist who successfully sued the former Capital District Health Authority after her hospital privileges were reduced, has had her damages reduced to to $800,000 from $1.4 million by a Nova Scotia Court. Dr. Gabrielle Horne had a high-profile research grant in 2002, but her superior(s) tried induct their “researcher(s)” into her project. After being uncooperative, Dr. Horne was subjected to a campaign of character assassination, blackballing, and academic mobbing. Guess who the Capital District Health Authority was affiliated with? Dalhousie’s Faculty of Medicine. Dalhousie did take some heat from this scandal (which they quickly deflected). To quote,

The Canadian Association of University Teachers also attempted to put pressure on Dalhousie, which it claimed had recently moved from being “an ineffective defender of its faculty member to one of her attackers” by rescinding Horne’s clinical scholar award because of “her failure to report significant research activity.”


The Canadian Association of University Teachers, stymied by its failure to get cooperation from the health authority or action from the provincial government, which argues it has no authority in the dispute, stepped up pressure on Dalhousie to put pressure on its partners at the Capital District Health Authority.

In November, it wrote to university president Tom Traves, threatening to censure Dalhousie if it didn’t press for what it calls “procedural fairness” and do more to support its beleaguered medical faculty member. Such a censure could have profound consequences for Dalhousie—under censure procedures, CAUT’s 48,000 academics across Canada would be urged not to accept appointments at Dal or participate in university academic conferences, and academics world-wide would be asked to do the same.

Perhaps not surprisingly, Dal did respond—Traves wrote to the authority’s board chair, expressing the university’s “profound and continued concerns” about the treatment of Horne and Goodyear—but it wasn’t quite enough to convince CAUT to rescind its threat. Last weekend, the matter came up at CAUT’s regular executive committee meeting in Ottawa. Although it held off on proceeding with the formal censure process until November, it pointedly warned Dalhousie it expects action—and soon.

When that didn’t work for them, their tactics became horrifying. They demanded that I be sent to an inpatient psychiatric unit in another country. It wasn’t a medical opinion. I wasn’t anybody’s patient. It was their demand.

Dr. Gabrielle Horne on the Toxic Research Environment of Halifax, 11th March 2018
Dalhousie University President Dr. Richard Florizone pimping the services of Dalhousie to the military and intelligence community at the Halifax International Security Forum (November 2017). Dalhousie University is now officially a partner of the Halifax International Security Forum, which is a military-intelligence think-tank headquartered in Washington DC. The Halifax International Security Forum has a summit every year in Halifax, which brings together up to 300 Cabal operatives delegates from 70 countries, who get to hobnob with each other in the judgement-free comfort of a truly Cabal city.

18/06/2018: Just received an email from Dalhousie Alumni Engagement announcing that Dalhousie University President Dr. Richard Florizone will be stepping down as President in the new year. Looks like Dalhousie is due for a major diaper change following the failure of whitewashing the Dentistry scandal, the Masuma Khan affair and the Chris Hillier issue. We expect the next President to further streamline Cabal activity at Dalhousie.

06/07/2018: Dalhousie is in the news again! Give me a break Dalhousie, its summer. To quote,

Dalhousie University is investigating complaints of bullying and harassment against the dean of its faculty of management.

Sylvain Charlebois came to Dalhousie as the result of an executive search by a professional headhunting firm.

Previously, he was a professor in the College of Business and Economics at the University of Guelph in Ontario from 2010 to 2016.

A story about the complaints and subsequent investigation was first published last month in

Dalhousie will not comment or even confirm that an investigation is taking place.


The Riyals, they stopping. They hating. The good times, them ending.

In a development that could have serious repercussions for the future of the Dalhousie Medical School, Saudi Arabia has announced that they intend to recall Saudi students studying on scholarships in Canada, and enroll them in Universities in other parts of the world. To quote,

Riyadh has decided to suspend its scholarship and fellowship programs in Canada amid the ongoing row with Ottawa provoked by Canada’s criticism of human rights activists’ arrests in the ultra-conservative kingdom.

Saudi Arabia announced on Monday that it stopped all educational training programs it ran in cooperation with Canada and revealed its plans to move the recipients of the scholarships in Canada to other countries, Al Arabiya reported. Earlier, Riyadh said it would freeze all new trade and investment deals with Canada, adding that it “retains the right to take further action.”

The deterioration of diplomatic relations is a result of Canada’s Criminal Elite (a group with the blood of tens of thousands of natives on their hands) assuming they can “play” Saudi Arabia the way they play their First Nations and their own citizenry. These people don’t care about my rights as a citizen and happily go black op on Canadian students, chasing them all the way to Ecuador. Expecting them to care about women’s right in another country is like expecting fatcats to care about mice.

Cabal Times believes that this will be a great decision as far as the Dalhousie Medical School is concerned. Dalhousie has long ceased to be a genuine Medical school, and the bloated tuition Saudi students are paying indirectly supports the unjustified salaries of the Fatcats who run the Med School. They have now made their extended families, as well as the families of the local Criminal Elite a sizeable portion of the Med School student body, to the detriment of genuine Canadian students. Needless to say, no genuine learning or research can continue in such a toxic environment, and those who have attempted to do so are now fighting legal battles. Worse, foreign students are getting brainwashed, targeted for Intelligence Operations and black op’d. Dear Saudi Arabia, please enroll your students anywhere but Dalhousie.

Needless to say, the Fatcats will find someone else to mooch off. The most likely candidate would be you your tax dollars  (ROGER OTTAWA: SEND MOAR GRANTS…….). But Ottawa is busy buying F-35s, so that means the Thug Life days of the Fatcats are numbered.

Update: Cabal Times has discovered that Raif Badawi, the supposed Saudi “intellectual” at the heart of this crisis may not be legit. And here are some legit human rights issues Canada seems to shy away from addressing.

15/10/2018: Sh** Starts Here


Sometime back, the Irvings started gloating over how their generational shipbuilding mafia business was contributing to the economy through a “Ships Start Here” Campaign. They stopped doing that. Here is the reason why:

Representatives from the federal government have recently made comments suggesting they plan to move some of the Halifax-class ship repair work away from the Irving Shipyard.

The loss of this work would be a loss for the Nova Scotian economy and families across the province.

Logistically and economically, it makes sense to keep the work in Halifax. With a skilled workforce, supplier relationships firmly established in the region, an ice-free harbour, the Royal Canadian Navy’s Atlantic Fleet based right next door, and decades of experience, our members at the Irving Shipyard are best positioned to continue this work. We have the capacity and the demonstrated know-how.

Unifor has worked with Irving Shipbuilding to diversify this workplace, training women, African Nova Scotians and Indigenous women and men to become expert shipbuilders. We’ve built and are continuing to support a vibrant workplace where over 900 Unifor members are building their futures alongside the future of the Canadian Navy.

Click on the Take Action tab above to sign the petition and share your support for the workers at the Halifax Shipyard. Tell your Member of Parliament: SHIPS STAY HERE

So what is this fuss all about? Irving does not want any work going to Quebec, because apparently, nobody is better qualified to do the job. To quote:

Davie Suppliers Association president Pierre Drapeau added: “It is unfortunate that Irving feels the need to once again interfere in Quebec’s business, and worst of all attempt to disrupt the vital work required for our women and men serving in the Canadian forces.”

Its quite convenient how unions in this place only make themselves heard in “special situations.”

12/02/2019: BACTERIA ATE THE TITANIC……just noticed some interesting research that came out of Dalhousie University in 2010:

Dalhousie scientists Henrietta Mann, Bhavleen Kaur and researchers from the University of Seville, in Spain, investigated samples from rusticles taken from the Titanic. Using DNA technology, they identified a new bacterial species, Halomonas titanicae. This bacterium is of particular interest as part of the cycle of the rusting of submerged metal structures and the release, ‘recycling’, of iron back into the environment. First Published Online: 01 December 2010, International Journal of Systematic and Evolutionary Microbiology 60: 2768-2774, doi: 10.1099/ijs.0.020628-0

Here’s what noted “Conspiracy Theorist” Miles Mathis has to say:

If that isn’t enough to blow the whole story, simply read the Titanic wreck page at Wikipedia. There we learn that the wreckage is too fragile to be saved or lifted, and that it is now protected by UNESCO convention. Convenient. We learn that although it has survived a century on the sea floor, it is expected to disintegrate very soon [……..] Also convenient, since it prevents later forensics. Note how the estimates for a complete disappearance of the wreckage keep getting moved up, with the last date mentioned being 2031. Both statements conflict with other parts of the story, don’t they, where we are shown “remarkably well preserved interiors”, with chandeliers still hanging from the ceilings. So we are supposed to believe the steel eating bacteria weren’t hungry from 1912 to 1990, but suddenly got famished in the last decade or so. As soon as the Jewish bankers had unloaded all the salable crap off the wreck and installed it in Las Vegas, the hungry bacteria arrived in force. What a coincidence.

23/02/2019: Business as Usual in Nova Scotia

The Department of Fisheries and Oceans (DFO) in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia has been conspiring with a few Fishermen from Glace Bay over a long period of time. DFO is enabling and abetting this behavior which forms a definite “conscious wrongdoing”. The end result is that senior management at DFO uploaded their responsibility, and converted this “Joint Project Agreement” or contracts to fish Snow Crab off Louisbourg into a political ideology. The decision to issue Snow Crab Licenses to these Fishermen was clearly based on politics. This constitutes a breach of duty by DFO thus making it a clear and concise case for me based on political discrimination.

Paul Fraser, an independent Crab Fisherman, 3rd April 2011

21/03/2019: Why Nova Scotians (in general) are too ethically challenged for IT Startups

On 1st February 2019, news broke that Gerald Cotten, the Nova Scotian CEO of cryptocurrency exchange QuadrigaCX, had died in suspicious circumstances in India — and taken the passwords to hundreds of millions of dollars worth of digital money with him to the grave. Business as usual, except for the fact that:

  1. Some believe the death to have been faked.
  2. Some Bitcoin experts believe that there is no way US $190 million worth of Bitcoins could have vanished. An in-depth analysis of the Quadriga case by Zerononcense has pointed towards a lot of strange and suspicious activity as well.
  3. I believe that the “death” in India was connected to the Powers That Be pushing for Bitcoin regulation in India (such horror stories do wonders).
  4. Since Nova Scotia is the jurisdiction for settlements, this makes things even murkier. Given the corrupt nature of courts in the province, there is maximum potential for skullduggery. If the Cabal is involved, this would be a great opportunity to loot some Bitcoins and claim they simply vanished.

Another leading (and legitimate) US based Bitcoin exchange is offering up to USD $100,000 as a reward if you have any information about these lost Bitcoins. They too, find the tale “…..too suspicious to be believed.” To quote,

If so, let us know and we’ll pass your tips on to law enforcement. Kraken is giving up to $100,000 USD (fiat or crypto) as a reward for the tip(s) that best lead to the discovery of the missing $190 million US dollars. Go here to submit your tips or leads. With your help, Kraken is committed to supporting law enforcement in solving this case.

Before you consider any Nova Scotian Startup, read this book. While some cases covered deal with obvious scams, others deal with legitimate business models being mysteriously torpedoed. Mind you, the book covers the boondoggles BEFORE the ethically challenged locals went online.

06/05/2019: An update on the Chris Hillier Case…..Was a Rape covered up at Dalhousie as a Psychiatric Case?

The fact that Chris’ classmates at Dalhousie Medical School, the student body at Dalhousie and the Student Union have conveniently buried Chris shows how students or future doctors produced by Dalhousie are largely ethically challenged.

We had earlier covered Dalhousie Med Student Chris Hillier, who has currently fled to South America after Dal went “Black Ops” on him in retaliation for whistle-blowing. You can read about that here. On 22nd March 2019, Chris Hillier contacted me through his new Facebook account and sent me an updated version of the original document that details his ongoing ordeal. In it, we find this perplexing piece of information:

I saw one woman (a Dalhousie student) admitted to the psych ward in Halifax that claimed she was sexually assaulted by someone that she said “had connections”. I never understood why she was being admitted but this is political psychiatry.

As the Chris Hillier case demonstrates, it is easy for members of the Halifax Criminal Elite to do as they please and then rush psychiatrists to their assistance.

The fact that Chris’ classmates at Dalhousie Medical School, the student body at Dalhousie and the Student Union have conveniently forgotten Chris and pretend that he never existed shows the extent of their flakiness, and shows how students or future doctors produced by Dalhousie are largely ethically challenged. Such robots are however, destined for great careers in the Military, the Intelligence, Banks or at SNC Lavalin.

13/06/2019: Halifax Cop rapes same victim twice (RCMP Cover-up in progress). Only a Cabal family background would give him such degree of protection. Since the name is not being released, feel free to guess which family/clan/cabal.

23/06/2019: The Dalhousie Student Union fired three employees which inadvertently resulted in a temporary closure of the Grawood Lounge. The employees were rumoured to be in the process of joining the United Food and Commercial Workers Union. This is a rather Quixotic case of a fake Student Union suppressing a legitimate Union. Note that the Cabal has gone into disinformation overdrive suggesting that this was all the fault of the Canadian Federation of Students (CFS), which the DSU was contemplating to join. The CFS supports the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) movement in solidarity with Palestinian Human Rights advocates. The Cabal has a problem with that. Friendly reminder that DSU was behind the eviction of the Dawgfather, whose cheap hotdogs gave DSU contractors a run for their money. They prefer you pay for their overpriced food.

28/06/2019: Dartmouth-Cole Harbour NDP Nominee Rana Zaman has been dropped from the NDP after it was found that she had criticized some sacred cows in tweets last year. Take note that the only political party which was genuine in the entire history of Canada was the short-lived Alberta Social Credit Party. Its leaders would not be dropped but would mysteriously die off. Devoting energy and resources to ANY other political party is a waste of time, because at the end of the day, all important seats go to the unaccomplished children of the local Criminal Elite. Unless you are into musical chairs, this is not for you.

04/07/2019: Former Halifax chiropractor Dena Churchill (her Facebook) ordered to pay $100K related to anti-vaccine Facebook posts. Interestingly, the guidelines from the National Chiropractic Association, which is observed by the Nova Scotia College, is for chiropractors not to discuss vaccines in any capacity. Even though Chiropracters do not administer vaccines. Never knew that a Professional License could be used to curtail free speech. #Innovation@AtlanticCanada

09/07/2019: Did you know that Nova Scotia has the highest new cancer cases for men and women in all of Canada? Some blame it on naturally occuring arsenic seeping into the groundwater. The Dalousy Medical School is yet to figure out (maybe in another 200 years?).

09/07/2019: In April 2018, a nineteen year old Nova Scotian teenager had his home raided by 15 police officers and ended up being arrested. His crime? Writing a one-line program that downloaded Freedom of Information Requests onto his hard-drive. These were improperly stored in the public directory of a government website. The Powers That Be went berserk because they could not let him see Freedom of Information Requests granted to other parties. What were they hiding?

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26 Responses

  1. [NAME EXCISED]No Gravatar says:

    I was a student at Dal Med Class of 2015. A student in my class Zach Dewar was convicted of stealing narcotics and sedatives from NS ambulance. Dal Med allowed him to continue his studies-he graduated in 2016 and is now practicing medicine in the States. He also had his criminal records cleared by the NS courts. As a point of interest, most of my classmates were related to practicing physicians in NS and my class (Halifax Campus) had only 4 students of visible minorities. One of them was a student from Saudi Arabia where Dal makes an obscene amount of money from allowing these students to come. But not female Saudi students!

    • Hamad SubaniNo Gravatar says:

      For other readers, the above commenter is referring to the case of Zach Dewar, which you can read here.

      The Dal Med School is ready to support a thieving addict, but will go black ops on a genuine student with a documented learning disability. Connections are all that matter here.

      • Chris HillierNo Gravatar says:


        It is Chris Hillier. I have not been ignoring your messages my facebook, email and phones have been shut down. My 2 laptop cords were stolen. I was placed in the United Nations High Commissioners emergency shelter in Belize. The shelter was broken into after I arrived and had the locks drilled out. I had to sell clothes to make it to a refugee shelter in Mexico. The recent Wikileaks map of CIA Amazon locations correlates with my network protocol analyzer.Specifically it is the Clandestine services special activities division working with US SOCOM and others. They are running a black psy ops suicide program that use principles of psychiatry and psychology to maximize risk factors amongst other things to push the target to suicide. They are behind the TI (zersetzung{psyops) program and the world needs to know. I have lost 21 lbs in 2 months due to food insecurity and have slept on the ground, plywood, etc. I have no money left after 2 years of economic warfare so this will likely be my last correspondence. I have files and a youtube channel. The files have been sent to the following people so perhaps they can share them as I do not have your email. Mike Macgillivary, Colin Boyd and Adam Hinchey are more likely to assist if you decide you want to see them. I wish you the best and appreciate you posting the article, it´s rare to find someone to have the courage to speak out honestly as you have and I genuinely appreciate it. Current suicide research funded by the DOD is being carried out at Nock labs at Harvard.

      • Hamad SubaniNo Gravatar says:

        This message was indeed from Chris, whose case I have covered here. The Youtube links contain his videos. I hope this isn’t his last message. I have kept persuading Chris to contact the Canadian Consulate. But they have scared him so badly that he refuses to entertain the idea. He believes that he will meet the same fate of Dal Medical student Stephen Tynes once he reaches Canada. His Facebook has been blocked.

        Update: His Facebook has indeed been blocked. I have downloaded all three videos on his Youtube. In case his Youtube Channel is locked, you can get them from me.

        In one of his videos, he says that it will be his last video and he will not last for long. He says that if he gets killed, he wants to be cremated, and if any money comes out of a legal case against Dalhousie and/or the Canadian Government, it should go to his son Luke.

        It is important to note that it is unlikely that he will commit suicide, and instead it will be made to appear as such. Well done, Dalhousie.

  2. ErwinNo Gravatar says:

    Dear Mr. Subani. I believe every word written by you. I immigrated from Europe to Nova Scotia, lived there for nearly 25 years as a business man and made similar experiences. I am working on a personal webpage, unfortunately in German, since my English language is limited. I would like to add a link to your website and asking for your permission. Please let me know.

  3. P. John HarleyNo Gravatar says:

    Curious, how would you rate McMaster University as for cabal levels of corruption and such? I’m very curious, since I was going to take night courses to get my modernized GED for university acceptance until I read this site. Now I am very concerned.

    • Hamad SubaniNo Gravatar says:

      Normally, the bigger and more prominent the Western University, the greater the Cabal level. However, a big cosmopolitan University like McMaster also gives you the advantage of slipping through the cracks unnoticed. At Dalhousie, you are in a comparatively small town whose residents are the best real-life personification of the Minions. And since they don’t/won’t ever pose any political/intellectual/financial/moral challenge to the Cabal, the Cabal at Dalhousie literally stomps around the place, spying on everybody and targeting those they don’t like. In short, they have a lot of time and money in their hands which Cabals at other Universities don’t. This is evident from the fact that no matter how big a scandal unravels, nothing really changes. This makes places like Dalhousie University more nauseating than other major Universities.

  4. MeNo Gravatar says:

    There is a reason for all this…time to dive in deeper….

  5. RossNo Gravatar says:

    Hi, Mr. Subani.

    How did you find all that info on Iran? What do you think will happen this year? Economic collapse?

  6. ILLUMINATINo Gravatar says:

    we are looking for new recruit’s to spread the enlightenment of our organization. we do not represent evil nor do we worship devil. we do not advocate violence or harm against anyone.the Illuminati it a group of enlightened individuals whose focus is to spread truth, knowledge and enlightenment. we advocate peace and only exits for the betterment of mankind.we do not promise you riches or however we can advise you on how to obtain these things only if you truly desire them.if you TRULY seek to become member of the Illuminati then please follow the simple steps below for consideration into our organization. email us via

  7. KCNo Gravatar says:

    I hope you can get help for your delusions before you are compelled to hurt somebody or yourself

    • Hamad SubaniNo Gravatar says:

      Back in the Soviet Union, dissidents were always be labelled as insane, as requiring help. This is exactly what Professor Magog and the Criminal Cabal at Dalhousie would say, even though they are the ones hurting everybody.

      BTW this page wasn’t exactly made for usual Dalhousie students like you Mr. Schwarz, It is intended for international students and those who bring their own values to the table. The ethically challenged have nothing to worry about. They wouldn’t get into any kind of trouble, even in North Korea. I am surprised you actually took the time to read through this. My website logs show that most Maritimers are pre-programmed to close the browser when such stuff inadvertently pops up. They have a fairly limited attention span. From what I have learnt, its their wink-wink-nudge-nudge way of lending approval to the activities of the Powers That Be. They are too shameless to even acknowledge that a wrongdoing has occurred. But again, this appears to be business-as-usual in their work culture.

      If we are to take the example of the tens of thousands of native Canadians being quietly genocided and many more being forcibly sterilized in so-called Residential Schools as a standard for how Canadian society responds to abuses of their Criminal Elite, then Dalhousie could go on targeting independent minded students until there were thousands of cases like mine (and there probably are; very few students muster the strength to even speak back, most don’t even know what hit them). Then some day, decades from now from now, when the ugliness becomes too big to keep on concealing, the Canadian Government will issue a vaguely worded “Statement of Reconciliation” and Dalhousie University (if still not closed due to scandals) will issue a “settlement package” with an “opt-in deadline.”

  8. HelenaNo Gravatar says:

    When I was 20, we had the Velvet Revolution in Prague, former Czechoslovakia.. I studied medicine, we were on strike for a week at Uni, during that week I met a Dutch journalist, who was in Prague to cover what was going on, plus he was scheduled to interview Olga Havel, 1st wife of our future president, formed dissident, Vaclav Havel. He needed an independent interpreter, sent someone to my faculty to look for who could do the job. By then hardly anyone spoke English, so I got the job.. We sat with Olga Havel in their living room.. I experienced what freedom was about, after 20 years of communism. Nowadays I wonder what is worse, our former communists, or global leaders of our ´´free western world“ with all that´s attached.

    Thank you for being you, your work is inspiring !!

  9. lilmotherNo Gravatar says:

    Excellent and well written documentation Sir! Thank You for confirming what I suspected but could not prove through my own research. I stand with you and salute you. You insights into the dehumanizing "normalcy" efforts by ALL sectors [at the behest of the PTB] was most gratifying as I have been a reluctant victim of that "trade" -simply because I was a woman with intelligence and physical beauty, attempting to secure my career as a professional. At the times of its occurrences, I never dreamed that it could be as rampant and pervasive a "strategy" as I now know it to be. Again, I thank you! Namaste and Blessings to you.

  10. MrRapNo Gravatar says:

    If even only 5% of what you say is the truth, your story is exceedingly worrisome.
    God speed to you Sir.

  11. HazelNo Gravatar says:


  12. NaynayNo Gravatar says:

    In the UK what you have described is going on on a grand scale! Schools, universities, Civil service jobs to name but a few. The deep and intricate warren of subterfuge and complicity. It stinks to high heaven! To be honest you'd need to be extremely "dulled" to not be aware of it. Truth is I reckon many people are aware but would prefer to go along with the herd and not jeopardise what they consider to be already an uncertain future. No chance of them risking the huge debt they are incurring to study to pander to their conscience and help victimised unknowns.
    Thanks though for sharing your experiences and further risking yourself. You are a true man in the real sense of the word. Born free and will remain free for the rest of your days!

  13. ????No Gravatar says:

    Bless !!!

  14. Matt BealNo Gravatar says:

    I was surprised when I encountered this same sort of resistance at the University of Michigan when I was a student there in the 1970s. My history professor warned me against writing a paper about the shortcomings of the Warren Commission report on the JFK assassination. "Most of the literature on this subject is junk," he said. That surprised me, since I was planning to use "Rush to Judgment" by Mark Lane as a primary source, and that book is well-documented and footnoted. I went ahead and wrote the paper anyway, and pretty soon my life was flooded with intelligence operatives. Later, I discovered that my professor had worked for one of the intelligence services during World War II. Too bad your book wasn't available back then. I could have benefited from it.

  15. Mark says:

    I too attended the social sciences at a major university and found the whole thing to be a sort of cult, with the professors being the cult leaders.

    Also, Marxism ideology was rampant.

  16. jdeangelis79No Gravatar says:

    keep up the great work

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